Frost wyrm, break!

67, 53, 74, 325 ….. A series of great injuries floated from the players in front. All professions such as wizards with less health were immediately killed and returned to the city. There were still a few people left in front of this sword. It can be seen that frost wyrm broke the terror.
Bite, Wolf Warriors body blood boiling up toward the side to help the elite commanded a few let them don’t literally to stride towards me.
At the same time, the militant point of Skyfire Fighting Dragon is naturally that if it is strong, it will be strong. If a powerful opponent is in front of him, he won’t miss it. Ignoring Skyfire, Xuan Bing calls Skyfire Fighting Dragon and walks towards me alone.
On the other hand, Iron Wolf also wants to see how he, a super defensive knight, will turn over the scene when he meets me, a super attacking player, so he also ordered his hand and left for me.
The three gang members, Wolf Warriors, Skyfire and Dragon Iron Wolf, surrounded me in a triangle. Some broken players naturally knew that the war was triggered and dared not stay in this dangerous zone, and they were away from us for 1 meter.
Skyfire and Dragon took a look at the eye target arm mercenary group mark and said in surprise, "Dragon Soul Mercenary Group has never heard of your strength. If you are willing to join us, Skyfire will guarantee that you will become a senior official." The mercenary group mark can determine what the other party is, but it knows the position of the other party in the group, so Skyfire and Dragon don’t know that I am the head of the dragon soul mercenary group.
"If you want to fight, where is there so much nonsense?" Too lazy to pay attention to the sword of Skyfire and Dragon, and quickly stabbed him. The number 154 floated from Skyfire and Dragon.
I launched the attack first, and the damage was strong. I have already called out their imagination to bite Wolf Warriors, Skyfire and Dragon Iron Wolf. No matter whether the gang has a grudge or not, they have joined forces to attack me at this moment. Whenever I raise my sword and stab Skyfire and Dragon, the name of Iron Wolf, which is famous for its defense, will immediately intercept the attack. These Mao Mao rains are nothing to the name of Iron Wolf.
The leaders of the three major gangs can’t be compared with ordinary players. They cooperate with each other from a stranger to a tacit understanding. It can be seen that the master is always the master!
One hand is still waving a shovel sword to attack, but my brain reminds me of what happened not long ago. I easily killed the bully five tigers on the first floor of Nuwa Temple, but today I am also a level 1 player who can force me to breathe.
Chapter 27 sharingan VS supercilious look
"Great Raytheon, please strike your lightning at people and destroy the enemy in front of you." Not far away, Coca-Cola saw that the boss was gradually exhausted and immediately put to use his own unique skill, the lightning-breaking bombardment hit the sky fire and the dragon’s heart, and he couldn’t help but think that it was really powerful to be able to resist the dragon soul of the three gangs by one person.
"Great goddess of ice and snow, please pour your cold on people and freeze the ice and snow of the enemy in front of you." Coca-Cola stepped aside, adding ice to coke won’t be idle, and the ice-freezing magic was cast out. It is planned to freeze the name of the knight iron wolf with the strongest defense and the heaviest health first.
Ice and Snow Freezing Ice Freezing Magic costs 1 mana. It depends on ice and snow to freeze the opponent, which will increase with the increase of magic attack power for 5 seconds at the beginning of its legal action.
The first attack was the iron wolf name. Before he could react, the severe cold immediately froze him and was frozen directly. At the same time, the thunder finally waited for five seconds, and the thunder broke and immediately split toward a skyfire and dragon attack.
Skyfire Xuan Bing naturally knows that the longer the magic is accumulated, the greater the power will be. From now on, the lightning will break for a few seconds, and the power will never be ignored. Immediately, he shouted to several priests around him, "Add magic resistance and thunder resistance to Zhanlong and then add life continuously."
156 Great damage immediately floated from Skyfire Dragon’s body, which made Skyfire Xuan Bing horrified. But after maintaining the magic resistance and thunder resistance, the damage could still reach 15 days. The thunder break is really too strong. If the Dragon had a necklace to strengthen its health, I’m afraid it would be explained here today.
Coca-cola and coke with ice naturally angered the three gangs and shouted that two outsiders should not interrupt the strong PK.
Listen to the noisy players, I sent Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola with ice the password to join the mercenary group, and both of them joined the dragon soul mercenary group immediately, and then immediately hit the mercenary system to show the word "arm dragon soul"
There is nothing to say for those noisy players. All three of them are members of the Dragon Soul Mercenary Group. There is no fault at all. What makes players curious is that the Dragon Soul Mercenary Group is so abnormal and strong. What have you never heard of in Say?
"Wolf Warriors, please leave. I’m here." At this time, a handsome young man suddenly walked out of the God-eating gang and said simply, "Avengers can’t believe that you finally appeared. Come on, let me see if you can match me."
