厦门夜网,厦门拿网,厦门品茶,厦门夜生活论坛 品茶网 Sun Sheng is still smug and doesn’t want to fall with one foot. It turns out that there is a slope in front of Sun Sheng because the sight is too dim. Sun Shenggen didn’t notice this. Sun Sheng can complain that God was cruel and suffered from such inhuman abuse before his death. Sun Sheng will never come again. There are hands to protect his head and turn around to protect himself behind his back. After the sound of "Yes", Sun Sheng will have a long "roll" journey. Fortunately, the slope is smooth and there are no bumps, otherwise Sun Sheng may not be. Killed by locusts, but knocked to death by this slope, Sun Sheng didn’t feel how much blood he lost, but he couldn’t hold on to the attack and felt dizzy. Sun Sheng wanted to insist, but after insisting, Sun Sheng still didn’t hold on and passed out.

Sun Sheng is still smug and doesn’t want to fall with one foot. It turns out that there is a slope in front of Sun Sheng because the sight is too dim. Sun Shenggen didn’t notice this. Sun Sheng can complain that God was cruel and suffered from such inhuman abuse before his death. Sun Sheng will never come again. There are hands to protect his head and turn around to protect himself behind his back. After the sound of "Yes", Sun Sheng will have a long "roll" journey. Fortunately, the slope is smooth and there are no bumps, otherwise Sun Sheng may not be. Killed by locusts, but knocked to death by this slope, Sun Sheng didn’t feel how much blood he lost, but he couldn’t hold on to the attack and felt dizzy. Sun Sheng wanted to insist, but after insisting, Sun Sheng still didn’t hold on and passed out.

I don’t know how long it took Sun Sheng to finally open his eyes and appear in front of him. It was the countless brilliant stars that made him fall from the ground to the ground. But as time went by, the stars faded away and Sun Shengcai reacted. Those stars came from Sun Sheng’s head and he couldn’t find any strength to get up. In this long roll, his bones didn’t strike and fell apart, which was already very good for Sun Sheng, but his muscles ached or not. Now Sun Sheng feels dizzy and his muscles ached. It’s always hard to feel weak all over. Sun Sheng can’t help but vomit and feel that the sensitivity of the feeling inside has been lowered. This makes him feel a lot better. Although he is dizzy, his body is not so sore (Sun Sheng enjoyed the scenery along the road after starting from the famous water pool and never adjusted his sensitivity to the highest level). "The game is too real, so it’s not necessarily a good thing." This statement is really impressive. I don’t know how long it will take for the locusts to disappear. Sun Sheng can’t help but feel that his personality charm is too strong for the locusts to be infected by his noble sentiments. Finally )
After recovering a little, Sun Sheng sat up slowly with nausea. The scenery in front of him was still a little wandering. Fortunately, Sun Sheng was able to bear it. Since the starlight faded, Sun Sheng’s eyes fell into darkness again. Here, Sun Sheng could hear a muffled sound "glug …" It seemed like chicken stew and it was very hot here … "Mom, did that locust or intelligent creature catch me after I passed out? Now you are going to steam me in a steamer to eat?" Sun Sheng is surprised by his own imagination. I’m afraid he has to think of such an absurd idea himself.
Of course, I know that this is impossible. Sun Sheng laughed and took out the spirit sword and purple light from the room to dye the Fiona Fang around Sun Sheng with a pale color. Sun Shengchao looked at the place where he could see it and it was similar to the former cave. The shape of the stone wall changed a little. The stone wall here is no longer khaki but reddish brown. Sun Sheng guessed that the stratum was too deep.
Dizziness has gone away for more than half of my body. Although my body is weak, I can barely support myself. Sun Sheng is holding the rock wall beside me and slowly getting up. I still insist on not falling down. Now it’s okay. Sun Sheng can easily find a straight cave and go straight in two directions. When he goes back, he will say hello to locusts. Sun Sheng is not so interested for the time being. If that locust enters the natural museum one day, maybe Sun Sheng can go and see it.
Sun Sheng stumbled not far away, and he could feel that the chicken stew was gradually becoming clear and the hot air was blowing on his face, which also encouraged Sun Sheng to sweat and sweat. "It should be a special scene, and I might even hang a hook."
