厦门夜网,厦门拿网,厦门品茶,厦门夜生活论坛 kb会所 When it happened, Kabi had not joined Granada, and he was still confused about the future of Eindhoven youth team, which made him hurriedly ask, "Idiot! The captain said that you are the party. Tell me what happened to make those home fans so abnormal! "

When it happened, Kabi had not joined Granada, and he was still confused about the future of Eindhoven youth team, which made him hurriedly ask, "Idiot! The captain said that you are the party. Tell me what happened to make those home fans so abnormal! "

It seems that there was a league game at the end of the year before last, which was an away game against Malaga. At the end of the game, I made a dive in the penalty area and got a penalty, which enabled Granada to successfully kill Malaga, but I finally admitted my dive on social networks. I didn’t expect Malaga fans to hold grudges until now.
Kabi said dismissively, "It turns out that the chief culprit of this incident is you idiot. I really want to throw you out and let the Malaga fans dismember you piece by piece. You idiot almost got into trouble when you walked low on the field. Do you have the nerve to come to Malaga? I really admire you! "
Ma Shugen couldn’t listen to Kabi’s words. He said for a reason, "Last year, when we played Malaga at home, their fans didn’t react very much. I, they have long forgotten about it. I can’t think of it!" A group of barbarians are still so bitter! "
Tusk seemed to be listening to a joke, but Kabi blushed and said, "Idiot! We played at home last year. Do they dare to be too presumptuous? Your IQ is really erratic, and I’m going crazy because of you, but don’t worry, Malaga fans will cry after the game, and they will cry very badly. "
Listen to this, Marmot Tusk will stare his eyes and look at Kabi all over. Finally, Marmot said, "Hey! Mr. Golden Boy, why are you so angry? "
Kabi tilted his head and said, "They will definitely cry." To be continued.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-two Enemy sleeping together
"False guy! Damn it, lie! Get out of here! "
The mood of the Malaga fans has not weakened at all. Their roar has penetrated the automatic sliding door of the hotel. If it were not for the security guards stationed outside, perhaps these fanatical fans would rush into the hotel lobby and dismember the rats one by one.
The team bus left the hotel entrance and turned into a side lane, and some team equipment was arranged to be transported in from the back door of the hotel. All the team members had already entered the hotel lobby, and even coach Coboni seemed to be blocked badly. The old man still had some asthma after coming in the lobby.
The team is ready to allocate rooms, which is the scope of the team’s logistics team. If the players have no specific requirements, the allocation of rooms will naturally be arranged by the logistics team. At this time, the players are all in the lobby lounge area, and they all elaborate when they don’t wait for the allocation of rooms.
Kabi had just experienced such a rare scene, so he didn’t want to miss the opportunity to tease the hemp rat, so he said a sentence to the hemp rat, "Hey! Idiot! There are many Malaga fans out there who want to meet you. Why don’t you go out and sign a photo for them? "
It sounds like Tusk’s mouth was covered with a smile, and he almost burst out laughing. The teased hemp rat said without showing weakness, "Maybe you should go out first!" Otherwise, I won’t go out to die. In this case, I advise you not to try to be brave. Those fans will beat others at any time when they get crazy. "
Kabi pointed to himself and said, "I don’t care?" Malaga fans are shouting hypocrisy and deception. What do these words have to do with me? You’ve caused yourself trouble, and you have to solve it yourself, okay? Go out and apologize! "
Kabi means to let the hemp rat go out and die, but the hemp rat ignores him and says, "Apologize? Mr. Golden Boy! Are you kidding me? Can I come back as soon as I go out? "
Kabi couldn’t help it. He laughed wildly, and Tusk couldn’t help saying, "I think even if Marmot doesn’t go out to apologize, the game will be a disaster for Marmot that day. I believe the fans of Malaga team have prepared a lot of’ gifts’ and boos to welcome Marmot."
