"Well, go ahead," Yan Shu cold way.

Su Mo nodded and closed the door to get clothes in the closet.
Since I officially lived in the master bedroom, I don’t know when alpha ordered him to wear more clothes and put them in the alpha wardrobe. It was at this time that Su Mo discovered that his husband’s usual clothes were really few and the number of his own clothes was far from it.
It made him feel a little bad as soon as he opened the closet, feeling that he had gone too far.
How can it be more than a gentleman’s clothes? If it weren’t for knowing that Mr. Wang was serious about his wealth and the means he showed were so vigorous, he would feel that he had been wronged in money and personnel after he married Yan Fu.
"What’s the lady thinking?"
I was so lost in my thoughts that I suddenly heard a gentle magnetic voice. Su Mowei was so surprised that she picked up a pajamas in front of me and thought that it was strange and embarrassing to be interrupted by the other party when she was thinking about each other.
"No is …"
Just thinking, sir
When I didn’t say it, I heard the footsteps approaching. alpha posted it from the rear and put his hands around his waist from the rear to circle him into his arms.
The opening voice was full of magnetism, which made his ears tingle: "What is it?"
Finished, Su Mo thought
When the body doesn’t respond to the other person’s approach, the heart thumps and the cheeks and ears turn red as fast as when I was a child, when I saw a rocket rushing out of the news in the welfare home hall.
"Madam isn’t thinking about anything improper, is she?"
See people this reaction Yan Shu cold can’t help laughing gently.
Look, people’s ears are red like that. It’s a little hard to tease, but Nai’s shy rabbit is so cute, and it’s a little uncomfortable to think that he will get up and leave ega to work in the base when he is sleeping soundly under the covers.
Then I want to stay with ega longer and longer.
At the same time, there are some surprises.
When did you become so clingy?
Then his heart thumped, ma’ am. He won’t dislike him, will he?
After all, it seems really unnatural and strange for alpha to act like a child when he is a freshman.
But … He just can’t help it in front of his wife.
"No", just listen to what the person in your arms says back to him, but I really didn’t hear anything else, such as shyness and annoyance.
And distinguish those Yan Shu cold can not but laugh out and bow their heads and kiss the people in their arms.
I’m going to say, ma’ am, take a shower
Only to look up at the same time, Yu Guang saw ega holding the dress in his hand, and his expression was instantly surprised. Then his eyes sank and his eyes sank, and at first glance he showed some danger.
The voice behind him seems a little deep. Is it an illusion?
Su Mo didn’t react. At present, he leaned out of alpha’s arm. Yan Shuhan gently pulled out the clothes in his hand. Su Mo was a little puzzled and let go.
Alpha micro-force-
Slippery cold material slipped from his hand.
Su Mo’s heart shook and looked down carefully only to find that it didn’t seem normal for him to pick up that pajamas just now. No, it didn’t seem that the dress should be quite abnormal.
The voice behind him became heavier, like taking a deep breath, and the other hand reached out in front of him to shake off the abnormal pajamas and hold them, almost not to show them to him. "Madam wants to wear this? Huh? "
Staring at the clothes in alpha’s hand, which are made of extremely rare fabrics, Su Mo probably understood that this dress is not pajamas at all, but something to increase the interest in those things.
After that, Su Mo wanted to cry again for a moment.
It seems that this time I really have something to say and I can’t explain it clearly
"I, I …"
The people behind him laughed gently, mostly to tease him, but the tone was too teasing.
"Ma ‘am, did you think about anything just now and did Edna Mode really want to wear it?"
"If you want to, you don’t have to go into the bathroom alone. I’ll go in with your wife. If you don’t want to, I’ll forget that your wife changed into pajamas and took a shower."
What is all this?
Su Mo turned to look at alpha and wanted to explain, Sir, you really misunderstood, but you couldn’t get a word out of alpha’s eyes. Looking at his cheeks is redder and his eyes are a little red. It’s pathetic.
"All right, don’t tease the lady, don’t worry." Look at this picture of people. Yan Shuhan’s heart is soft and funny, and then he loses his mind. Put what he has in his hand in the closet and put the bracelet on the person again. "Shall I choose one for the lady?"
As he spoke, he took a beige robe. "Wear this to keep warm."
Su Mo took the past, but no one refuted a word, and finally he was kissed on the forehead by alpha.
I still want to explain calmly, but it seems that alpha is in a good mood, and the words come to my mouth and swallow back.
It turns out that alpha’s choice of pajamas is really warm and suitable for him who is afraid of the cold.
I came out of the shower and didn’t see alpha
His heart was dazed, and he heard something moving at the door. Looking back, he saw a tall figure in a robe. Yan Shuhan smiled at him and his hair was still dripping.
Just got out of the shower. alpha seems to be meeting for the first time.
Because before, he always put Yan Shuhan to bed as soon as he finished washing, and then dropped the bedroom headlights to release soothing pheromones for him, and when alpha came into the bedroom after taking a shower, he was mostly in a daze.
"If you want to sleep with your wife, you will wash it next door."
When Yan Shuhan came up to him and spoke, the broken hair and dripping water on his forehead skipped alpha’s high nose, adding a sense of beauty. Su Mo suddenly thought that Yan Shuhan was so handsome.
"Let me, let me blow my husband’s hair."
It’s natural to open an accent when you look at it, but it’s a bit awkward when you finish.
"Good" to listen to each other should come soon, smiling and looking quite happy.
Take out the hair dryer. Yan Shuhan moved a chair, inserted the source wire and sat down by himself. "Come on, madam."

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