Gradually, Sun Sheng’s eyes came to light, and it was a fiery red color. A heat wave came and Sun Sheng’s sweat was evaporated before it came out, leaving sticky salt clinging to Sun Sheng. Sun Sheng took a few quick steps and finally walked out of the cave and saw a magnificent scene.
It’s still a cave, a huge cave, and a huge cave is full of the ten sizes that Sun Sheng saw earlier. "How big!" Sun Shenglian, such a big cave, never thought that it would suddenly appear in front of him. Naturally, it was a little shocking to feel that the height of the cave could be hundreds of meters or a kilometer. Maybe the whole cave was shaped like an upside-down cauldron. There was also a red light of fire here, which was a red light of magma. In this cave, magma flowed everywhere, and there was flowing magma everywhere at the ceiling of the cave wall.
There are thousands of magma streams criss-crossing the cave walls and the roof of Qian Qian, forming an overwhelming magma network. The magma in the cave flows according to certain laws. It seems that the bottom of the cave is composed of rocks, and it is also cracked by gullies. The bottom of the cave is like a huge king’s shell, which is divided into gullies, and red haze also shines in the gullies. There is also a magma pool in the center of the cave bottom that is not very large. Sun Sheng estimates that it is the whole mountain. In the magma pool of the cave hub, there is a few square meters of Fiona Fang Xiaoping mesa, and there is a stalagmite rising into the sky. The composition of the flowing magma seems to be what pattern pattern is too far away. Sun Sheng can’t see clearly that there is a dark oval object at the top of the stalagmite, and the spiritual sword in Sun Sheng’s hand is now pointing to that thing, and he wants to get rid of it.
"Depend! Isn’t this difficult to get old? " Sun Sheng wait for a while saw the present situation for a long time and finally got angry and cursed.
Chapter 44 fortunes depend on each other
Now it’s very obvious that the black oval is Sun Sheng’s ultimate goal, the flame and the phoenix egg. Although he saw his ultimate goal, now Sun Sheng can only tell whether he is lucky or unlucky with a wry smile. If it’s bad luck, Sun Sheng won’t just find a hole to drill into when he runs away, and he can get to the front of the object. It’s a little lucky. Can you say lucky? Sun Sheng can’t believe it either. Who has ever seen a lucky man walk through the magma? That’s magma. Even baking can kill people. "You’re not bad to me. You didn’t let me swim through the magma!" " Sun Shengchong respected the invisible God and gestured a middle finger for a moment. Sun Sheng was hit by a small blow, his hair stood upright, his face was gray, and he spit black smoke. It was forbidden to be insulted … Sun Sheng put away his middle finger and naturally dared not swear again.
Sun Sheng looked at the mouth of the cave and found that his cave was located in a cliff. Looking out from the mouth of the cave, you can see the flowing magma around the cave. The hole is not very high from the ground. It is estimated that it is five meters. "Fortunately, this height is not enough to kill people in the game." Sun Sheng caressed his forehead and breathed a sigh of relief.
No matter how Sun Sheng complains, now he has to rush forward to the flaming phoenix egg, but the target will get Sun Sheng’s probe and look at it sooner or later. The ground looks quite solid, and the magma hasn’t melted yet. Put away the spirit sword. When Sun Sheng packed his clothes neatly, he found a platform and jumped to land. After that, Sun Shengcai found that the temperature of the platform was not as abnormal as expected, but it was hotter than when he was at the mouth of the mountain, and there was no danger of being cooked as he thought.
On the platform, Sun Shengcai found that although the light here is not very bright, it is extremely dazzling. Perhaps it is because there is too much heat in this light. Sun Sheng sees the direction of the magma pool and jumps forward on various platforms. The magma on the platform surface flows peacefully, except for the bright color burning heat, which is a good-looking image of Jiangnan ditches.