Bite, Wolf Warriors looked at the young man who suddenly appeared respectfully and said, "Boss, I want to deal with a little avenger. I don’t need it to be the boss’s turn. Let me try this little skill first. If it’s ok, the boss will do it later."
That’s right! Suddenly, the teenager is the second in the ranking of God-eaters, the second in the ranking of magic weapons, the first in the ranking of holy armour, the first in the ranking of wealth, and the second player in the ranking of God-eaters. It is conceivable that his strength has surpassed the Avengers.
"Wolf Warriors, don’t disobey me, otherwise …" The bite myth just said that Wolf Warriors’s face immediately turned livid and he withdrew from the battle field without hesitation. It seems that the bite god has absolute authority in the bite god gang, and everyone can disobey him. He means "Avengers, come on, let me learn your tricks."
"good! Frost wyrm, the god who eats me, broke "three seconds later, frost wyrm broke through the sword and rushed towards God who eats.
Seen this powerful bite, Wolf Warriors immediately woke up and said, "Boss, be careful, this powerful trick has killed professions such as wizards with less health."
God-eater ignored Wolf Warriors’s awakening and bent down to make a start. Seeing that frost wyrm was about to rush to the body immediately, frost wyrm attacked the body and ate God unexpectedly … it didn’t hurt me. I was taken aback and quickly pulled up the white snake’s forehead. sharingan started to run and looked at the guardian divination-the origin of the world.
Guardian divination-White-eyed stunt of returning to the sky consumes 2 mana, and turning the body to be in an absolute defensive state can offset the attack. At the same time, if there are monsters or players around, it will cause *1 damage per second until the opponent leaves the range of returning to the sky and maintains the highest level for 5 seconds. When the skill cools down for 5 minutes, the guardian divination-returning to the sky is a white-eyed stunt, so the sharingan method collects it.
(The so-called maximum duration of 5 seconds means that when this skill can last for 5 seconds at the maximum, you can change your skill at any time. Naturally, if you change your skill just now, it will enter the skill cooling state.)
Good skills! Swing the body can be in an absolute defensive state to offset the attack. It is definitely a super abnormal skill, and it can also cause damage to the surrounding players or monsters when spinning the body. Both offensive and defensive are too strong. Is it a growth artifact like sharingan?
After returning to heaven to offset my frost wyrm’s break, the bite stopped spinning and immediately took out the weapon-the second place in the magic list is also the silver-level magic silver snake sword "Guardian divination-seven swords of the silver snake". The silver snake sword quickly stabbed out seven swords, and each sword actually … unexpectedly, every sword crit caused me more than 2 points of damage. The combination of seven swords directly cost me 14 health points.
With sharingan, I immediately investigated the attribute guardian divination of this trick-the white-eyed stunt with seven swords of Agkistrodon consumes 2 mana, and then pierces the target continuously with the white-eyed stunt. Because of the large number of attacks, the damage of this trick is absolutely not ignored after folding. You must have the Agkistrodon sword for 5 minutes when cooling down.
Because the guardian divination-the seven swords of the Agkistrodon is a supercilious stunt, it is collected by sharingan method.
"Avenger, I have special equipment, growth artifact, and my eyes can see through the weakness of NPC monster players, so I can produce crit effect every attack." The God-eater looked at the opponents of the players and didn’t understand that he could crit the sword and said the result flatly.
God-eater is plain, but a bunch of listeners are horrified to grow an artifact. This is the right artifact! No wonder the sword can crit the original artifact. No wonder he can dump so many follow-up players and catch up with the first Avengers artifact effect.
However, having an artifact can make a critical attack and bite God. He chased the Avengers, the first player in the ranking list, for so long, but he still didn’t chase them. Instead, not long ago, he let the Avengers dump two levels. Everyone was thinking about what equipment the Avengers had to stop the artifact from catching up.
"ding!" At this time, there was a unified message that "the player’s dragon soul was forced by the two guardian divination stunts of the white-eyed guardian, which opened the second round of sharingan’s ability to hook jade automatically increased, and the second round of sharingan’s special effects messenger was able to display the writing round to counterattack and copy the skill bar."
Sharingan’s stunt of writing round counter-attack consumes 2 mana, which means that sharingan players can see the names of the skills displayed by the other side. Therefore, once they have the writing round counter-attack, the other side can display their skills to counter-attack before collecting skills. When the skills are not cooled, sharingan needs to be on all the time.
Sharingan has finally grown up. It’s a tough skill to write a round of counterattack.
"Guardian hexagrams-firm but gentle vertical and horizontal" eats God’s body again. This time, there is an extra Agkistrodon sword. Therefore, while swinging, the power of firm but gentle four-release is more than twice as great as that of the previous rescue.
