Wen Shao nodded and wrung the towel to continue. I applied my face and suddenly changed my expression. It really made people understand the words. My eyes suddenly became angry and the red light suddenly flashed in the light, which made Wen Shao startled. Although I opened my eyes, I still didn’t wake up. I didn’t know what kind of nightmare I was in, and I didn’t know whether it was hidden.
I cried so sadly that Wen was still shocked at my performance. The memory fragments were removed from my mind little by little, which made me more miserable. My body became distorted like a twist, which made Wen feel heartbroken.
"Is it over? Is it over?"
Wen Shao also tried to calm my mind by words. I know that if I can wake up suddenly in this disaster, I am afraid that my realm will be enchanted, but my body will get a qualitative leap, but the process is so long.
Just when my body was about to be torn apart by pain, Wen took care of me with a shallow prostrate body. Tears from her eyes dripped gently on my face. Although there were two drops of crystal clear tears, that was enough. At this time, tears flowed down my cheeks to the corners of my mouth. These two drops of tears were like a cure for illness and woke me up. I hope that my body has undergone qualitative changes because of these two drops of tears.
It is because of the shallow "Sincerity, Stone" that she touched the sky and I won a new hope. Those two tears infiltrated my throat a little bit along my mouth. I could feel those two tears shuttling back and forth in my body, absorbing the impurities left in my breath little by little and being reconciled little by little. My body stopped twitching and twisted, and my face was ruddy again.
Wen Shao was able to feel a strong sense of crisis and jumped at Han Meng from my bedside and shouted "Han Meng Han Meng"
Not far away, I was feeling that Wen Shallow was a good cook, and when I was eating the food with relish, I heard shouting that I would put the chopsticks in a flash and rushed to Wen Shallow’s side.
"You can feel it."
Wen Xiao saw that Han Meng had come before she dared to continue to gather around Han Meng, and looked at me with a full face of tension. Han Meng’s hands moved quickly and began to move. She murmured. Han Meng’s purple brilliance filled the whole room from deformation and shape to human size. After I finished all this, Han Meng looked up at Wen Xiao with a full face of surprise and asked Han Meng why he was surprised by Wen Xiao, so that people would notice the fluctuation of the body and breath of practitioners.
"I don’t know"
Wen Shao shook his head. Some people don’t know what’s going on with themselves. They deliberately want to fix the truth and want to be tens of thousands of people. People who don’t have that talent are born with Han Meng. She knows that she is much better than ordinary people. But it is not long ago that Yan Er instilled her true qi to make her make further progress. Otherwise, it would be a coincidence that she wants to achieve the quality and soaring like me.
Although my body gradually recovered, those two tears spread my true qi outward to Han Meng. I blessed a special purple breath film to prevent those two tears from smelling impurities and hurting others. When two tears turned into two drops of black sweat, I felt relieved and smiled at the corner of my mouth. Han Meng saw that I reacted like this and didn’t hesitate to wake up. When I pulled up the paper, I retreated inside and outside the room.
No one would have thought that two tears would be in such an earth impact. Although Han Meng had left the room with Wen Xiao, Wen Xiao was even more surprised this time than she clearly felt that two tears had attached the purple light film to the smooth wall and smashed it into pieces. When Han Meng was horrified, she felt even more surprised.
Those two drops of black tears actually went into the shallow body again. The shallow body in Chinese purified the black substance and led the shallow body to spend a small Sunday and step into a big Sunday. If anyone changes, it will be absolutely jaw-dropping for the shallow body in Chinese.
I rubbed my head and woke up with a faint pain. I turned around and looked around blankly. Han Meng and Wen saw me wake up and turned to me. I was a stranger and looked at two women blankly.
"Who are you and where is this? Is this the Western Region? You dress so strangely."
I asked a series of questions like a barrage, and Han Meng and Wen’s shallow face showed a little loss. Now I have lost most of my memories. The only one who kept my identity as a repairman and repaired them looked at each other for a long time and were sad, and they didn’t want to answer my questions.
Chapter 39 Phoenix Dance for Nine Days
If you don’t have the spirit to leave the villa with the sunset snow, you will travel overnight. The two people are floating in the middle and heading for the South China Sea. Obviously, even if she is definitely not the strong of the earth, she can’t escape being killed by three Taoist priests.
In the sky, the purple mountain "Zi Zi Ya" is wrapped with two women’s brows tightly knit with Muxue, and their figure is writhed back and forth in the middle, hiding from a flash of lightning and thunder. If Muxue has escaped a few steps, and if the palm of his hand turns over and a dust stroke suddenly appears in her hand, since it is a Taoist family, it is necessary to deal with them by Taoist means.
"You’re tired of living. Even I dare to be killed."
If you stand still and wear a white virtual cassock, she gently shakes the dust and puts it on her left wrist and looks at them coldly.
"If three thousand emotions enter the mortal world, they will escape the door."
Qingyun Taoist’s vicissitudes of life sound clearly recognized her. If she was born in Taoism, her talent has been inherited in Taoism for a long time. Today, they are going to be killed. It is impossible for the three of them to stop meditation and get up quickly. If the side will be besieged for a second, it will be right and if they start work.
If you smile lightly, the dust will move with the wind, and it will be like flying into the sky, and the phoenix will bend over and decide the life and death of all things. But if the figure is like a rock, it will quietly move, floating clothes will make her fall out of the world, and she will raise her hand and cast her feet like a fallen fairy, as if heaven and earth are discolored.
"If you want to go to the South China Sea from here, then you can go to hell."
Qingyun Taoist roots have no will, if they are in the eyes, if they are still dismissive of their faces, there is a trace of cold and cold in their eyes
"I’m afraid you can’t resist me for this repair."
If the root doesn’t have any intention to start work, you can imagine that if you didn’t do your best when dealing with Billie Chan in the past, this time, it is definitely on the eve of the outbreak
Sunset snow looked at hurriedly escaped from the war. Looking at the peace before the war, I gasped in a gasp. If it is really strong, can it be one enemy and three? If it is really, can it be used to kill them?
Three Taoist priests took out a piece of ancient rune paper and bit the blood of their forefinger, drawing a strange rune on the rune paper. At the same time, the three monks chanted "Heaven and earth are invited by Tianshi"

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