It didn’t take Sun Sheng long to get to the side of the magma pool, but there was no unexpected situation. As Sun Sheng expected, Sun Sheng was worried again. Although the magma pool is not very big, it is still more than ten meters away from the pool to the platform in the middle of the magma pool. It seems that Sun Sheng’s jumping ability is still a little short, but the temptation of the black egg is so strong that Sun Sheng has almost no ability to infect it. The word God beast pet is enough to make a gamer crazy. Sun Sheng looked at the bottom. The magma in the magma pool is very different from the flowing magma around it. The magma in the pool is not very quiet, but glugs and bubbles and makes a dull sound. I want to hear that kind of boredom in the cave. This sound is reflected by the cave before I go out. When I was watching, suddenly a small piece of magma in the magma pool bulged slowly, as if it were about to break through the ground. Looking at the bulging magma, Sun Sheng could feel a little danger and quickly withdrew his head. As soon as Sun Sheng’s head was withdrawn, the bulging magma bag exploded. The erupting magma rushed out straight like a fire dragon and rushed to the top of the cave, but instead of falling directly, it flowed along the ravine at the top of the cave with other magma.
"Thanks to the old running, I’m not going to change my head?" Sun Sheng touched the top of his head, and his hair was a little curly and a little scared and muttered (Sun Sheng’s hair was badly damaged in such a short time)
This Sun Sheng is afraid to go forward easily. It is not a very pleasant thing to be rushed by this thing halfway.
Sun Sheng wandered uneasily around this magma pool, sometimes looking at the foot magma and sometimes looking at the platform phoenix egg, but I couldn’t think of any good way to think about it. "It would be nice if I could fly, just like those heroes in the novel, who are just a little feet away from the base." It’s beautiful to think about it, but it’s also a waste of time to think about where Sun Sheng can learn flying except where monkeys jump, and then think about his equipment. Sun Sheng finally has to admit that no one can send a show at this time.
"Desperate!" Sun Sheng didn’t know how many times he decided to go all out. Now his experience is not easy. He died once in ten levels, but he had to lose five percent of the experience needed for upgrading. First, he came to a place more than ten meters away from the edge of the magma pool and took a deep breath. Then he looked at the phoenix egg on the platform not far away and encouraged himself to bend down and run up … Stop! !
"How can I stop? Who stopped me just now? Desperate. I don’t know. Be careful, I will fight hard with you! " Sun Sheng kept heckling in circles, knowing that he couldn’t ask the answer and went back to the starting point. He drew out the spirit sword, gasped, bowed his head, looked up and jumped up!
Sun Sheng could feel the scorching heat from the magma in the middle school. Seeing that he was getting closer and closer to the platform, Sun Sheng felt that his stamina in the middle school was insufficient before he was happy. At a place about one meter away from the platform, Sun Sheng could no longer see the platform scene. At this time, Sun Sheng stabbed the prepared spiritual sword at the stone wall, but the spiritual sword did not stab into the stone wall as Sun Sheng imagined! Sun Sheng himself felt sad. Why didn’t he know to try the hardness of the stone wall here before he jumped up? Regret! What a pity! There is no regret medicine in the world, even if Sun Sheng didn’t have the time to eat it. Looking at the face with a sad face, he was about to die in a magma pool, and suddenly he found that a square was bulging a magma bag.
Sun Sheng stare big eyes already don’t know what to say.
Magma broke out for survival. Sun Sheng gave up his back to the sky, and then the magma felt that a huge force excited on his back almost smashed Sun Sheng’s internal organs. Even if he felt uncomfortable, he still made Sun Sheng’s lungs feel uncomfortable. He rolled his eyes as the magma Sun Sheng rushed out for a long distance and then fell to the ground with a heavy fall. Fortunately, Sun Sheng threw Sun Sheng with his teeth behind his back after several rounds of transit, and almost killed him. There was no fracture in the game.
When Sun Sheng finally caught his breath and opened his eyes, he found himself lucky enough to land on the platform in the magma pool! Even if there were five drops of blood left, Sun Sheng couldn’t help laughing and lying on the ground for a long time. Sun Shengcai sat up slowly. "What a terrible scene just now, but why wasn’t it burned by the rushing magma?" If the magma is not hot enough to kill Sun Sheng, he won’t believe it, but if it can melt all the stones, how can it not dissolve people? But what is that? Thinking about thinking about Sun Sheng unconsciously put his hand on the back just hit by magma. His hand touched a layer of something soft and fragile. Sun Sheng pinched some in front of his eyes and watched it for a long time. Then he suddenly remembered what he had taken off his jade clothes and silk brocade. Then he put it on the ground and looked it up carefully. As expected, the back part of the silk brocade had turned into a black thing. When he rubbed it, he fell from the surface and played the game interface. The name of the silk brocade in the expected column was gone.
