厦门夜网,厦门拿网,厦门品茶,厦门夜生活论坛 夜生活网 Instead, I just stuck for a second or two when the graphics card was down, and then my hero was out of control.

Instead, I just stuck for a second or two when the graphics card was down, and then my hero was out of control.

"I’m tired, I’m resting on the floor, and Huang Liangjun sleeps lightly and dreams long." When I react, my hero has already fallen to the ground, saying that’s the case ~
At that time, 7L will say’ Say goodbye ~’ to EH at WCG! "It’s time ~
The abacus of 7L’s general manager is ringing loudly, but EH is doomed not to let 7L get what he wants.
It is the idea of all EH players to want to play peach blossom for 7L, but there are still two people who can really do this on the spot: Lin Feng and DCG Pig Head Vegetable.
KC has almost no ability to fight in the early stage of brood mother’s singles because it wants to play its own GANK rhythm.
Then the road three people EHDCG cooperated with Lin Feng, and now they are very skilled in running-in. In the first minute, they kept an eye on the road.
It is also God’s will that 7L is doomed to lose the game today. In the first minute, it was in the eye competition. DCG Fire Woman and Lin Feng VS were unable to lift their heads in the river. 7L missed the road charm in the first minute.
Moreover, when it’s fatal, inserting an eye is CM7L’s assistance. I want to force it on the road … an eye.
However, I forgot that I was a woman who forced in such a difficult thing. Before I finished it, VS appeared from the invisible rune to cooperate with the fire lady, and then A, A, A … plus VS brick white and strong vertigo, AAA didn’t resist for more than three seconds, and even a frost was not released, so I let out my first moan in this game.
Then there is EH wandering and rushing to the face.
Fast-paced at half-time, the fire girl and VS tied up in the forest after getting a blood. 7L Hero S is fragile on the road like a piece of paper. When he wants to eat wretched experience and can resist a GANK by himself.
Soon, Lin Feng solved S’s wretched life with one man after another.
VS is a woman, but Lin Feng is an angry man. At this time, VS is doomed to be a god to stop killing the black fungus!
(PS in AOE~
AOEAreaofeffe’s range skills are effective in a certain range and can be used for multi-target doa. The AOE skills have always been indispensable in the historical process of doa. Nowadays, the pace of DOA is getting faster and faster, and the AOE skills are more powerful than the powerful routine skills, such as the two-stage reversal of the half-mammoth, the destruction of tidal hunters, the mysterious black hole and other group control skills, which is one of the key factors that can make AOE skills output to the ultimate team battle victory.
Let’s take stock of those AOE skills that are super harmful.
All the skills learned here are non-singing, non-interruptible skills.
1. Super nova Phoenix
6/1 damage per second. The sun can withstand 5/7/1 attacks, causing 15/2/25 seconds of dizziness when it comes back to life. If it is broken in 6 seconds, the phoenix will die, otherwise it will cause dizziness to the enemies in the range. The big move of Phoenix imba can not only cause 1 range of damage continuously, but also cause dizziness to the enemy once it does not break the egg in 6 seconds. Its routine ability is very scary at a glance.
9, highly toxic nova highly toxic warlock
Create a poisonous ring and cause continuous toxic damage to nearby enemy units. When you have the Aghanim staff, the value causes 365/51/11 points/second of toxic damage to nearby targets for 1214/1415/1516 seconds. Casting interval: 14/12/16/ second. Casting cost: 2/3/4 points of magic.
Poisonous full-scale big move can cause 1215 damage in 15 seconds. Without staff A, although it is not instantaneous damage, its continuous damage ability can make the enemy escape. It is often seen that after the enemy is scattered, there are still 3 kills and 4 kills, but the disadvantage is that it consumes a lot of blue.
Destroy the shadow demon
Shadow Magic can transport his power to pollute the area at different distances in front of him, causing damage to enemy units within 275 range of Fiona Fang at a certain distance and 75/15/225/3 damage to the area at 2/45/7 distance in front of him. Casting interval: 1 second casting cost: 75 magic.
Sf Shadow Pressure is a skill that players are very familiar with. There are three different shadow pressures at different distances. It is very simple to hit two shadow pressures in a row under the control of the group. Doing two shadow pressures has caused 6 points of damage. Walking into the battlefield and releasing the Z gun can hit the limit of 9 points of damage in just a few seconds. This is just a small SF trick. Unfortunately, it is not selected because it does not include the singing skill. If you can release the soul elegy in the group battle, then SF will probably rank among the top three.
7. Summon the missile dwarf helicopter
