厦门夜网,厦门拿网,厦门品茶,厦门夜生活论坛 夜生活网 "It turned out that the ghost sword sealed the wounds. I heard that you just arrived at the world realm of Emperor Long recently, and you really deserved it at first sight today."

"It turned out that the ghost sword sealed the wounds. I heard that you just arrived at the world realm of Emperor Long recently, and you really deserved it at first sight today."

Wounds sealed back his momentum the whole people gathered a few minutes, but that kind of madness did not finish convergence, he smiled and said
"I’ve been admiring the name of Mrs. Hua Yan for a long time, and I hope you will forgive me for taking the liberty today!"
Chapter seven hundred and thirty A deal
At present, Mrs. Hua Yan is a few ubers and dressed … There is a little Ye Zhang who thinks that no one dares to dress like this except filming. It is estimated that the game artist has a heavy taste, which is not much different from directly embroidering a begonia flower on his body.
Spit to spit, but you should know that this lady Hua Yan is an emperor dragon universe. When she was in Ye Zhang, she suddenly felt that there were more masters in the realm of emperor dragon universe.
Identity plus strength is the best ID card, and the whirlwind is obviously favored by Mrs. Hua Yan, which makes one side laugh at Ye Zhang’s idea of whether the whirlwind should also write a song and NPC’s shocking relationship almost didn’t let Ye Zhang spit out the overnight meal
The first floor of the Tower of Babel is far from selling things outside. There are not only all kinds of magical powers but also weapons, and Ye Zhang took a fancy to a dark gold sword at a glance.
2 points of control and 1 point of force collateral damage deepening and strengthening the basic level of swordsmanship magic plus one. This effect is already very powerful. Damage deepening is equivalent to disguised defense breaking effect, especially when dealing with high-defense opponents, or this effect is to deal with high-defense opponents.
Adding one to the basic level of magic is not to mention that it is obviously a difficult hurdle for magic to rise from level 9 to level 1. With this sword, it is obvious that it can temporarily make up for the lack of damage in the case of insufficient xuanshi, but after reaching level 1, magic does not enjoy the effect of level rise.
This dark gold sword has been marked with a price of 20,000 yuan. Ye Zhang is very tempted. He has four kinds of Dan medicines. Among these Dan medicines, there are more Yaochi Qiongjiang and Begonia, which just happen to be people who need more control and political attributes.
Ye Zhang doesn’t pay much attention to Dan medicine, but here it is absolutely sky-high because Ye Zhang rarely sees an increase in these two attributes. Most of Dan medicine’s force value and intelligence value are main, but the force value like Feng Yi has reached an extreme of 75, but the control force was only 15 liters before he met Zhang Ye. It is difficult to imagine.
Ye Zhang fixed color followed by Mrs Hua Yan came to the second floor.
Compared with the first floor, the second floor merchants are scarce, and there are fewer people, because there is no one here who is less than 20 thousand xuanshi
When Ye Zhang toured it again, he immediately felt relieved that all the selling departments here are complete sets of magical powers, and the demand for high-level magical powers is in the realm of emperor’s heavenly laws and can cultivate special effects after level 6.
For example, a set of magical powers with a price of 350,000 yuan is the highest level except for the pre-magical power demand. It requires the realm of the emperor to cultivate the magical power of Gankun Hehe Palm Method. In addition to the attribute increase of level 6, it can also cultivate the arrogant special effect, which is actually similar to Jiang Chen Xiaoyao Bufeng Technique. When it is attacked, it restores its maximum health by 2% and refreshes its magical power for 1 second when it cools down.
As soon as I saw this magical power, I immediately thought that it would be very good if a Mayan high-blood meat shield was allowed to learn this magical power. In the glitz, the equipment attributes still supported the blood volume in the weeping of heaven, but except for the wonderful enemy meat shield like Ye Zhang, the professional blood volume of a normal meat shield almost exceeded 50,000, and the recovery of 2% maximum health often allowed them to stand on the battlefield for a long time.
Ye Zhang didn’t think too much, but he knew that this feat alone would never sell at too high a price, but once he had a complete set of practice, the price base would increase tenfold.
Along the way, Mrs. Hua Yan soon saw that today the protagonist had little interest in the East-West base because of the ruin. He could practice a magic skill, but since he had a ghost sword weapon, he certainly wouldn’t change it to Dan medicine, especially after Emperor Long’s world.
Therefore, the change of Ye Zhang’s expression has always been a place that Mrs. Hua Yan pays more attention to. It can be said that from the time she saw Feng Yi and the whirlwind appear here at the same time, she knew that these three guests were her biggest customers in recent months.
"Cyclone, can you show me what you want?"