Sun Sheng finally made it clear that he didn’t die, not because of the thick skin, but because this precious dress saved his life. "It’s different to save in different grades. If an iron piece is estimated to have burned out long ago," perhaps it’s because this dress was too easy to get. Now Sun Sheng doesn’t feel too sad, but he is a little distressed. How can a jade-grade dress be scrapped like this without making people feel distressed? Sighed for a while, Sun Sheng put it away, and then took out the old rags and put them on. At least it’s a dress. Let’s make do.
Chapter 45 Phoenix?
Sun Sheng tidied up his loose clothes and approached the stalagmite with black eggs. Now it is near. Sun Shengcai found that the texture of the stalagmite magma is impressively two staggered flying phoenix images. The flowing magma portrays their feathers vividly and gives off heat, which is also in line with the name of the flaming phoenix. People can’t help but let the two phoenixes spread their wings in a moment. Obviously, the temperature around this stalagmite is not as high as that next to it, or it makes people feel so hot. Sun Sheng, who is still a layman, can see that this stalagmite is an eye-catching thing in the whole cave with superficial knowledge. Except for the lava phoenix engraving, the stalagmite is smooth and golden. Perhaps it has been influenced by aura for hundreds of thousands of years, and it seems that there are other things that Sun Sheng can’t say. Anyway, this stalagmite looks a little ethereal.
"Stones don’t cultivate themselves into monsters, do they?" Sun Sheng denied that he was watching The Journey to the West too much. "Anything is possible" is not a word in the game.
The top of stalagmite is a circular groove, and the black eggs are oval in different sizes. One end of stalagmite is placed in this groove, but it doesn’t touch stalagmite, but floats in the middle. Seeing the prey in front of you, Sun Sheng can’t help but feel excited and slowly reach out to the black eggs.
Maybe it’s to test Sun Sheng’s patience, or the system is still angry with Sun Sheng for insulting him. Sun Sheng’s hand touched a layer when it was ten centimeters away from the black egg, and suddenly flashed Guanghua, which blocked Sun Sheng’s way. That’s all, but this Guanghua heat can make Sun Sheng eat it and suppress it. It’s fucking hot!
Sun Sheng held his hand, which was burned with smoke, and blew a chill. Although it was already very hot when it reached his hands, it was better than nothing. Suddenly, Guanghua appeared on that floor and disappeared in the blink of an eye. "Impulse is the devil. How can I be impulsive again? This egg can’t run away. What’s the hurry? ! This phoenix egg was put into this stalagmite by the white tiger himself without protection, which made you anxious and now you suffer? " Sun Sheng regretted his carelessness and at least made a self-criticism. Sun Sheng has made similar criticism more than once, but the effect is always not very obvious.
When his hand is better, Sun Sheng will focus on this black egg half a meter high. This time, Sun Sheng dare not reach out again casually. Although Sun Sheng is forgetful, he has not forgotten the suffering of the previous moment. Sun Sheng took out his spiritual sword and stabbed the tip of the sword at that layer of Guanghua bit by bit.
Whether the spirit sword is finished or not, when it is about to touch the black egg, Guanghua still flashes, but now the difference is that this time Guanghua didn’t cause losses to the spirit sword as it did to Sun Sheng just now, but it was waved like a soap bubble, and the spirit sword was stabbed inside. Sun Sheng was puzzled. After all, the spirit sword is not as flexible as the hand, and even if it enters Guanghua, it can’t take out the phoenix egg. Maybe it will be white to stab the spirit sword directly in the phoenix egg joke if it takes so long to poke a hole.
It seems that the general thought that Sun Sheng had been teased almost. Just when Sun Sheng was staring at the layer of Guanghua, which seemed to be fragile and hateful, it broke itself like fireworks, and scattered around the stalagmites like stars. Sun Sheng couldn’t help but reach out and grab them, but these broken pieces were Guanghua, which was like a living thing, so that Sun Sheng was amazed and turned around the black eggs. Soon these beautiful little things disappeared in the huge cave.