After hearing what Tusk said, the hemp rat suddenly felt that he swallowed and his Adam’s apple turned straight in his throat. Imagine being repeatedly booed by his opponent’s fans during the game. It was really unbearable, unless his personal psychological quality reached a certain level, it would be a disaster.
Card bisk saw the hemp rat’s anxiety. Although the hemp rat has been trying to hide it, his panic expression is still so obvious that he can’t hide from people’s observation. Kabi said that every teammate can’t lose his fighting heart before the game, so he tried to comfort the hemp rat and said, "Don’t worry! I promise you that I will be responsible for the most corner kicks, and the home fans will harass you at close range, and I will also inform Coach Coboni. "
Knowing that his anxiety had been seen through, the hemp rat wanted to get back the tail color and quickly put on a painful expression and said, "If you don’t replace my corner kick, the team’s corner kick attack will be greatly reduced without my corner kick skills."
Kabi smiled without saying a word, but his heart was still laughing at Marmot. That guy really wanted to see how the home fans would’ serve’ Marmot when he kicked a corner in the day game. The idiot finally gave Marmot an unexplained smile and made Marmot tremble.
"hey! All the players came to our room. "Captain Tusk didn’t know it was time to go. He stood in the middle of the rest area and tried to get his teammates together.
At ordinary times, Kabi will choose to share a room with the hemp rat when he plays, which is almost the same. The logistics team members of the team also understand this matter. Usually, these two idiots are arranged to share a room with other players, and most of them are better to share a room in a separate room. This situation seems to be unchanged.
At this moment, Kabi hit the hemp rat on the shoulder and said, "Idiot! Don’t worry. Relax! How about I accompany you to the recreation room to play snooker during the evening break? "
The hemp mouse really relaxed a little and said, "That’s a good idea. Wait for me to perform what is called’ hole cleaning with one shot’!" I believe you idiot won’t even get a chance to wipe the club. "
The two men talked and laughed, ignoring the details of the housing distribution. Since the housing distribution won’t be in any variables, the guy Bam said, "Kabi! Do you have a problem with the logistics team arranging for me to share a room with you? "
"What? What’s the matter? " Kabi hemp rats are almost yelled.
Bam said with a straight face, "I asked. It’s coach Coboni’s arrangement for us to get acquainted with Kabi!" Do you have any comments? Anyway, I am the so-called "
It’s you look at me. I think your accidental housing allocation is like being suddenly told to stop for ten games. After more than ten seconds, it’s the hemp mouse who first came to his senses. He said to Kabi softly right in front of him, "Hey! You are lucky to share a room with our sidewalk master. Should I congratulate you? "
Kabi’s face is somewhat difficult to be bullish, and his red face is like a tomato. He ignored the teasing of hemp rats and took the initiative to find coach Coboni and approached the old man. Let’s get this straight. "Coach! Why should I share a room with Ben? I have nothing in common with him, which will be embarrassing. "
Coach Coboni was leafing through his notebook when he listened. He didn’t even look at Kabi, but he said, "Young man! We’re not here on vacation. Are you stupid enough to ask me to tell you why we’re here again? It’s even more ridiculous for you to say that Ben has no common topic because you all play for Granada and will play at the same time. Isn’t that a common topic? "
Bam’s withdrawn and eccentric Kabi has been taught three times, and that feeling made him very uncomfortable, so he couldn’t listen to coach Coboni and continued, "Coach! That guy Bam is so strange that I can’t communicate at all. "
I don’t think coach Coboni said, "Young man! Before I remove you from the starting list, I advise you to disappear in front of me and then go to the home team stadium for the first practice half an hour later. "
Listen to this, Kabi’s face turned green. He turned to look at Marmot, only to find that Marmot was laughing.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-three Pathetic Chapter III
It was just after dusk when Granada players returned to the hotel after the first drill at the home team stadium. Coach Coboni not only arranged for the team to have a dinner in the hotel restaurant later, but also made all the players not to go out at night without authorization. Although this is an old order, Coach Coboni has to make the rigor of running the army every time.