Dwarf helicopter launches two missiles at the target area. The first missile hits the enemy in the area 2 seconds after launch and slows down the movement speed by 2% for 2 seconds. The second missile hits the enemy in the area 4 seconds after launch, causing secondary damage and slowing down the movement speed by 5% for 3 seconds. When the bracket has the Aghanim staff, the numerical range is 45. The casting distance of one screen consumes 125 points. The magic staff upgrades the map casting and increases the damage. The primary damage is 25/3/35 points, and the secondary damage is 1175/15225/2275 points. The casting interval is 55/5/45 seconds.
Aircraft is one of the few agile heroes in the list, and its big move not only has a high range of damage, but also is more commendable. Its group deceleration ability is 5% for the second missile. Equipped with a staff, the aircraft can support and limit the line of battle with great screen support, and the team is poor in power.
6. Static Storm Sal
The prophet creates an unstable energy storm in the target area, which causes damage to enemy units in it and silences them. The initial damage of the storm is low, but it will gradually increase in 5 seconds. The casting range is 375, and the casting distance is 5 seconds.
The maximum damage caused is 17/22/27/ sec, and the casting cost is 125/175/225 mana.
The damage of Sal’s big move is getting higher and higher, which can’t achieve the instant burst effect, but its tactical strength is stronger than that in the range, and the hero will be silent! This is also the strongest point of Sal’s big move. After cooperating with the group control, he released 3 skills to encircle enemy heroes, which is even more restrictive.
5, shock wave light guard
Accumulate positive magic into a ball, and 1 point of damage will be condensed into it every second. When the energy ball reaches the accumulation limit when it is released or Ezalor makes other moves, it will cause damage to a straight enemy unit. The range of each shock wave is fixed and not affected by condensation.
Maximum cohesion is 2/3/4/5 seconds, maximum range is 2 casting intervals: 1 second casting cost: 15 mana.
The biggest advantage of the light shock wave is that it is unexpected (killed three times in the early stage of the light method, and the monkey floats by in the later stage ~ Onions always fall to the ground inexplicably in passers-by and then find out that it is the old man Jie of the light method. Am I going to talk nonsense? ) If the other side’s vision is not good enough, then the light method can make you hard to prevent. 2 distance 5 damage is super AOE, so that the enemy will be very afraid to press out of the experience area and go home. It is common that the shock wave not only has strong routine ability, but also anti-propulsion ability. It is one of the best, ranking fifth.
There are still a few AOE times to talk about later ~ All the data are the previous reference. If there are any changes … Don’t shoot onion bricks ~
Then decisively ask for tickets and collections ~ You guys are awesome ~)
Chapter two hundred and forty-seven The ending is doomed.
7L is not a semi-professional team.
The real professional team G League has been mixed up for so many years. Even if the old team has not had the money to buy a good big name because of the team’s investment, and his boss is also very general about youth training and talent scouts to explore new talents, 7L has never had the potential to impact the league championship.
But the tough professional team has a very tough boss, which is doomed that this team is not an easy team to surrender in the game.
It can’t be said that it’s lucky, but it’s also said that it’s not unfortunate. This trait still exists in 7L’s body, that is, even if he is killed and collapses in the game, there is rarely a time when he directly throws GG singles in the towel.
This has caused the situation that even if the situation 7L was beaten by EH, it was as black and blue as a pig’s head, and it was still negative.
The situation is simply one-sided.
First of all, 311 points were sacrificed on the spot. The early stage of Lulu Spider was a great weakness for Shuiren in the late stage of Lulu 7L. Even though Shuiren has its own W wave shape, it can still avoid this kind of damage very well with the protection of cobwebs.
DCG, in other words, is
"Eyes are dead, but cobwebs and people are alive."
The active spider web easily abolished the two real eyes of the road, and then the road was exhausted. Tragically, it was discovered that brood mother actually brought two real eyes of his own.
This fucking …
Then 7L Road knelt on a moral limit and pushed the spider’s body.
This is a microcosm of EH’s battlefield
In fact, in a cavity of anger to help EH play very smoothly, the field is suppressing the 7L team to play 7L, although tenacious
But Nai is like a weak girl who can’t resist for long in front of a wretched and tough man.
And maybe the stronger the resistance, EH, the more excited everyone is?
Come to have this feeling.
No more advantage, no matter which hero killed 7L, or who jumped the tower or suppressed the opponent, you can’t make up for it, you can’t eat experience, you can see EH’s face.
The more I feel that I want to suppress the opposite.

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