Firm but gentle vertical and horizontal white-eyed stunt consumes 2 mana, spins the body with a sword, and makes firm but gentle attack everywhere. The range is wide and powerful, causing 2 times damage to enemies in the range. When the skill cools down, it takes 5 minutes. Because the guardian divination-firm but gentle vertical and horizontal white-eyed stunt, it is collected by sharingan method.
"Write a round of counterattack! Guardian hexagrams-firm but gentle vertical and horizontal "Although sharingan collected skills, relying on sharingan to copy and counterattack, I easily displayed the guardian hexagrams-firm but gentle vertical and horizontal.
Chapter 20 Upgrade climax
"Guardian hexagrams-firm but gentle vertical and horizontal" eats God to spin up the body again. This time, there is an extra Agkistrodon sword, so it is firm but gentle while spinning.
Firm but gentle vertical and horizontal white-eyed stunt consumes 2 mana, spins the body with a sword, and makes firm but gentle attack everywhere. The range is wide and powerful, causing 2 times damage to enemies in the range. When the skill cools down, it takes 5 minutes. Because the guardian divination-firm but gentle vertical and horizontal white-eyed stunt, it is collected by sharingan method.
"Write a round of counterattack! Guardian hexagrams-firm but gentle vertical and horizontal "Although sharingan collected skills, relying on sharingan to copy and counterattack, I easily displayed the guardian hexagrams-firm but gentle vertical and horizontal.
Firm but gentle VS firm but gentle eats God, causing me about 2 injuries, while I caused him about 3 injuries, which shows that my attack is higher than his.
"Yes, I was able to fight back with my skills." Say "is really amazing. It really teaches people’s eyes today." God took back the silver snake sword and said flatly, "Avengers, are we even today?" God doesn’t just bow to others. He naturally has his own powerful tricks that he didn’t display. He didn’t want to expose his strength to the public, so he planned to draw with the Avengers.
The Avengers Skill Department is all passive skills. The skills copied by sharingan include Tiger Whistling Wave, Ground Fist Spur and Dionysus.
Roar wave is to strengthen the attack and speed up the recovery of life. Even if it comes out now, I’m afraid it’s not a white eye. The sword critters the opponent’s ground. Although it’s severe and the damage is not bad now, it has absolute defense against God. Even if the ground rises to stab him into the sky, I can directly despise Dionysus. I’m not stupid enough to fight with God. If I am blocked by the guardian divination, I won’t cry to death.
Now I’m at my wit’s end, so I don’t have a problem with the god-eating proposal. I nodded and said, "The growth artifact is really powerful. I’m afraid I can’t resist the sword-eating power. I look forward to fighting with you again. Let’s go with coke and ice."
The entrance to the second floor of Nuwa Temple is due to the arrival of the God-eating artifact. The white eyes of the artifact deter skyfire and the iron wolf. Although unwilling, they still lead their hands out. Now the God-eating artifact makes his value soar. If you fight with the God-eating help now, the most natural loss is yourself.
Said that the game forum immediately became popular.
"Say that the strong NO1 competes with the Avengers vs. the wonderful video is not missed." A player was lucky enough to shoot the confrontation between the two masters and immediately sent it to the forum. Every gold coin was watched once, and everyone immediately clicked and scrambled to see the wonderful video of the strong competition.
In this article, "Avenger frost wyrm Breaking Remote Professional Guest Star", the avenger directly showed the scene of frost wyrm breaking, and all the remote occupations present were spiked without exception. Naturally, this report started to watch every gold coin as before.
In this article, it is recorded that the absolute defense counteracts the Avenger frost wyrm’s broken video because the photographer is super clear from the recent battle between the two men. Similarly, this video is still watched every 1 gold coin.
"Firm but gentle vs. Firm but gentle writing round counter-attack" Remember the last time the Avengers wrote round counter-attack and copied firm but gentle to offset the other side’s firm but gentle vertical and horizontal video. I’m afraid this report is the only one that can be shot very clearly at that time.
The mysterious gang’ Dragon Soul’ surfaced to look forward to the development of the Dragon Soul Gang, the skill of thunderstorm strength and lightning breaking to make soldiers feel frightened, and even the gang leaders have to wear this power when they are frozen in ice ………………..
There are always many reports on the second floor entrance of the Nuwa Temple. Most of these videos are either unclear or stagger, so even after the forum, no one is willing to spend gold coins to watch those clear clips, which makes the video shooter make a lot of money. It is really a business opportunity limit.
Due to the appearance of the artifact, the God-eater’s Sect is immediately limited. Many players have asked to join the God-eater’s Sect, but there is no gang yet. The mercenary group can take a fixed number of God-eaters and think twice. It is decided to let his men go out and create a mercenary group to attract players. After the God-eater’s Sect is established, these mercenary groups will join the Sect.

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