Mrs. Hua Yan’s words made Ye Zhang feel a little awkward, especially how to listen to the word "male", but Ye Zhang wouldn’t care so much. He actually wanted to ask for clues about ice toad and purple jade, but he was worried about drawing out some unnecessary troubles. After a long hesitation, he tentatively took out five pieces of jade pond nectar from his body, and at this time, Mrs. Hua Yan’s face changed immediately.
In the world of weeping, NPC is the base unit here. They have very high intelligence AI here, and they also know the world best. Because of this, a group of people don’t know the players better than NPC. It is not only easy to fight, but more importantly, he can master more knowledge by directly connecting with flashy database than Ye Zhang.
"Do you still have this Yaochi nectar of Cyclone Gong? Haiye Tiancheng is willing to buy it at every price of Wanxuanshi!"
Perhaps I saw Ye Zhang’s tentative move, and Mrs. Hua Yan’s face was transient. At the same time, I immediately became interested in the whirlwind in front of me, and almost gave him a new definition again in an instant.
Obviously, it is not just as simple as a junior emperor dragon world to be able to seal the wounds with so many Yaochi nectar whirlwinds.
The price of Wanxuanshi also shocked Ye Zhang and Zhi Ruo behind him. Maybe the problem of Wanxuanshi will be solved, but obviously the price of Wanxuanshi seems to be a little low, because when I was outside, some people upgraded their charm and twisted their roots in exchange for a set of magical powers.
"Mrs. Hua Yan was born in the sea night city and was careful, but we didn’t come here to simply trade these Dan medicines. If Mrs. Hua Yan or the sea night city can give us the information we need, it may be more important than Xuanshi."
At this time, Mrs. Hua Yan once again looked at the five pearls in Ye Zhang’s hand and wanted to eat Qiong Yao. He knew that these real treasures were rare. In the nearby Tower of Babel, the number of Tan Huadan and Yu Hengdan was very large, but there were no less than one, but Yaochi Qiongjiang and Ye Haitang had their own one, and it was a treasure in the town shop.
"What kind of information do you want in exchange for? Haiye Tiancheng doesn’t know the whole sparrow, but there is absolutely no person and place we can’t find!"
Mrs. Hua Yan promised to let Ye Zhang gradually understand what Feng Yi thinks. Obviously Dan medicine can be traded, but once it is traded, it will block each other’s prices. If there are other requirements, I am afraid it will not be as simple as unilateral price increase.
In the eyes of Mrs. Hua Yan, since she has revealed a trace of confidence in Ye Zhang’s desire to eat Qiong Yao, it is reasonable for Ye Zhang to offer some joint prices on the basis of Xuanshi again.
And this time looking at one side wounds sealing Ye Zhang psychological very gratified this bodyguard really didn’t find the wrong person!
Chapter seven hundred and four Fill the jade of the gods
"We want to know which nine swords are!"
Feng Yi’s first question made Mrs. Hua Yan speechless. Maybe she had guessed that the other party wanted something wrong, not simply looking for people, but she didn’t expect it to be such a difficult problem.
She hesitated for a moment, but she looked very good and calm.
"I don’t think anyone in the whole Londoner knows this news, even the Night Emperor, but since the ghost sword is out of this price, we will definitely give you a definite answer after 7 days!"
Mrs. Hua Yan’s answer is very pertinent, but in the ears of players like Ye Zhang, it sounds like a bit of prevarication. NPC memory bank is directly connected to the flashy database. Do you know if it is not a moment to receive data, but it seems that it will have to wait for 7 days
Feng Yi looked at Ye Zhang and seemed very satisfied with the deal. At this time, Ye Zhang also wanted to think and asked his own questions.
"Does Mrs Hua Yan know that there has been news of ice toad and purple jade in Longque?"
When Ye Zhang asked this question, at the same time, the atmosphere on the second floor of the entire Babel suddenly changed, including the closure of the wounds, even if one or two NPC trading next door turned their heads.
This kind of atmosphere made Ye Zhang feel a little nervous. At this time, he can be sure that the ice toad purple jade is really a taboo among the weeping days, or that this treasure that should not appear in Cyclops is the real treasure.
"Did Cyclone get the ice toad purple jade?"
Mrs. Hua Yan asked this sentence, and at the same time, the atmosphere of the scene also changed. Just now, it was dull and there was a little weird uneasiness, but this time it was already suffocating. It can be said that Ye Zhang’s answer will probably affect whether it will be the night behind this Mrs. Hua Yan and even the whole day will be shocked.
"I got some clues from Hou Jiangchen in white, so I’m curious about this thing."
