厦门夜网,厦门拿网,厦门品茶,厦门夜生活论坛 夜生活网 He was so angry that he immediately coughed me half to death. The severe cough drove my body injury and almost fainted me. Xinxia turned pale with fear and cried and said to Xu Qiang, "Don’t ask Xu Qiang, will you turn your head away?"

He was so angry that he immediately coughed me half to death. The severe cough drove my body injury and almost fainted me. Xinxia turned pale with fear and cried and said to Xu Qiang, "Don’t ask Xu Qiang, will you turn your head away?"

This can fool Xu Qiang into not talking any more, and quickly turn his head and plunge into Lily’s arms, but Lily took a hard bite at her ear.
I turned my head when I saw Xu Qiang and me. My name was Xin Xia, and I turned around and grabbed Xin Xia’s clothes in my mouth. The snow-white skin of Xin Xia slowly appeared in the bright light. Lily and Zhang Xiaolin "tut-tut" praised it and followed it. I grabbed the belt behind Xin Xia’s bra and yanked it.
Dizzy! It’s too strong not to break this foreign product. Lily smiled and said a sentence at this time, which made her ears red. "Hey! I can’t believe Xiaohua, you’re still in the mood to play this tune. I can’t see it! Go on, leave us alone. I promise Xu Qiang and I won’t peek and giggle when we come! "
I ignored Lily and put my head to the belt again. This time, I bit it with the connection point and yanked it, and then the bra belt finally broke. I gave up the idea of pulling it out from behind and took the opportunity to put my head on Xinxia’s chest to take advantage of it before I got the bra. Xinxia’s chest was covered with blood on my face. Finally, I said, "It seems to be a little bigger than before."
This sentence was exchanged for Li Li and Zhang Xiaolin laughing and Xin Xia biting my thigh in return, but instead of feeling pain, I felt a lot less pain.
After the joke, I rubbed a lot on Xinxia’s chest before I reluctantly pulled Xinxia’s clothes off and grabbed the bra. After groping for a while, I took out the miniature sensor hidden inside. This sensor is very expensive, so that the receiver on the other side can receive the signal sent by the sensor in a corner of the earth after the satellite link is started.
Holding the miniature sensor, which is only one centimeter long, and twisting it hard, it successfully started the sensor. Now stay here and wait for someone to save us. I hope they can come here before being decided by people.
I also relaxed a lot when I sent the signal. I immediately made fun of Lily and Zhang Xiaolin, and the dull atmosphere in the room became active. I can enjoy the hardships in the environment, and maybe some of us can do it.
The suite across the hall from my apartment is already crowded with people, including Boss Lei, businessmen and Brother Ye … Jia Hansen and his family are all urging Zuo Zhengqing, who is going crazy. They can all guess that Xin Xia and I should have been kidnapped by people every day, because some of our sinners have this ability every day.
Zuo Zhengqing also mobilized all his strength to investigate, but he didn’t directly call the president of Izumi consortium, Izumi depends on Renyang. That was because he was stopped by businessmen, otherwise it is estimated that Zuo Zhengqing would directly kill important people in Japan. As time went by, Zuo Zhengqing lost his mind, worried about his sister and hated Izumi consortium.
Just when a room full of people was about to lose control of Zuo Zhengqing, the bodyguard who was guarding the satellite receiver suddenly jumped up with joy and immediately shouted to the people inside, "The sensor is on, and now we know their position."
This news made Zuo Zhengqing quickly calm down and quickly ran to the bodyguard and asked, "Tell me the specific coordinates and directions. Tell me quickly!"
"The suburb 35 kilometers southwest is the map. This place belongs to the city country villa area." The bodyguard pointed to the city map and told Zuo Zhengqing the specific location.
After knowing the place, Zuo Zhengqing took out the words and dialed a number. "Ah Bing told the men to get ready to take things with me." Zuo Zhengqing left the house after he finished speaking.
In fact, Zuo Zhengqing’s fortune is not very clean. He started by smuggling arms internationally, but he quickly bleached himself after he made a fortune to start a legitimate business. But privately, he still has a lot to do with the black forces in various countries. This is why he was able to easily send those three guys who blackmailed his sister to Africa at the beginning. A Bing, the biggest gangster in the southern city of China, once owed Zuo Zhengqing a lot of favors, but Zuo Zhengqing has never carried out illegal activities in China from the beginning until now, and even maintained a good relationship with the top in China.