When Sun Sheng turned around and looked at the phoenix egg again, he met with a layer of golden light. It was beautiful to decorate a dark egg. Many Sun Sheng tried to reach out to it again. This time, he touched the big phoenix egg without being stopped. Sun Sheng carefully took it from the stalagmite surface, fearing that the egg would be broken for so many years even if there were spiritual veins to protect it. Unexpectedly, this huge phoenix egg was very light and its size was not proportional.
As soon as he realized the weight of this phoenix egg, Sun Sheng couldn’t help but feel hitched. "Oh,no. Is it true that genius made such great efforts to get a rotten egg without yolk?"
Putting the phoenix egg on the ground Sun Sheng looked at it carefully, except for the dark shell and a little golden light. This is an enlarged egg. Phoenix and chicken are all birds. The egg is as long as it is, but it can be thick. When it comes to its light weight, Sun Sheng feels uneasy. As time goes by, this kind of anxiety becomes more and more intense. Sun Sheng can’t wait to call it at once. I think that the goal from the village head old man is this big black egg. Now the goal has been found, but it is possible that how can I not stop Sun Sheng from being blocked?
"Don’t fight, don’t fight …" Sun Sheng broke up his career in his heart. Finally, curiosity took over the wind. "If there is nothing in the phoenix egg, there is no harm in hitting it. It is normal for me to be frustrated. If there is hey hey inside, it is earned."
Think about the methods of hatching eggs that I have seen before, whether I have seen the old hen hatching eggs with my own eyes or from the animal world. Sun Sheng has thought about all kinds of methods of hatching eggs, whether birds or reptiles, but none of them are suitable for this phoenix egg. Sun Sheng has thought about it in other ways. For example, there seems to be not many methods of hatching sacred animals in novels, and almost all of them are directly accepted. If it is still in the egg, Sun Sheng will feel a little uncomfortable when he thinks about it. "Do I have to drop blood to come out of this thing?" Think about it, it’s really possible that the game system hasn’t released pets yet, and the official website doesn’t have information on incubating pet eggs. Now we have to try this method
Sun’s holy spirit sword cut a small hole in his finger and dropped a drop of blood on the black egg. The blood condensed into a small spot on the black egg and then faded away. Instead of seeping into it, it was evaporated by the scorching heat. "Shit!" Sun Sheng couldn’t help cursing. This method doesn’t seem to be so effective, but what can Sun Sheng do if this method is wrong? Now there is only one way to go black.
Sun Sheng glanced at the shiny black egg and cruelly picked up the spirit sword and made a mouth in his own hand, but it was a little bigger than the mouth just now. A few drops fell on the phoenix egg. This time, the black egg gave Sun Sheng some hope, and some blood flashed a few times or penetrated into the eggshell. Sun Sheng saw a door. Although the black egg still had no movement, at least it still showed Sun Sheng that this method was feasible.
So Sun Sheng simply made a small incision on his wrist. Before the wound healed, he aimed the wound at the black egg. Gradually, the whole phoenix egg was covered with black egg shells, and there was a faint brilliance. Through the blood, it turned into blood red. What do you think? It’s a little evil.
Looking at the blood flowing out of the body, Sun Sheng is a little distressed. When did he flow so much blood? Now Sun Sheng is bleeding from self-mutilation, which means that his life value is declining. Fortunately, he can stop taking a rest at any time and grow back after the rest without fear of excessive blood loss or insufficient blood.
The wound healed quickly, and Sun Sheng drew a sword and repeated it. The phoenix egg finally moved, and the evil color faded away. There was also a slight melody inside the eggshell, although it was slight, but it also firmly seized Sun Sheng’s heart.
There was a crack at the bottom of the eggshell of the phoenix egg, then two or three, and finally the scattered distribution of rays on the eggshell side. After a crisp sound, a small hole was broken in the center of these cracks and a flesh-yellow beak leaked out.
"Come out, come out, come on!" Looking at this small mouth inside, Sun Sheng is so anxious that he can’t wait to go in and pry the eggshell for it. Sun Sheng also wants to beat the eggshell directly outside, but Sun Sheng knows that all egg-laying animals can’t beat the eggshell by force. Because eggshells are a test for newborn animals, it’s not good for the baby to grow up with the help of external force, and even he will die at birth. Sun Sheng doesn’t want his precious pet to die like this, especially this terrible guy.