However, Kabi, who was arranged to share a room with Ben, was inexplicably anxious at this moment. He thought that the fact was settled and coach Coboni would not compromise instantly, which made him feel particularly uncomfortable all over. Although he was willing to compete with Ben in the same competitive team, he still didn’t want to meet Ben too much in private.
Maybe it’s because of his personality that Bam is struggling. After all, a lone animal is really suitable for being alone for a long time, and Kabi doesn’t know how Bam got along with his teammates when he was in Porto, but to face the reality, almost all of them have some emotional ups and downs, which Bam just hides well.
Kabi then remembered a sentence that Bam once said that he was here to play football and he was not interested in talking about other things, so Kabi seemed to know Bam’s psychological condition from this sentence.
After thinking about it for a while, Kabi affirmed his thoughts. He thought that it was very likely that Bam was ambivalent and could participate in the team sport of football. In fact, Bam said from time to time that he suppressed his sexuality and let the other side of the contradiction control himself to participate in the game.
Thinking of this, Kabi gasped and found sweat coming out of his back. His intuition is that Bam’s psychology is distorted. That strange guy has been against his authenticity for a long time and forced himself to make both sides unhappy. If he is so depressed for a long time, Bam must visit a psychiatrist.
Then Kabi told Marmot what he thought at the first time. Marmot’s attitude was extremely serious and he casually said, "Your analysis is good. Then why don’t you go into the psychological doctor industry and come to Spain to play football?" I’m telling you that although Bam is a very withdrawn person, he is indeed a talented player, and you idiot don’t think too much. Bam just doesn’t like to talk, as long as he can play well in every game, okay? "
Kabi’s mouth was flat, and he disagreed with what the hemp said. He just wanted to talk back when he heard the hemp say, "Don’t be so wordy like a woman. Coach Coboni didn’t say that you must go to the same room with Bam when the next guest goes out. Maybe it’s just this once. Even if you don’t like Bam any more, just put up with it for one night. After dinner, we’ll go to the game room to play snooker and then go to the gym to practice, so that when you get back to your room, can you ensure that you fall asleep and take care of Bam?"
Kabi sighed and said, "Most of what you said is very reasonable. One thing I have to clarify is that I don’t hate Bam. I naturally appreciate his skills. I always feel that I will have more and more communication with him. This is a very uncomfortable feeling, you know? Besides, that guy doesn’t like being disturbed. The more I think about it, the more uncomfortable I feel. "
The hemp rat "snowed" and patted Kabi’s shoulder and said, "Don’t worry! Bam is definitely a human being. I can guarantee that. Let’s go! It’s time for dinner. Let’s have a good time! "
Then the so-called dinner and food collection were all self-help. At that time, it was close to seven o’clock, and there were not many other guests in the hotel restaurant, which made Granada players form their own corner like a restaurant. They all sat on the left side of the restaurant, but Bam, the guy, sat far away and didn’t look like a Granada player.
Seeing that Bam had isolated himself, the rest of the team ignored him. Coach Coboni was also a former Benham and greeted him and left. Kabi naturally sat with Marmot and Tusk. When Tusk also talked about Bam’s actions lightly, Kabi Marmot didn’t say anything. It seemed that he felt that everything had been discussed too much, so he ate a delicious meal by himself.
Later, when the team members were free, most of them gathered in the hotel game room, either playing snooker or playing video games, but there was no sign of Bam. At this time, the hemp mouse learned from another teammate that Bam had already returned to his room.
At that time, it was almost ten o’clock, and Kabi had already turned to the gym with the hemp rats to practice all kinds of fitness equipment. At this time, the assistant coach appeared in the gym to wake up and it was time for the rest, and the game signaled the players to go back to their rooms and have an early rest.
