厦门夜网,厦门拿网,厦门品茶,厦门夜生活论坛 夜生活网 "It’s a pity …!" Hearing the Tathagata Buddha’s words, Jiuzhong smiled and shook his head. "You don’t have this chance!"

"It’s a pity …!" Hearing the Tathagata Buddha’s words, Jiuzhong smiled and shook his head. "You don’t have this chance!"

"Why not? ! I’ll …! " Tathagata Buddha’s voice did not fall, when he suddenly heard a scream from beneath him, he hurriedly looked down and saw a bowl-sized blood hole on the prince’s chest on the ground, which was bloody.
Behind the prince, a figure changed from illusory to real, which is the ninth.
Jiuzhong’s right hand passed through the prince’s chest and was exposed on the other side, holding a bloody heart in his hand, and suddenly holding it, he caught the heart directly.
The prince bowed his head and stared at his chest and pinched the bloody hand of his heart. Then he turned back and looked at the cold nine-fold behind him. His eyes showed a trace of unwillingness, and soon his body fell forward uncontrollably, and he slammed on the ground with a splash.
As soon as the Prince of Yan hung up, the illusion that the Tathagata Buddha’s body was not controlled in the golden light of the half-empty word rose and gradually disappeared.
"You …? !” The gradually disappearing Tathagata Buddha looked at the two identical Jiuchong in the field, full of incomprehension, and his eyes were full of expectation, hoping that Jiuzhong could explain it to him before he disappeared.
Nine heavy also saw the Tathagata Buddha’s eyes strong knowledge * *, but just smiled and didn’t make any explanation, just looking at Tathagata Buddha filled with unwilling completely disappear.
The combination of the Prince of Yan and the Buddha of Tathagata is severe, which can actually force him to use the ability of the King, but the weakness is also very obvious. That is the Prince of Yan. Maybe the Tathagata can stop his attack, but the Prince of Yan is completely hopeless. As long as he is solved, the Buddha of Tathagata will naturally fall apart, and the two sides have discovered this before they go to war.
The reason why I didn’t do this at first was that I thought it was rare to meet an opponent who was a bit interesting. I didn’t want to make a quick decision like this, which was too unemotional, so I waited until now.
At the moment when the golden Buddha palm formed by Tathagata’s palm collapsed and burst, Jiuzhong took it as a cover, and started the effect of one gasification and three cleanings of Taiqing Jade Operator. Two avatars were separated and touched behind the prince, and they were double-insured, ready to take the black hand at any time. However, I didn’t expect the prince to be so fragile that even one avatar could not bear the attack damage and hung up.
Arguably, the prince is also a person who has advanced the level of God’s combat power very early. Plus, now he is mixed with the Tathagata, and he will definitely be blessed by some attributes of the Tathagata. The defense should not be so weak, just like paper.
In order to dispel the doubts in the heart, Jiuzhong used critical eyes to probe the character attributes of the prince at the moment when the prince died, but he was amazed that the prince was only sixty-nine at this time, and actually dropped at least thirty-one.
However, after a little thinking, Jiuzhong suddenly realized that it must be because the Buddha used his full strength to display the Buddha’s palm before the Buddha.
The existence of Tathagata belongs to the fate level in the game. No matter what kind of contractual relationship is reached with the player, it is impossible to exert its full strength under normal circumstances unless it pays some heavy price.
I heard that in the offensive and defensive war in the ethereal city, Jiugong Great God paid a lot of price to deal with him, so that he could inspire eighty percent of the divine power of the Heavenly Imperial God to fight with him. I think the price paid by the Prince of Yan who can temporarily make the Tathagata play its full strength to fight must also be a loss level, but the loss of this level is also a little too much. After this battle, his number is tantamount to waste.
In fact, it is just like what Jiuzhong thinks, * * is close.
At the cost of level 40, the Prince of Yan got the Tathagata to fight for five minutes with full strength. It is precisely because of the five minutes of full-scale fighting that just now the Tathagata Buddha said those words to Jiuchong after a wave of attacks by the ten thousand buddhas failed, and continued to display some of his other closet skills with full strength, which can indeed pose a threat to Jiuchong.
It’s just a pity that Jiuzhong didn’t give him this chance. He felt that he was out of stock after casting the ten thousand buddhas, so he chose to kill the prince directly. When the prince hung up, he naturally didn’t have any spells to read and could only go to the grave together.
"The prince has died, congratulations to the player who won the knockout!" With the sound of the system prompt, Jiuchong, who played the last knockout match today, was automatically transported out of the competition venue.
After the game, he returned to the misty city temporarily. Jiu Zhong didn’t stay in the game much, so he immediately chose to go offline and returned to reality.
