厦门夜网,厦门拿网,厦门品茶,厦门夜生活论坛 kb会所 "What is Jojo going to do?" Xue gradually picked up a cup of coffee and asked.

"What is Jojo going to do?" Xue gradually picked up a cup of coffee and asked.

"I studied business management in Italy for three years and prepared to apply for a job." Lin Qiao looked up at the window for three years and seemed to have been away for a long time.
"All right, brother Mu is surrounded by male secrets. I think you are suitable for applying for a job." Xue Yan smiled and winked.
Lin Qiao’s face changed and became lighter. "Ran Ran, I don’t want to have too much to do with Muchen." I am afraid that if I get close, I will get deeper and deeper.
"Jojo, you know that my brother was forced to leave because he had other reasons. Finally, he taught my brother a good lesson because of this matter! Jojo, can’t you forgive him? " Xue Ranran Lin Qiao is still blaming Muchen for taking advantage of others to take advantage of her. I don’t know who Lin Qiaogen is. I don’t know that the man will be Muchen that night. If it is Muchen, it is an emergency that Lin Qiao can’t get.
"You say which heel which? I don’t understand "Lin Qiao is not pretending to be finished and didn’t understand Xue Yan’s meaning, while Xue Yan finished Lin Qiao playing the fool and fully distracted."
But if it is in her, she will not forgive Muchen easily! Xue Jiayou’s ancestral precepts are more important than life.
"Forget it. When are you going to perform?" Xue Ranran can’t say anything more, so he can ask about the dance performance
Cars passing by outside the window raise waves of dust, and people are busy and exhausted. Life always forces people to bend over and surrender.
Lin Qiao and Xue Ranran talked about interesting things in Italy, and Xue Ranran also said that in the past three years, he has become more and more mature in his attitude towards life.
Two people are friends who forget the past year. It seems that they can’t stop when they hit the box. Generally, they talk about it very late.
The body of the Chapter 12 My lovely grandson
As far away as S city, Mu Jia’s mother Fu Ruliu’s eyebrows are full of surprise.
"Take charge, come and see yo ~" Fu Ruliu shouted at the kitchen in surprise.
What happened to Mu Feng Ling’s wife? She ran out and asked eagerly, "What’s the matter?" Fu Ruliu pointed to the pause picture. A little boy carved in pink jade left a side face because he ran fast, which was familiar to Mu Jia and his wife.
Mu Feng Ling hesitated, "Mu Chen was a child?"
Fu Ruliu pressed the pause button and the picture moved. It was the moment when Lin Qiao stuffed Lin Hao into the car.
Mu Feng Ling obviously saw the real Mu Chen when the camera flashed across the car.
"How is it possible that it won’t be Xiao Sun!" Mu Feng Ling’s mouth is obviously as shocked as Fu Ruliu’s and looks so like no one believes even if he is not his own father.
Parents suddenly feel a little uncomfortable looking forward to the sun for so long. I have been looking forward to my son for so long and haven’t been married for three years. I heard that it was only a woman who robbed the municipal party Committee that parents saw the hope, but the child was not oriented.
But when my son went to the market again, the girl ran away, which made my son depressed for three years.
Mujia’s parents are desperate. They think they should go to the orphanage to bring a child back to live in succession. Suddenly, a big grandson is three years old, and that little face looks like something.
"I’m ready to go to the city to find my grandson. Anyway, if I have a grandson here, it’s also called whether it’s necessary or not. If he dares to stop me, I will knock him to death with a crutch."
Fu Ruliu got up in high spirits and turned to the room. She wanted to pack some luggage and live with Xiao Sun. It was great. It was a complete success.
Mu Feng Ling has always spoiled his wife to see Fu Ruliu so happy and immediately packed up with her.
Two people tidy up for a while didn’t eat lunch urgent roar flew from S city to the city by plane.
Lin Hao was sitting in front of the VIP table in a small black suit, and Xue Ran was also sitting in a wooden carved chair with a harp. This time, Lin Qiao’s farewell dance was a unique dance, so let’s forget it.
This is the first time she and her mother learned to dance, and this is the first time she met Mu Chen.
She was going to dance this for the last time.
Lin Qiao’s enchanting dance steps seem to be full of sadness when the music is playing.
I am washing clothes by the river.
Wait for the husband to return.
Light gauze becomes cotton and linen.
Husband has not returned.
Battle report sounded
No horse is buried.
Wait until the new year.
Section 11
be certain to do sth
be certain to do sth
To come to Huanyi Song is to write a thinking woman who hears the news of her husband’s death and hopes that her husband can come back again.
But from the bottom of my heart, I believe this is a farewell.
The essence of this dance lies in the contradictory farewell meaning, just like the Muchen dance that she loves now in her life. She has her family and he has his life.
A tear streaked across the corner of Lin Qiao’s eye, which added the most color to the dance.
Lin Qiao bowed and said dumb, "Thank you for loving me and dancing to accompany me out of the trough of my life. Dear friends, I, heerly, hereby declare that I will never dance again, but heerly will disappear from today." My name is Lin Qiao, my mother, not Lin Jialin. I have no father, no home and no love for my mother, but I still have children.
This is all she has.
As soon as this statement came out, several entertainment newspaper reporters quickly stepped forward, and a reporter with delicate short hair sharply asked, "Miss heerly, can you tell us whether the reason why you quit dancing this time is as I guess, and you are ready to marry into a rich family or enter the entertainment industry?"
Lin Qiao’s face is not ups and downs with a decent smile. Her lips are lightly lifted. "I don’t need anyone’s protection, and I don’t want to marry into a rich family. I just want to quit the dance world and live a normal life. Thank you!" Then turned to the stage.
The reporter tried to take another step, but was rejected by that resolute attitude.
Lin Hao consciously followed Lin Qiao’s footsteps, one big and one small, and gradually drifted away. Xue Ran did not follow them.
But when they are left alone and quiet.
The Mujia couple went straight to Lin Qiao’s hotel as soon as they got off the plane. I heard that Lin Qiao had a performance today and waited in the lobby to put their luggage in the room.
Lin Qiao and Lin Hao just entered the hotel. Lin Qiao hasn’t reacted yet. A crimson figure rushed over and held Lin Hao in her arms.
Lin Qiao’s heart thumped. It’s not a human trafficker, is it? This is too bold. Although she is a weak woman, there are security guards in the lobby after all!
"Like the truth is simply carved out of a mold" crimson clothes holding Jeremy Lin while touching and feeling.
Lin Qiao looked at the noble lady and sighed with emotion. Why did she seem to be ignored? She is the child’s mother, okay?
"Madam …" See this man no malicious Lin Qiao hesitate before polite way.
"Oh oh you are my daughter-in-law? It’ s really handsome and handsome. "
Lin Qiao leng leng daughter-in-law? Is she Zhuo Lin’s mother? Is it a stepmother who is younger than Zhuo Lin?
"Hello, Miss Lin, we are Mu Chen’s parents. Don’t take offense at my wife’s rashness like this." Lin Qiao reached out and shook hands with Lin Qiao when she was in a trance.
Lin Qiao’s eyebrows jumped. How much is it like to make parents recognize it as their own?

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