"We don’t show this limelight."

This is a famous battle. At this time, his major attributes have reached 9 except the charm value, and if you want to rank a flashy player attribute list, it is also the top 5.
The sky will rush for a moment and then turn to the famous war to get a specific answer.
"It’s very simple that we are not too many in all towns. The territory is too big and it will be difficult to defend."
At this point, Ben Lie and other players suddenly felt relieved that the territory area is a radius unit and gradually spread around. The larger the territory, the easier it is to be nervous in personnel arrangement, while the wind valley is on the right side of the death canopy, the Maya main city Tramayi is on the left, and the Flanders mine is the dwarf main city, but the death canopy and the wind valley have a completely different geographical difference.
The wind valley is almost a central position in the flashy map, which is the same as Cologne. Except for the surface area, the wind valley is directly connected to the outermost edge of the map. There is no town there, but it is closely connected with the death canopy, Honggao and Cologne. There is almost no buffer zone.
Therefore, Caesar was the first to raise the town to the fifth level, which is probably the most correct choice. He pulled the buffer zone away from the Wind Valley, so that if he was sandwiched by three enemy countries in the future, they would be able to set up a dense fortification in a large plain outside the city, and the advantage of relying on the Wind Valley for replenishment would be very obvious.
But the death awning is different. The death awning is closest to the Wind Valley. Once the death awning rises to level 5 immediately, the town will be in close combat with the Wind Valley. Although the death awning is not afraid of Caesar’s attack in terms of military situation, the other two directions extend very far.
The territorial expansion of the death canopy is a long strip, not an ellipse like Fenggu and Cologne, but there is a long and narrow walkway from Tramayi and Flanders mines except Fenggu, a nearby town, which extends very far.
Once the level 5 town rises, the sky map will fill these narrow territories and it will be very difficult to defend it.
"There has been no news from the whirlwind brothers. According to the truth, Cologne should be not far from the level 5 town at this time, right?"
After seeing the wind valley on the big map, the sky will rush fiercely and immediately associate it with Cologne, which is similar to the map, but this time the famous war and the little beauty are silent at the same time.
In fact, it is not difficult for these people to learn about the enemy forces in the glitz. Can’t one or two players in such a big town have friends in other towns? Obviously, the city of Cologne is now distracted and has long been known by famous wars and little beauties.
And this secret, which is not a secret, is also a problem that Feng Zhi, Caesar, Canxue and others all know, but obviously they can’t help Ye Zhang, because in the middle of crying, two different players in the main city have the option of killing each other face to face.
"I don’t know what’s going on with your brother and residual blood?"
At present, the forces that are most likely to compete for the final great unification plan among the weeping days are those who have no outstanding leadership talents in Otema, Tramayi and Flanders mine Elis.
"Don’t worry about my brother … He will definitely have a head-on confrontation with Caesar!"
At this time, the little beauty suddenly revealed the secret, and this statement immediately made some people in the place’s eyes light up. They immediately realized that Somalia night and the world were indeed two opposing levels, but now it seems that Feng Zhi’s side has helped solve the trouble of Caesar’s Wind Valley, so this doubt will be the best news for the death canopy.
Chapter five hundred and seventy The outbreak of the national war
One and a half months after the opening of the Heavenly Tears expansion, as a large number of main cities rose to level 5 towns, the war was immediately triggered, and the interconnection map could avoid confrontation. Whether it was honor or historical grievances, every player devoted himself to this expansion and struggled for the final reunification.
However, in the course of all the confrontation between the main cities, many things have happened that have fallen below the players’ attention. Due to the reports of forum visitors and reporters stationed in the forum, every subtle to short-term conflict in the scuffle of Minaminoooji is recorded by the workers.
And some of these wars are very incredible.
Whether in the flashy map or in the wind valley where power is distributed today, it is the focus of a war, and almost half of the workers have set their sights on Caesar.
Feng Zhi targeted Caesar as soon as he got there. For both of them, the old enmity and hatred should be settled in this piece of information, but it is obvious that Caesar is completely overwhelmed, but Feng Zhi has accumulated in glitz for a year.
Wind Valley is located on the left in the edge of Honggao’s main city connection map. Two large-scale campaigns ended in defeat. Caesar’s recovery front relied on Wind Valley and played another game. Thanks to the full supply, all players have worked together all day to successfully repel the Feng Zhiyong Alliance.
However, the first world war is not over, because the residual blood also joined the war.
The addition of remnant blood is a great blow to Caesar, as if remnant blood and Feng Zhi, two super bosses who stood side by side with Ye Zhang in glitz, had an agreement. The sudden attack behind remnant blood succeeded, and the six maps in Fenggu occupied the most edge, which made Caesar fall into a dilemma regardless of the beginning and the end.