Coming out of the bedroom, Jiuzhong plunged into the game room, logged into the chat room, and got in touch with Gao Yuping.
After the last meeting, Gao Yuping has left Jiuzhong a temporary contact information because the two sides will definitely meet and communicate next.
"Holy leader contact me again so soon, I don’t know what’s the matter? !” Gao Yuping sat on the opposite sofa, learning to call Jiuchong "Holy Leader" by players in Huaxia District in the game, and asked Gherardini.
"Of course, there is nothing to go to the Three Treasures Hall!" Jiuzhong smiled brightly. "There’s one thing that requires your help!"
"oh? What else can beat you? Tell me. !”
"I didn’t know if you paid attention to the last knockout I played just now? !” Nine heavy asked with a smile.
"Of course there is concern!" Gao Yuping nodded and said, "The holy leader is really strong, even the fate of the game like Tathagata Buddha exists. You are like a dish, only cut!"
"Ha ha, who told him to tie himself up? If he didn’t come with the prince, he might really have a chance to kill me!" Nine heavy smiled, or return to their topic, "since you pay attention to my game with the prince, so I think he told me on the court, you must also hear clearly? !”
"Of course!"
"You know, I’m a first-class citizen, and I hate fighting and killing!" Nine heavy serious way, "so I can ask you to take the trouble to protect the personal safety of my family!" "
Upon hearing the first half of Jiuzhong’s sentence, Gao Yuping almost didn’t laugh, but after hearing the second half, he looked right. "Don’t worry, anyone who has a hard time with you during this time will have a hard time with us. Our people have already started to act, and you will never see the prince again!"
"Thank you very much!" Nine heavy on the surface of a face of gratitude, but deep eyes, but it is difficult to hide the deep fear of the people in front of him, no matter how powerful he is in society, how all-powerful, in the face of these people, there is no spell to read.
After a short communication with Gao Yuping, Jiuzhong withdrew from the Tianxun chat room, and then had some midnight snacks with the daughters, tossing for a long time, before going to bed.
At ten o’clock the next morning, the sixth day of the world’s first martial arts competition started on time.
After the first two days of elimination, there are only the last 100 players left in the Shen-level group. After a few more games, the final champion will be decided.
The light flashed, and Jiuzhong appeared on the battlefield. On the opposite side of him, his opponent in this game also appeared at the same time. Looking at the opposite player, he couldn’t help but sigh, "Hey, this is really a narrow way to go!"
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-seven Blood God Mode
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-seven Blood God Mode "It is indeed a narrow way to go!" It was Baron Diablo, the leader of the United Kingdom, who appeared opposite Jiuchong. Once again, Baron Diablo was surprised and happy, and there was a trace of resentment. "Since I lost to you last time, after such a long time, I finally got a chance to challenge you again!"
Baron Diablo is single, and he didn’t deliberately hide the fact that he lost to Jiuchong last time. Instead, he took the initiative to lift it up.
"Lo you this show off in an ostentatious manner, it seems that these days, your skill is improved again? !” See the dark baron rubbing their hands, itching, nine skin to smile don’t smile.
"Of course!" Baron Diablo’s words are full of confidence. "Just two days ago, I finally inherited the ultimate strength of the British area. Now I am not the same as I was at the beginning. You’d better wake up!"
"Consciousness should be there, but it’s you!" Nine heavy sneer at 1, "do you think you are the only one whose strength has been greatly improved during this time? !”
"I know!" Dark baron smell speech know a smile, "such as the world’s first the warfare competition is over, there will be a special challenge, who will participate in the system published list, together to challenge the super strongman who had great power in the war fortress in the United States before, as long as he can beat him, you can get an astronomical monetary reward. For this reward, the people on the list, including you, have maximized their own for this special challenge. But …! "
As he spoke, the Dark Baron suddenly turned his head, showing a hint of disdain. "In the face of the ultimate strength I have gained, the strength you have improved is simply not good!"
Nine heavy smell speech cold so a smile, "ok, you try not to know! All right, if you talk too much nonsense, it will be boring. See the real chapter at hand! "
"Hey, then come on!" Baron Diablo suddenly launched his body, darted towards Jiuchong, and his paws were like hooks. "Kill! !”
"Hum!" Nine heavy just a cold hum, suddenly remind up one like fierce ghost, backwardness to arrive first, dance out of a boxing shadow toward the dark baron bombarded the head on.
The two sides instantly crossed the buffer zone in the middle, and the first wave of offensive needlepoint shook Maimang hard together, and there were rumblings, followed by figures staggered, boxing shadows and claw shadows, and the two men launched the most popular hand-to-hand combat.