Ye Zhang pulled a banner, and the name of white Hou Jiangchen stunned everyone present. It can be said that although white Hou Jiangchen is an expert in the realm of emperor’s desire for heaven, he is also a master who does not despise in the eyes of these emperor dragons.
Mrs. Hua Yan didn’t catch the change from Ye Zhang’s expression. At this time, she suddenly laughed. This smile also made the scene calm again. The people around her also traded their own things and didn’t look here again.
"There are seven kinds of jade gods in Heavenly Cry, saying that a true fairy in ancient times made up the sky, and the ice toad purple jade is one of them. After the true fairy ascended and extradited, she fell down and didn’t know whether there was such a fairy, but these seven kinds of jade gods were scattered around Heavenly Cry. It is said that the combination of seven jade gods can not only break the sky, but also rebuild chaos and reshape the law of heaven and earth."
Mrs. Hua Yan’s words made Ye Zhang gasp. The fairy said that Ye Zhang was very interested. Maybe other players would pass it by and note it to Shen Yu, but Ye Zhang knew that mending the sky was probably the real top priority.
Seeing that Ye Zhang was curious about this statement, Mrs. Hua Yan went on to add before Ye Zhang asked.
"Seven kinds of jade are turquoise, Bibo jade, suet white jade, southern Xinjiang black jade, fiery agate, ice toad purple jade and Baoyu, but they can’t fall. People have been searching for their fall for thousands of years, but there is no clue."
Mrs Hua Yan’s words once again raised a question for Ye Zhang. He frowned and then said,
Mrs. Hua Yan is also one leng, and seems to feel that the big whirlwind in front of her eyes seems to be more interested in saying that she is not a god but a jade.
"Wen Zhen-xian patched up the sky to create this world, but it was not like this before a thousand years ago. In some historical records, I heard that the original world was not suitable for human habitation. Because of the changes in the world, the rules of heaven and earth were rebuilt because of Zhen Zhen-xian patched up the sky, which gave human beings a place to live. What I know about it probably stops here."
With that, Mrs Hua Yan smiled at Chrisma. At this time, Ye Zhang already felt something unexpected.
The original Zhang Ye’s weeping is a part of the real world, the future, such a world, the ancient relic of the semi-dragon, and the future technology symbolizes this point, which will appear in the glitz at least 15 years later.
However, the appearance of Thun III made Ye Zhang immediately cut off this idea. Thun III lies in some background stories of flashy official website, saying that this NPC should be in flashy history at least.
At this time, the theory that the true fairy fills the sky for a thousand years reminds Ye Zhang of another memory after different years, that is, at the end of the dynasty revival, the wild area has completely disappeared and needs to be sent to jump for the ultimate future three years later.
Although we don’t know why the wild areas disappeared, it is obvious that all species except elves, humans, semi-dragons and undead disappeared in that era, and it is precisely because of the loss of all wild areas in the whole floating South China continent that it is closest to the theory of mending the sky described by Mrs. Hua Yan
As soon as Zhang Ye got there, he felt that the information piece Tian Qi was very confusing and almost unpredictable in the year. Is it true that Tian Qi is just an independent fictional world with no connection with the flashy real historical track?
Seven days after the appointment, Ye Zhang and Mrs. Hua Yan reached a deal, and the first two news were obviously a friendship gift from Haiyang Tiancheng. Ye Zhang traded a total of five pieces of Yaochi Qiongjiang. When 40,000 Xuanshi started, he and Feng Yi and Zhi Ruo left the Tower of Babel.
It’s time to raise his own realm to Cang Huang Dao, and with the Beggar Emperor effect, his freedom will be limited to be released during the battle. He won’t die because of the battle, but he will be in a state of collapse like Jiang Chen at the beginning. Another effect of Beggar Emperor can restore all health and true qi after defeating the enemy, even making up for the collapse.
Looking at the huge 40,000 Xuanshi in his hand now, Ye Zhang didn’t hesitate to upgrade his five-ghost-led skill level, but the demand for Xuanshi by this magical skill can be shocking. When the level reaches level 6, 10,000 Xuanshi will be gone.
When Zhang Ye reached Grade 9, there were 170,000 Xuanshi left. At this time, the number of Xuanshi needed to upgrade from Grade 9 to dzogchen was immediately shocked by Ye Zhang.
Although 50,000 Xuanshi said that Ye Zhang had been fully prepared, it was still defeated by this number of horrors. Even if it is easier for a player in Canghuangdao realm to obtain Xuanshi, I am afraid it will not take four or five months according to this demand.
"I don’t have enough xuanshi!"
Chapter seven hundred and fifty Promotion at the same time
Even the wounds were shocked, but if Zhi seemed to be not surprised by Ye Zhang’s consistent fate.

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