However, Caesar is not in a hurry, because the current situation has not reached the most critical point, and Fenggu, a level 5 town, has nuclear power plant fortifications. It is impossible for players to break through and enter Fenggu City.
In this way, after the two armies approached, although both sides occupied several plots of Fenggu, they did not establish much advantage, so both sides withdrew and returned to the main city. However, at this time, a very surprising news came.
The main city of Honggao was attacked by the Flanders mine, the main city of dwarves. This race, which has been ignored by everyone, seems to be a powerful player from beginning to end.
However, at this time, a player named Yi Xie Li Gong Juan in Flanders Mine not only led the players into Honggao territory, but also won a decisive victory in a battle approaching the main city.
This change immediately attracted the attention of several people. Hong Gao was attacked by dwarves, and the camera was also aimed at this famous player. The dwarves’ tactics were very novel. They transported a talent bomb that was about to be forgotten by the players. When a large number of players were top-notch in force and intelligence, they smashed a large number of various effects bombs on the heads of the players of the League of Braves. The effect was like arrows and rain all over the sky.
Although this kind of bomb won’t cause much damage, its various effects are a headache for Feng Zhi and others. Among them, an impact bomb can explode again and spread around at the same time, causing a repelling effect to all players in the range.
Obviously, these dwarves make the bomb not hurt, but make up for their lack of intelligence, so as to achieve the effect of controlling skills.
These talents are not independent of the player’s attributes, and there is a set of unique damage formula conversion, which also leads to the emergence of these skills in the Tianqi expansion. Feng Zhi can blame the players involved in this tactic on the ranks of geniuses when he first saw this successful tactic.
But praising the enemy may be true, but in the end, when these headache troops need him to face them, Feng Zhi has to draw all the troops against Fenggu to fight against this group of dwarf players.
In the forum, an anonymous player posted an alarmist post that "Honggao will soon become the first destroyed main city". Although the post is very detailed, not many people will believe that after all, the League of the Braves is not a guild and the main city can compare.
When the war started for a week, people gradually forgot that the Great Cyclone had never even started once in Cologne.
Now Cologne is still a level 3 main city, but during this period of more than a month, the three people in Ye Zhang have got a sufficient time to rise. They have never been to the deputy and abode of fairies and immortals again, and so far, even the wild beasts in special areas have never seen what they look like.
They spend more time running in the city. Now Ye Zhang Five Ghosts Handling has reached level 7, and his accumulated meritorious service value has exceeded about 30,000, and his realm has already reached the level 3 of Cologne City.
Ye Zhang’s major attributes have made a qualitative leap. Dominance is 93 force value 9 intelligence value 9 politics 55 charm 112.
However, the force value of Ang Yan reached an astonishing 14 by upgrading various skills to level 1. This extreme attribute increase also made Ang Yan a super fate output. He felt that the damage he hit in every skill now was higher than that he hit in normal glitz.
Ghost Yin developed in the same way as Ye Zhang. Although he majored in intelligence, his force value was also very good. Force reached 11 and intelligence reached 12. In the process of doing this, the two of them gave all the non-force and intelligence spar departments to Ye Zhang.
On this day, when the three people met, they were obviously angry, and they were a little depressed. Everyone was fighting, but now Cologne is only level 3, and the main city has no roads and maps. They obviously missed a lot of things.
"We’re almost done practicing. I’ve reached 93 and can go to the town of level 4. Any ideas?"
Ye Zhang words let anger inflammation and ghost Yin immediately smiled.
"After upgrading to the town level, all the meritorious service values have been exchanged. Let’s find a practitioner in the abode of fairies and immortals and brush the meritorious service values all day long."
Ghost Yin words immediately let the other two people burst out laughing. At this time, Ye Zhang three people came to the city hall. When they first came to the second floor of the ruling chief executive, they saw the big fly at first sight.
Four people all froze at the same time. When Dafei passed Zhang Ye with a calm face, none of the three people present showed a little retention gesture.
"Ye Zhang doesn’t care. If you want to do something, not everyone can understand."
Ghost Yin’s words made Zhang Ye nod. Although he still felt a little uncomfortable, he soon figured it out. Now that the entire Cologne city has reached 9 players, there should be many players. But they have given up crying. This piece of information seems that the war outside has already happened to them. Even if the enemy players rush into Cologne and destroy everything here at some point in the future, they will not feel sad about it.
At this time, when Ye Zhang upgraded the town level to level 4, Ye Zhang suddenly showed a little stunned expression, but then suddenly realized.
After the emergence of level 4 towns, there are two special titles in the exchange position of meritorious service value, one is a thousand years’ worth and the other is Pojun’s unique prize, and there is a name behind these two titles, one of which is very familiar to Ye Zhang, because it seems that Hong Gaosheng has been promoted to level 4 towns, and this title has already been first received by the undead birds.

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