"touch!" Two people to outdo each other, hand-to-hand combat to boom for five minutes, nine heavy finally opened first, first, seize the gap, a full force of Kang Long without regret boom on the chest of the dark baron, the dark baron whole person under the impact of the golden snapdragon of bucket thickness, broken kite flying upside down, has been hit by the magic mask on the edge of the field of warfare was forced to stop.
"… ahem!" Baron Diablo scrambled to get up from the ground, bowed their heads and glanced at his chest with a sunken fist print. Suddenly, he didn’t hold back and one mouthful blood gushed out.
While wiping the blood on the corners of the mouth, Baron Diablo looked at Jiuchong, who stood proudly in the opposite field, and gave a thumbs-up. "Well, well, I didn’t expect that after I gained the ultimate strength in this area, my offensive and defensive attributes improved so much, and I was even beaten like this by you! I have to praise you, you are really amazing! "
"Hum ~!" For the praise of the dark baron, Jiuzhong just smiled noncommittally, waiting for the dark baron to continue, as if knowing that he still has the following.
"But …!" And as expected, the dark baron (turn, really came to the following, "my present state is just the general state of the ultimate power I inherited! Originally, I wanted to save the true state of this ultimate power for the final, but now it seems that it is really impossible to win you without using this true state! "
Nine heavy shoulders embrace, "then hurry to display it, my patience is running out!" "
"The ultimate transformation …!" Dark baron sink a voice, the whole body suddenly lotus flower, the whole people in the lotus flower, slowly rose in the air, straight up to the height of more than ten meters before stopping.
When the Baron Diablo stopped rising and was suspended in mid-air, behind him, a huge blood shadow slowly appeared. This blood shadow, wearing a bloody armor with a ferocious style, was holding a giant sword with serrated sides, and his eyes were full of fierce blood, like a lamp. After a pause, Huo Ran locked on the nine heavy bodies, and his yoshimitsu was full.
"Blood god mode! !” At this moment, the Baron Diablo finally spoke again. As he spoke, the giant bloody figure with a giant sword emerged behind him, and the lotus flower flashed, and he suddenly jumped into the Baron Diablo.
As soon as this bloody figure entered, the image of the Dark Baron in mid-air changed dramatically at the speed visible to the naked eye. A layer of blood film emerged on the equipment in the whole body, covering all the equipment in the house, followed by the deformation and condensation of the blood film, which turned into the armor that was worn by the giant shadow before, and looked even more ferocious.
In addition, on the right hand of the Dark Baron, there appeared a double-sided serrated bloody sword, which is the same as that held by the huge blood shadow before.
When the bloody serrated sword took shape, Baron Diablo’s eyes suddenly became crimson as blood, and the fierce mans looked at Jiuzhong in the martial arts field with a smile on his mouth. "Let’s start the second round!"
Say, the dark baron’s bloody wings on his back vibrated violently, turned into a blood shadow, and swept down the air in an instant in a flash, and rushed to the eyes of Jiuzhong. The blood blade in his right hand turned into a half-moon blood mans and cut it to Jiuzhong’s neck and throat.
Nine heavy looked at one arm at a stroke, just want to stop the blood mans, who knows the block is blocked, but failed to stop, this blood mans collision with nine heavy arms, incredibly unobstructed a cut, at the moment of nine heavy slightly surprised, and cut his neck and throat in a row.
However, to the surprise of Jiuchong, although this blood mountain said that it had cut his arm and neck in a row, neither his arm nor his neck suffered any trauma.
“……! ?” Surprised, I saw the blood mans dancing out of the blood blade in the hands of Baron Diablo once again cut towards him. Jiuzhong didn’t understand the significance of Baron Diablo’s attack at the moment, but he didn’t dare to bear the strange attack of this blood mans easily. The wings of the king of God suddenly vibrated, pulled back quickly, and escaped the second chop of Baron Diablo in time.
"Hum, you finally have to be afraid of? !” Seeing Jiuchong’s indecision retreating out, the Dark Baron sneered and smiled, and the tide waits for no man, holding the serrated blood blade and chasing after Jiuzhong.
Nine-fold nature is to continue to choose the easy way. Before I understand the significance of this serrated blood blade attack, I will never let this blood blade turn into a blood mountain and greet myself again.
While evading, Jiuzhong thought about the significance of the attack of the serrated blood blade in the hands of the Dark Baron, thought about it, and suddenly opened his own state attribute and looked at it. He couldn’t help but shine at the moment.
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-eight Are you spending alone?
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-eight You only see him in many states when you consume alone, and there is a special state with a round blood mark. At a glance, you know that the name of this state-blood well-can pass five percent of the damage suffered by the performer itself on to the target creature with the effect of blood well in the body.

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