厦门夜网,厦门拿网,厦门品茶,厦门夜生活论坛 品茶网,夜生活网 Spring is the recovery season of all things. Hibernating predators have consumed more than half of their body fat after just going through a dormant period of several months. Now it is a good time to hunt crazily to replenish their strength.

Spring is the recovery season of all things. Hibernating predators have consumed more than half of their body fat after just going through a dormant period of several months. Now it is a good time to hunt crazily to replenish their strength.

However, in this crazy age, predators are also hunted.
A huge black bear is swinging around in the jungle, its huge body is looking for food everywhere, and it looks hungry. It has been swimming around here for a long time.
It seemed as if something was attracting it, and it walked over, sniffing and walking towards the rocky crevice.
Then it saw a tall figure rising in front of its eyes, and it exhibited a magnificent momentum.
A heavy punch exploded in the nosebleed of the black bear.
The black bear roared with anger, but for a moment it even responded. The tall and thick shadow had lifted it high, and the black bear fell to the ground with a heavy fall.
"Well done, General Tuoba!" Luanshiling sent out an excited call.
Tuoba Mountain grabbed the black bear’s head and slammed into a big stone, hitting the black bear completely unconscious.
Clap your hands and pull out the mountain. "This is the third place. It’s almost enough for everyone to eat. I ordered to go to the meat mat tonight and everyone opened their bellies."
A soldier looked at the black bear and asked, "Is the bear meat delicious?"
Tuoba pulled Shanyin’s calm face and said, "You can fill your stomach. If you want to live in this mountainous area, you have to chew the grassroots bark if necessary."
A soldier laughed. "I don’t know if bear’s paw is delicious, but it’s a good thing. A stewed bear’s paw is one or two gold."
Some soldiers muttered, "Two thousand people with twelve paws and one finger is not enough."
Someone in the back is calling "dogs, here they come"
Immediately, a soldier sighed, "Alas, 500 people and three bears may not be enough to eat."
For a moment, the dog appeared in front of Tuoba Mountain and knelt heavily with sadness. "General! Miss Nightingale’s victims are alive or dead now! "
Chapter seventy-seven Fire and hatred (4)
Although the brilliant victory in the western battlefield is the most important starting point of this national annihilation war, theoretically speaking, it is the first falling point of the domino, which will lead to a series of victories later, but the war can never be carried out completely according to the theory
The larger the scale of the war, the more full of unknowable variables.
Some of these variables will not cause any fundamental changes, while others may determine the success or failure of a war.
Before the news of victory in the western battlefield came and helped and cooperated with the decisive victory in the southern battlefield, a small accident, if handled carelessly, would be enough to abort the whole plan.
There is a saying in the military that the more perfect a plan is, the higher the accuracy it requires when it is implemented, the greater the possibility of failure and the higher the risk. Therefore, best laid plans is not the best way to win the war. It is perfect and feasible, and it has all kinds of contingency possibilities and subsequent preparation plans to have the greatest conditions for winning the war.
But this time, in the face of the nightingale group’s death, the wind army could not come up with a contingency plan
The nightingale is missing
There was no body at the scene, and she didn’t meet everyone at Luanshiling.
She is not only a shallow-water Qing woman, but also a shallow-water Qing close-fitting bodyguard. She not only knows the life and death of a small team, but also knows all the senior military secrets and action plans of Tianfeng Army, including the stone removal plan.
Now, she is likely to fall into the hands of the enemy. Before the plan is finished, there have been such great changes, and the whole action plan has encountered unprecedented risks.
Change the plan immediately? Or choose to believe that the nightingale will continue to carry out the plan to the end? Rio Tinto has no bottom in its mountain heart.
The guerrilla formation with 2,500 men hanging high in Luanshiling is now gathered here. They are the secret troops in the shallow water clearing plan, a person who will give Shihai a surprise attack at a critical moment, and the only person who can help the weak brigade of the Blood Department defeat Shihai troops. But now they should go from?