This time, he heard Hansen say that the other party actually kidnapped his sister with an anesthetic bomb, and immediately asked Ah Bing to show him which gang was so daring to kidnap his sister Zuo Zhengqing. This command went to the southern city of China, and all the gangs were in a mess, looking for Zuo Zhengqing’s sister everywhere, but they couldn’t find it for more than ten hours.
Yamu, the crazy sword who made such a big move to spy out the news, jumped back to the country house and reported it to Renri. After being heard by Renri, he was also frightened and knew that he had made a big disaster. Now he can’t make up his mind whether he should send people back or kill them on the spot. After thinking for a long time, he can also let Yamu and them watch those people and send them to him. His idea has also been cancelled. Now those people are equivalent to several bombshell, and one careless person will blow himself up for a generation. He had a lot of ideas. Did he deliberately let his guard down and let the six men escape back? Later, he thought about it and dismissed the idea. Let outsiders cancel the monitoring and let the insiders toss it. It was because of his decision that I was able to send a signal smoothly. Otherwise, I was caught by the monitoring system just now.
After the signal, I have been making yellow jokes with several other people. Li Li dared to tell me that I didn’t know. Later, even Zhang Xiaolin and Xin Xia joined in, and it became more and more presumptuous. I even learned from Li Li how long Xu Qiang spent with her every time. Her evaluation of Xu Qiang’s bed time made me laugh half to death on the spot, and the bleeding wound was stopped and cracked again.
Just as we continued to bicker, the door of the room was kicked as soon as it was "bang". Big JIU and boss Lei appeared at the door.
And when I saw Big Uncle and Boss Lei, they took a heavy breath, and then they fainted and bled out. In fact, I couldn’t help it for a long time, but I didn’t want everyone to be so boring, so I kept playing yellow jokes with everyone. Now I see that the rescuer finally appeared and was laughing. I can’t support it anymore and fainted in Xinxia’s arms.
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Chapter seventy Hidden dangers in the team
Zuo Zhengqing took Lei Zhenting and others to kick the door and saw his sister and other arrested people in the house. The horse rushed over to handcuff her sister and others, and then sent Xiaohua, who fainted, to the car. After A Bing searched the scene and didn’t catch the enemy, he left the villa with the rescued people and went back to the city. Lu Xinxia asked his brother if Zuo Zhengqing had caught all those bad people, shook his head and said to Xin Xia, "One ran away and caught seven people. A man named Kuangjian was not among the gang."
In fact, it should be that one of them ran away and died, and four of them caught the swordsman. The three hooligans, the Black Dragon Club, and the four men fought back with weapons and were killed on the spot. Those hooligans told Zuo Zhengqing that they would help them find some young ladies to vent their anger so that everyone could relieve their boredom, but they never came back after leaving. They don’t know where the swordsman went.
A dozen black cars arrived at the best private hospital in the city, and Obana, who was injured and unconscious, cried out that he was aching all over. After Xu Qiang arranged it, Zuo Zhengqing and Lei Zhenting, Ding Yi and others left the hospital. They had to discuss how to deal with the aftermath of this matter.
I don’t know how long it took me to wake up and open my eyes. I found myself lying around the hospital bed again surrounded by people. The troublemakers were all in the house, but I couldn’t see Brother Lei and Uncle Lei. They recalled their recent events. I couldn’t help laughing bitterly. I actually went to the hospital twice in just one and a half months, and every time I came in dizzy. It really made me feel a little self-satisfied! In the sweat …
I moved all over and felt a little weak. There was not much difference between the pain when I was in hospital and the state when I was healthy. This discovery made me wonder. I remember that I had lost a lot of blood and my body hurt badly. Oh, how come everything is almost better now? Have I been dizzy for more than a week? (I’m in a daze … Don’t you, a leading actor who graduated from a medical university, know that you look seriously injured this time, but it’s a flesh wound. Is there a significant difference between being stabbed with a knife and getting dirty again? The four years of college games were really not wasted! )
When people around me saw me wake up, they immediately chirped and said hello to me. Xu Qiang’s little right hand was tied with bandages and his face was plastered. He smiled and said to me, "You haven’t hung up yet. Did those guys buy it for you?" Hit me so hard but hit you so lightly? "
I couldn’t help laughing at the funny appearance of penny ur (Qiang) wearing plasters and bandages, and then solemnly said to him, "Bah! You just hung up! Children’s words avoid the wind blowing away the emperor! Please don’t blame this knowing child. He is still young and not very sensible. What he said just now should be regarded as putting P! "
After saying these words, I suddenly felt something was wrong. This minor injury is not so serious. I am almost as good as it is. He also put on a bandage and plasters.