The eggshell mouth was gradually made bigger until two fingers were thick enough to hear a figure chirping inside. That’s not slow. Presumably, prenatal education is good, but how is this a yellow-billed, red-haired and yellow-legged sparrow? !
"Is this a flaming phoenix?" Sun Sheng looked at this cute little guy who was chirping at himself, and his brain went numb …
Chapter 46 Phoenix is not a chicken
"Attention, players. Attention, players. Because there are players who have completed the plot game, they will be able to get all kinds of pets freely. I hope you have a good time! Attention, players, attention … "Then the unified broadcast Sun Sheng’s ear rang with the unified sound" Congratulations on getting the cursed flame phoenix as a pet player. Please pay attention to the naming opportunity once. "
"Ding-dong! You are rewarded with 500 points when you complete the’ incubation’. "
"Ding-dong! You complete’ incubating’ and gain skills to reward you for acquiring skills’ capturing’ "
"Ding-dong! You gain experience by completing’ incubating eggs’, and reward you with 10,000 points of experience. "
"Ding-dong! Your 16-level experience value has risen to a full level, and your current level is 17. "The series shows that Sun Sheng woke up from numbness."
"What did the Phoenix look like?" Sun Sheng stared at this little guy with doubts, but this cute little thing in front of him really can’t make people think of this powerful creature, Phoenix. Sun Sheng secretly guessed, "Is it because of the curse?" Why else do you look like a sparrow? It is not as good as the sparrow shouting hummingbird. "
The little guy was honest and you’re welcome, so he jumped around in Sun Sheng’s body. He was very happy. Sun Sheng was also in a good mood when he was teased by it. Although Sun Sheng didn’t believe that the phoenix looked like a sparrow, no one had ever seen it. Besides, it was also a very good-looking sparrow. The flaming feathers were as fluffy as the sunset, and it felt good! Sun Sheng looked inside along the egg shell of Phoenix again, but there was nothing else in the dark. If this sparrow is not a phoenix, there would be no phoenix. Anyway, let’s keep it first, even if it’s not a phoenix as a pet. Look, it can be human, and it will definitely attract girls. Hey hey …
"Maybe this game sets Phoenix as a sparrow?" Sun Sheng comforted himself like this again. Sun Sheng took a look at the eggshell. Sun Sheng still packed it up. How do you say this is also a phoenix egg? When did Sun Sheng come to the eggshell? He wanted to break it and put it up again, but he didn’t expect it to be so light. The spirit sword couldn’t leave a notch on the surface, let alone break it. Sun Sheng’s jet had already lost it when he escaped from the locusts. Sun Sheng looked at the sparrow’s yellow mouth. I really couldn’t see what strength it had to knock this thing. Now Sun Sheng really wanted to see if it could be tried.
"hey!" Think of jet Sun Sheng sighed and added clothes. Sun Sheng lost two jade articles in one day, even if it was very lucky, but it always made people feel sad. But when he wanted to come back, although his name was not announced, Sun Sheng was sure that he was the one who finished the pet system. When he returned to the village, he should be able to get a lot of benefits from the village chief and the old man. These two jade articles should be regarded as a success.
Sun Sheng put the eggshell into the belt. Fortunately, at the beginning, all the searched things were put in the belt, or Sun Sheng was not sure whether those things could be kept with the clothes. Well, let’s call them sparrows for the time being. It seems that the energy gradually subsided after the initial joy. It seems that he was tired and finally settled in Sun Sheng’s head. He had hair and asked him to put his claws into his hair. No matter how Sun Sheng moved it, it would not fall out. The little guy was clever. Fortunately, Sun Sheng’s head suddenly came out with such a small hairball, but it didn’t matter.
Sun Sheng turned to leave only to find that he had no way to leave now! When he jumped, Sun Sheng was narrowly rushed by the sudden eruption of magma. Now, if he jumps back, Sun Sheng will not dare to take another risk like that. It’s still a great blessing that he didn’t die once. Sun Sheng denies that he has the ability and luck to bear it again.
"Do you want me to hang up and go back?" It’s bad enough that Sun Sheng is unwilling to lose two pieces of equipment. Maybe he will die again? Isn’t that too humbled?

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