Rio Tinto pulled out the mountain in the ridge and looked at the lush vision in front of me, and my heart was uneasy.
"So Miss Nightingale was probably captured by the enemy in the past, and the person who captured her was not a Shihai person, but originally came out from Daliangcheng to pursue the team. That is to say, the people who captured her at present may not know our plans and action targets, and there is still a great possibility that they may think that we are desperate to escape and enter the mountains. They may choose to return to Daliangcheng or meet Shihai Department."
The dog nodded. "I think so, too, General. We must find Miss Nightingale and save her at once."
Tuoba Mountain sighed, "It is difficult to find a small army in such a big mountain area."
"That can’t be from ruin!" The dog barked, "General Tuoba has finished one step at present, so you can take everyone to finish it. Let me take some brothers to find the young lady, so we must find the young lady!"
Rio Tinto pull mountain asked "found again? Yi Xinghan sent four times the number of chasing troops to our department, which means that there are at least two thousand people in the team that killed the nightingale. Even if you find it, how can you save her? "
The dog got angry at the moment.
"At present, it is urgent to ensure the smooth progress of the plan. We should leave here at once!"
"General!" The dog shouted, "that’s miss nightingale!" Are you so from ruin? "
Tuoba Shannai shook his head. "I’m afraid we don’t have a choice. We don’t have much time left. Although the plan has changed, we didn’t refuse to implement it before it was proved to be infeasible. General Shihai is getting more and more sad every day. They have a large number of people and limited food. It is difficult to maintain it only by hunting for too long."
The dog’s heart was cold, and he didn’t know that Tuoba Mountain was the overall situation, but the nightingale was a shallow-water woman and the most popular girl in the whole Tiefeng Banner. Although she was a woman, she was always a strong woman, and the soldiers liked her and wanted to see her. She was like a wisp of tenderness in the iron flag, and even in the most difficult years, there was such a girl in the army who could always bring limited hope to everyone.
But now they are going to abandon him
"General!" The dog knelt on the ground and cried bitterly, "Let me take some brothers to find Miss Nightingale. Maybe she hasn’t been captured by the enemy? Maybe she is lost in this jungle and waiting for our rescue. "
Tuoba Mountain was stunned for a while.
At that time, a calm voice slowly sounded behind them. "Leave the rescue of the nightingale to me."
Rio Tinto pull mountain startled look back exclaimed "double? How are you? "
An indifferent shadow appeared from the forest, and his handsome and determined face showed a hint of nai. "I brought you bad news, but I heard worse news. It seems that the battle to kill Shihai is no longer so easy."
The accident of nightingale in Luanshiling made the whole action plan on the verge of collapse, but Shihai, dozens of miles away from them, was still at a loss about it
Weeds are overgrown, trees are densely populated, and the army of Fenggang Shihai is stationed here. It is less than 20 miles away from Dawan ‘ao, and the distance is extremely short. However, if you want to go all the way through this dense jungle, you need to go all the way.
One is commanding the tiger, looking around, and the other is lurking deep in the mountain. The Shihai troops are far stronger than the blood-bathing department in momentum.
At the moment, in the dim light, the general is obsessively observing the geographical situation map of this area. The more carefully he observes, the more his brow furrows.
To be fair, it is really puzzling to fight the battle of soaking blood.
Desperately fleeing is similar to crazy scouts fighting. The mountain forest is full of pitfalls, but the long-awaited confrontation has been slow to move. Compared with the fierce and wild outpost, there is almost no movement in the blood-bathing department. They are fleeing desperately and hiding in this mountainous area, but they are not willing to get rid of the enemy. They are tempting the enemy to pursue and keep a proper distance.
"report! A small group of enemy scouts were found in the east. They just fought at our outpost. Two people were seriously injured and one was slightly injured. Four people were killed and the rest escaped with injuries. "
"I see," said Shi Haitou without looking up. "What do you think Shallow Water Qing is up to this time?"

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