In doubt, I didn’t continue to bicker with Xu Qiang and directly questioned him. "Xu Qiang remembers that you weren’t so hurt at that time, right? I’m almost better now, but you’re still wearing bandages and plasters. Are you going to let Lily fix it again? Or did you crash your car on the way back? "
Xu Qiang’s face turned red when he heard my words, and he was dry and tired. This time, he deliberately hurt himself badly because he wanted to escape everyone’s blame. His hand was kicked a few times, and he cried for bandages. There was nothing wrong with his face and body injury. He also made a mountain out of a molehill and plastered everywhere. Now he is so nervous that he will have a hard time if I expose it to everyone.
Xin Xia’s eyes glanced at Xu Jiang at this moment and then smiled and said to me, "giggle! He can deceive everyone by pretending to be injured, saying that he is seriously injured and keeps putting plasters on his body. In fact, we all know that there is nothing wrong with him, but let him pretend when he likes to pretend like this and want to punish him when you wake up. "
After saying these words to me, Xinxia turned to Xu Qiang and said, "Xu Qiang, get your hand bandage and face plaster and pretend it’s nothing like a person with a bandage on his right hand can still hold his girlfriend?"
"Ha ha! You idiot, you don’t do anything with one track mind. I didn’t have a door when Yamu kidnapped us, so you rushed to hit the door and we were kidnapped in that environment. You were still a hero, and you were beaten by yourself and turned your head away. You didn’t get the result, and you even made me angry half to death. You even let Lily bite you. Now you can’t even pretend to be injured and run around with me. I’m really you. Don’t say you know me when you go out. Then I will be misunderstood as a stupid brother. "I really can’t help laughing and saying what Xu Qiang made this
After hearing my words, a room full of people glanced at Xu Qiang, whose eyes seemed to tear Xu Qiang alive, especially Li Li remembered that it was Xu Qiang who knocked on the door in a hurry that led to the kidnapping of six of our personnel and even almost lost our lives.
Li Li, who hates iron and doesn’t produce steel, immediately shed tears and pointed to Xu Qiang and cried and said to him, "How did I find you such a fool as a boyfriend? Every time something bad happens to you? Do you know that this incident almost killed me and Xin Xia, three of them? I’m going to break up with you. I’ll go back and move things now." Li Li cried and ran to the door without looking back.
Xu Qiang, who felt that he was really guilty, looked at the floor in the same place and didn’t mean to chase him out at all
I also nasty hurriedly got up at this moment and shouted at others, "What are you still doing to get Lily back?" I shouted to wake everyone up. Little sister and Zhang Xiaolin chased them out quickly, leaving me, Xin Xia Xu Qiang and three people in the ward.
In Xin Xia’s hand, I climbed into bed and walked to Xu Qiang. I was embarrassed to say to Xu Qiang, "I’m really … I’m really sorry. I didn’t expect this joke to go too far. I didn’t know Li Li would do that."
"Come on, it’s my fault. I don’t do things without thinking. I always give you trouble. I’m leaving, too. I’ll go back to my home and have a fight with Xiaori. I’ll leave it to you." Xu Jiangyue said that the look grew darker, and he slowly walked to the door after saying this.
Knowing Xu Qiang, I know that his heart is numb now, even if he is forced to stay here, there is nothing wrong with this knot. Xu Qiang will no longer be the worried and funny Xu Qiang in the past, but will become an insect who will be timid in doing things, but I will try to dissuade him from leaving because I said what I said to Xu Qiang, but it will increase his pain in his heart. I am just pitying him. Now I can count on Boss Lei to do something about it or Xu Qiang can think about it himself, but these possibilities seem slim.