Then Kabi Marmot went back to the corridor of the hotel room, and the house where Marmot entered was next to Kabi. At this time, Marmot said to Kabi before entering the room, "Hey! Please let me know when you get into a fight with Ben. Don’t worry! I will come quickly with my mobile phone and record the fight between you two, remember? "
As soon as Kabi didn’t appreciate the hemp rat’s joke, he immediately replied, "Get out of here! Idiot! I hope that you will welcome the Malaga fans’ warm welcome’ tomorrow. Don’t ask me for help at that time! "
The hemp rat is smiling again, which makes Kabi’s intuition sick. His mouth is smiling and he goes back to his room.
Kabi glanced at the hemp rat, then turned around. When he stood at the door, he thought, Do you want to knock? Besides, it’s so strange for Bam. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if the first step of sharing a room is not handled properly?
But soon Kabi gave up this idiotic idea. He took out the assigned key card and slid in. When he saw that he had just entered the room, he found that there was something wrong with the movement in the room. It was not a strange phenomenon that came out, but he clearly heard a piano music coming from the room.
Kabi’s heart thumped and he read aloud, "Mom! Did Bam bring a piano? "
The room doesn’t belong to that kind of luxury double room. It only takes two seconds for Kabi to walk into the bedroom, but when he came to the bedroom, he realized that the original piano music came out of the bathroom.
"Really will enjoy! Playing piano music in the shower! " Kabi said softly and sat down on his soft berth.
When Bam came out of the bathroom, Kabi saw Bam wrapped in a big towel with a music megaphone in one hand and a mobile phone plugged into the megaphone. The screen of the mobile phone showed that Bam was still playing piano music, but the megaphone was turned off.
After all, it’s my roommate Kabi’s intuition, so I thought about what the hemp rat said and finally said, "Hey! This piano piece is very nice, and it feels very comfortable. "
Bam tidied up and bathed himself. He didn’t talk much, so he just "hmm"
This made Kabi shrug his shoulders and pretend that nothing had happened, and then dug himself out of his backpack to take a bath, saying that I would bury myself in sleep after taking a shower and I wouldn’t talk to a strange guy like you!
Just as Kabi was about to walk into the bathroom, Bam was surprised to say, "You just heard that the piano music was written by Beethoven, but I played the original music by myself, which was also the last time my father listened to me play the piano music."
First, Kabi didn’t expect Bam to speak. Second, in some words, he probably guessed that Bam’s father didn’t live with him anymore, which didn’t make him swallow his saliva and said carefully, "Well! So what is the name of this piano piece? "
Bam didn’t make eye contact with Kabi, but he still said, "This piano piece is called Pathetique Chapter III. The last time I played it was at my father’s funeral."
Zhang 364 pianist
Playing a piano piece and asking Gabby about it struck a chord with Bam, and the name of the piece just expressed Bam’s heart at that time. This means that Bam is not so completely withdrawn, but he can still be saved. Some sadness has scabbed in his heart.
Always silent, Bam was touched by Kabi’s question for a moment, and then he was surprised to confess a sad old story. Although Kabi couldn’t see what emotions were in Bam’s eyes, from his back, he intuitively felt that Bam’s whole body showed a feeling of loneliness to the extreme, and even more, he found that Bam’s back was shaking slightly.
At this time, the hemp rat was not around, and the room was very quiet, so that Kabi could almost hear himself exhaling. He knew that he was led by Bam’s emotions, which made his mood a little flustered. Then he didn’t give a word, so he walked quietly into the bathroom.
A stream of hot water spilled all over his body. Kabi took a few breaths of the atmosphere by relaxing his body, making it look like the whole bathroom was about to lose its breath. He accidentally let the hot water slip into his throat and choked himself for several times. When the whole bathroom was full of white gas, he suddenly asked himself, "So where is my father?"
Kabi slipped all over from that hot water and put his hand on the bathroom wall with his head down, recalling some pictures of his childhood life in the courtyard. He couldn’t remember when he was sent to the courtyard, but he made it clear that he had never said the word’ father’ with a Marseille accent since he was a child. At that time, he was willing to stay with him, so he had friends in the courtyard and football.

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Wen Shao nodded and wrung the towel to continue. I applied my face and suddenly changed my expression. It really made people understand the words. My eyes suddenly became angry