How proud he has always been of this!

And now …
Did fudge cry with eyes wide open?
Actually, when he was telling a story, everyone didn’t listen carefully but asked something else? This is something to wait for sadness! How can he be worthy of the honorary title of "Story King" in the soy sauce department? !
Just as fudge couldn’t help banging on the table, she found that they were discussing the topic-impressively their own sister?
Just for a moment, my face was livid and fudge immediately smiled.
Hello, my sister! Hello, my sister!
Their favorite topic is their own sister!
Thinking of this, fudge turned over directly from Shishi to mix in the crowd and looked at the wildflowers in the countryside that had previously been questioned. It was very complacent and replied.
[Nearby] Soft Soft Sugar Nodding/Yes, yes ~
[Nearby] Soft Soft Sugar This is our sister!
When the little expression comes to life, it is a chicken pecking rice expression.
[Nearby] Wild flowers in the countryside Well, I remember them.
The wild flowers in the countryside are so self-affirming, but others’ attitude towards him is so-called, but they have shifted more attention to soy sauce.
[Nearby] Heavenly King Gaidi Tiger Soft Candy! Have you finally found your long-lost sister?
[Nearby] Hugging popcorn As far as I know, soy sauce makers have been chanting their sisters every day for a while and appeared in the streets of Chengdu.
This is just like the second popcorn, which claims to pursue the truth and watch the crowd. It is very objective to add on the nearby channel.
Zuo Tangtang …
What does it mean to appear on the streets of Chengdu? Ya, a group of people with the same face can still see the hell out of their minds? Zuo Tangtang is speechless, and don’t she didn’t pay attention to what the heavenly king Gai Dihu said earlier.
Lost for days?
Oh, my God. What the hell did these losers do to her?
Popcorn supplement did not add too much goodwill in everyone’s eyes, but was rejected by everyone.
This product is just to make trouble, right?
Don’t they know? They are the ultimate fans of soy sauce! How could they not know such a sad thing? This product is simply to slander their IQ! Drag out! Drag out! It’s just that after the rain falls, it’s strange for a person to feel very sorry, and the situation is solved on the spot by the onlookers.
After the popcorn was solved, the onlookers gathered together like watching Barabara’s little magic fairy and watched the soy sauce.
[Nearby] Pale and starry eyes/Did you really find your sister?
Then say it? Looking at this problem, the tails of soy sauce players are almost tilted to the sky, and their heads are raised high, and the keyboard can see their nostrils.
[Nearby] Are you 1.5 meters? Haven’t I seen you a lot since then?
One meter five is very curious and asks for forgiveness. He just met soy sauce recently, but it is rare to see soy sauce like this. He still feels very representative when he thinks about this problem.
Gee, asshole, you know this kind of thing, but don’t say it.
Quietly took a look, and there was no objection in the team channel. It’s rare for our sisters to be shy when they play soy sauce.
[Nearby] Tink, tink, tink, tink, tink, tink, tink, tink, tink, tink, tink, tink, tink, tink, tink, tink, tink, tink, tink, tink.
Tinker bell was naive to ask, but such a simple question directly puzzled the soy sauce makers. What can they say? Because someone hurt his sister’s office in soy sauce, his sister left? Or did they ignore their sister’s hidden emotions when things were solved? No matter what the reasons are, they don’t want to tell them, not only because they make them sad, but more importantly, it’s between them and their sister, and they don’t want to tell them how good they are with this group of enthusiastic people at ordinary times.
[Nearby] Wild flowers in the countryside clap their heads/jingle! Are you a pig! I haven’t heard that my sister is lost! Now it’s back! A gang is estimated to be a day or two!
The soy sauce makers have no idea to answer the enthusiastic wildflowers, but they think of the truth, which leads to local nodding.
Mm-hmm This wildflower classmate is quite practical! Seeing this situation, soy sauce makers also nodded their approval to be continued.
[35 Chapter three hundred and fifty-one Much ado about nothing]
A man ran to the ferry and Zuo Tangtang hid the clear water and blue sky after watching the reeds gently moved by the wind on the shore. Instead of being relieved, some depression in his heart added a few minutes.
Slightly god eyes moved slightly, I don’t know what I thought, but Zuo Tangtang couldn’t help sighing.
Game, game, tour and play
Low mumbling Zuo Tangtang smiled at this time, but I couldn’t see whether it was self-mockery or whether she had been so comforting or awake for days since that incident, but what was the result?
Suddenly, Zuo Tangtang thought of a sentence-after hearing many truths, she still has a bad life. Isn’t this sentence a portrayal of her now?
I’ve always told myself that the game is just a swim and a play, and I have to master it at the end. However, she has been influenced again and again, and she has determined her principles, which really makes her feel disappointed in herself.
Sighed faintly again, glanced at one side at random and finally walked over. The boatman Zuo Tangtang leng leng, however, stared at the np unblinkingly like a demon.
Maybe … It’s so real here.
Old people always say that drama is like life, and life is like drama. This Jianghu is so real that almost everyone here regards it as a part of their life.
Suddenly, Zuo Tangtang’s face reflected on the brain screen and gave off a faint blue light.

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