Xu Qiang left Xin Xia and asked me, "What did you just let Xu Qiang go? But let others chase Li Li? "
I slowly told Xin Xia the reason: "I asked people to chase Li Li, because Li Li is a girl, and it will be all right. Xu Qiang is different. Although he has a strong personality, he also has his own stubborn side in the dark. Forcibly retaining him will make him feel more guilty. In that case, Xu Qiang will become a puppet and will not have his former personality. This kind of thing has to be figured out by himself and persuaded by others."
Xinxia nodded vaguely, then helped me back to the hospital bed and told me what happened after I passed out.
When listening to Xin Xia’s description, I found that she has matured after this incident, and there is also a trace of age in many words, which makes me very sad. Xin Xia is actually a sunny girl who has always maintained an inferiority complex in front of everyone because of her mother’s incident. She is afraid that others will know that her mother will look down on her afterwards. She is a little reluctant to talk to her little sister Li Li about many things. Blue Moon completely lets herself cry and laugh when she wants to cry. Only when she is alone with me can she let herself go back to her true happiness. I hate whether I can make my beloved girl happy and wear a mask all day long, but I am capable of these things, because it is as difficult as Xu Qiang’s, and I still need them to solve outsiders by themselves. At best, I can give them a little help.
There are other people in the team who seem to have some problems. Blue Moon and Ray are big businessmen, and they haven’t told us how to deal with Xiao Ri. My little sister seems to be a little preoccupied recently. Hu and Yin and their partners in the team also seem to be a little close …
Now with the addition of Xu Qiang and Li Lixin Xia, our seemingly Qi Xin team is full of hidden dangers. If we don’t solve these contradictions now, don’t say that it’s hard to get along with each other even if we strive for hegemony in the game!
Chapter seventy-nine Hidden dangers in the team
Just as I was thinking, the door of the ward came in, not to find Lily’s troublemakers, but the four of them, boss Lei, uncle, businessman and second brother Ye. I was as excited as I found a savior when I saw boss Lei. What happened just now and I realized the hidden dangers in the team could be told to them.
Boss Lei, they asked me about my health, and I even said that I could leave the hospital at any time, which made them praise me for my quick demobilization. I chatted with them for a few words, so I told everyone what happened between Lily and Xu Qiang just now. After listening to my words, Big Uncle didn’t respond. He thought that this was the most noisy thing for the young couple. Boss Lei, all three of them frowned, because they knew as well as I did that it was not just a child quarrel.
I also said to Xin Xia at this moment, "Xin Xia, go and see what happened to those who went out to find someone. How did it take so long to get Li Li back?"
Xinxia nodded and left the ward. In fact, the purpose of doing this is to temporarily support Xinxia, because I want to tell Daxiu and Boss Lei about Xinxia’s worries.
After Xinxia left, I first told my big uncle Yu Xinxia’s worries, and then I told everyone everything I just noticed. I hope these big brothers can find some ways to solve these hidden dangers, otherwise our team will break up sooner or later.
After I said all the words, the room was quiet, and everyone in the room was lost in thought. This time, even the big uncle was worried about his sister.
A few minutes later, a mobile phone bell broke the heavy atmosphere in the ward. Boss Lei took out his mobile phone and answered the words. After answering the words, Brother Lei frowned and stretched some faces and revealed a smile.
I hurriedly asked Brother Lei who was calling, and if there was any good news. Boss Lei answered me with a smile. "It’s the girl with the blue moon. She’s at the city airport now. Let’s pick her up. It seems that this girl has finally figured out her feelings, knowing that she doesn’t really like me, but just worships me, and solved my own problems. Other things will be much easier. Brother Ching, please help Xiaohua to go through a discharge procedure, and by the way, persuade the girl to come back after we pick her up. These things will be made clear later. We will go to the second child’s
Zuo Zheng counted his head and sent the thunder boss. After they left the door, they ordered him to keep his hand outside the door and let him help me with the discharge formalities. After finishing these big JIU, he talked to me about Xinxia again. I also told Daxiu some problems in detail.

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