2 Spirit+1

The wearer has a 25% chance to infect all interrupt skills during the casting process.
4 The wearer’s all evil attack skills will be damaged by an additional+15% and all evil attack skills will be cooled by 1%.
The wearer will take an additional+15% damage when attacking a sacred race or profession, and all attacks have a 5% chance to forcibly erase a gain status of such players.
6 The wearer’s resistance to all negative states of evil attributes is+25%.
Equipment Mosaic Hole Quantity 2 (Not Mosaic)
Equipped with special effects, the hands will show the effect of white bones, which can increase the wearer’s perception of the surrounding evil forces and make it easier to sacrifice them.
Equipment classes all turn to evil classes.
Exclusive occupational characteristics infect all the skills of immediate death, and the success rate of all the skills of immediate death is extra+5%.
Special hidden features are equipped with special orange-like equipment, so it has unknown hidden features. The golden artifact of this equipment can be composed of all the components together.
The golden artifact parts are white bones, evil hands (gloves), dark cloud, evil footprints (shoes) and lotus flower evil thoughts (helmets).
Equipment level 2 to 41.
As far as a pair of gloves is concerned, this equipment is really awesome, especially for those who make evil players. The only pity is that this equipment has no equipment skills.
It’s just orange equipment and purple equipment. Almost every equipment comes with equipment skills, but it’s very unlikely that this kind of alternative will appear. However, this is also called because no one in the team specializes in making evil forces. Although high yield can make dark forces, dark forces are also in his hands as an element. This kind of evil force is really not high, and his element call makes him not an evil profession.
Although this equipment is nothing to Gao Rang and others, it is very precious in another team, the black wolf, because the black wolf already has two other equipment, and this one is all that is needed to form a golden artifact.
I saw two pieces of equipment in a row, but I couldn’t make all the people pin all their hopes on the last purple one. I hope this equipment can be used in the team
Skeleton crossbow (purple) attacks 455552 engineering destructive power 1 (this attribute is limited to war mode)
Physical Critical Hit Rate+2%
Physical Critical Hit Damage+5%
Moving speed 2
Additional Attribute 1 Strength+1
2 Agile+1
The damage of all single crossbow skills of the equipment is+25%
4. The chance of triggering crit when the equipment is at rest for 1 second on an attack target is increased by+35% and the crit damage is increased by+35%.
5 Devastator’s destructive power to monsters and players’ external construction projects+5%
6. When the equipment hits critical damage to the enemy, the attacker has a 5% chance to enter a random 13-second stun state and a 5% chance to enter a 15-second syncope state.
Equipment Mosaic Hole Quantity 2 (Not Mosaic)
Equipped with special effects and equipped with this crossbow, the preparer will have a powerful domineering attitude. In this domineering effect, the war mode will be affected, and a deterrent aura with a diameter of 2 meters will be produced. In this 3-meter deterrent range, the enemy elite np will not dare to attack you actively.
Equipment properties: When the player is equipped with both the Skull Breaking Crossbow and Titan Resource Armor (Clothing), the equipment properties will be automatically activated.
Equip skills, destroy bones bombs.
Destroy the Bones Bomb Startup Skill: Three powerful Bones Bombs are launched, causing great destruction to all enemy engineering buildings in the radius of 15m and 15 degrees ahead. All players and monsters in this range will suffer 25 times physical attack damage and an additional 35 points dead air damage, and there is a 1% chance that they will be stunned for 13 seconds at random by the attacker. All engineering buildings in this range will be damaged by 354 points, and there is a 5% chance that the attacked engineering buildings will enter a state of "earthquake collapse" lasting for 3 seconds. In this state, the armor value of engineering buildings is 15%, so there will be two sets of cooling time [normal mode] and [war mode] when they are cooled. [War mode] Cooling time is 1 minute
Soul Attribute [Normal Mode] Physical Attack Power+15% Physical Critical Hit Rate+2%; [War mode] Attack speed+3% engineering destructive power+15%
Equipment occupation all two-turn crossbow classes
The equipment with exclusive professional attributes has a 15% chance to make the opponent enter the armor-breaking state lasting for 3 seconds, and the physical defense and magic defense of the attacker are both 2%.
Equipment demand male
Equipment level 2 to 45.
It is also a wonderful piece of equipment and an extremely rare war equipment.
As far as the basic attribute of this crossbow is concerned, it can be said that it is very bad, but because this broken crossbow is a bit big, there is a "moving speed 2" attribute in the basic attribute, but these two moving speeds are supplemented by the additional attribute "agility+1" here.
Although I don’t know what the post-war mode will be like, my intuition tells everyone that the value of this equipment is absolutely incalculable, so they decide to hide this weapon in the snow for the time being.
As a result, this monster broke three pieces of equipment, and no one in the team could get this damn thing. It’s so fucked up.
Everyone said that it was really a dog!

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