Bloody knife! Sheath!

"Proud cold six tactic! 」
Chapter one hundred and sixty-three Long Mai for ()
Nie Feng’s right hand moved (left hand and dragon soul confronted Long Mai! ) In the cold light, flashing with blood behind him, the crazy knife has quickly pulled out six knives rich in ice energy and attacked the dragon soul quickly! Proud and cold six strategies Nie Feng attracts proud knife skills!
"Xuanyuan gas wall shield! 」
In the face of invasion, I dare not neglect Xuanyuan Excalibur to turn over Xuanyuan gas wall shield. Therefore, in the thud rumbling, Nie Feng’s aggressive proud cold six-tactic dragon soul defensive Xuanyuan gas wall shield collided together!
"Let go!" Nie Feng abrupt binge drinking at the same time, black eyes quickly flush with red! -Kirin magic blood state! And even more deadly is that Nie Feng’s right hand has moved again and there are no moves, but it directly splits out the blue knife!
A terrible knife!
Not the kui Kirin magic blood one hundred times state offensive!
"Long Lin array wall! 」
In the face of such a terrible sword, Kirin’s magic blood is in a hundred times state, and one knife has a rock-breaking dragon soul. Naturally, I dare not resist it casually! Therefore, Long Lin scales appeared around my body quickly. "It depends on you if you want me to give up!"
"Dragon Soul, the successor of sharingan, will pick me up. Nie Feng made his own sword!" Nie Feng will suddenly blood crazy knife a longitudinal directly to the dragon soul beheaded! The sharp knife’s growth in the state of Kirin’s magic blood is one hundred times, which almost cracks the whole body vertically!
"A knife-throughout the world! 」
Longitudinal cut out the knife imposing manner!
"Good sharp knife Gang! If I am hit by this trick, my current blood volume will probably hang up! " Looking at the first style of attacking yourself quickly-looking at the dragon soul in heaven and earth, the spirit of contemptuous sneer quickly won!
"Change your appearance! 」
Throughout the world, the vertical attack is awesome! But avoid being afraid of the front, okay?
Therefore, in the face of looking at heaven and earth, the Dragon Soul directly launched the skill of changing shapes and changing shadows, and before Nie Feng reacted, he exchanged positions with each other!
"ha! Long Mai is mine! " Because the dragon soul and Nie Feng exchanged positions with each other, the hands of both sides holding Long Mai naturally changed! Therefore, this directly leads to the fact that Long Mai, who was originally caught in each other’s hands, directly fell to the ground because of people grabbing again!
Have long known that the development of dragon soul nature first NieFeng step directly to Long Mai caught in the past! On the other side, although Nie Feng has the title of "God in the Wind", he has to lose to the Dragon Soul in the case of slow hand.
Ding! Dragon Soul, the player, congratulates you on getting the Shengbaolong pulse! 》
Long Mai Wen Yanlong’s Lord God started four rounds of hooking jade, and sharingan Uchihiro Shura fought a decisive battle in the mysterious land of radiation ruins. Although the final result was that Uchihiro Shura fell in life and death, the Lord God of Yanlong was also knocked down! And this spine fell to Lingyun Cave and eventually formed the St. Baolong Vein!
Because it is the spine of the dragon god, its ability is ominous!
Tiancheng-Tianshen Mountain-Peak-Creation Temple!
Yan Long Lord God looked at the crystal ball image that appeared in front of him and his face changed. "This is … this is Yan Long Lord God Long Mai? Damn it, why would he get this thing? What a nuisance! What Long Mai will be in that place! Damn it, Zun should have thought that the Lord God of the Dragon is so easy to deal with? "
"But hum! Now it’s all under my control! Xuanyuan Xiaolong, even if you have Long Mai, you can’t be an opponent! " The dragon Lord God looked ferocious and laughed. "Ha ha ha! Let the fire unicorn come and play with you now! "
"Kirin anger Yan rate! 」
They can’t help but face big change in the scramble! Fire Kirin, won’t it come here to disturb Long Mai’s master’s sleep? What, but now it spews out Kirin’s anger and attacks it? Will it fire Kirin’s action scope also include here?
Seems to be in response to all thinking about Long Mai entrance fire Kirin huge body directly stop in front of!
"Dragon Soul Boss Nie Feng, stop arguing and come back quickly!" A spokesman for the god of death opened the mode II of death, and when he was in a hurry, he cried to Nie Fengfa, the dragon soul in Long Mai. "You two can’t stop the fire Kirin with us! Even if you want to rob Long Mai, you have to wait until you solve the fire unicorn. "
"Nie Feng Long Mai has now come to my hand, and I have a royal sword to fly, even your Fengshen leg is just a radius of two! So you can’t rob Long Mai from me! " The dragon soul glanced at the fire Kirin who was at war in the distance and said slowly, "Why don’t we solve the fire Kirin first and then I’ll give you a fair chance to compete!" Is there only a strong person in Long Mai? "
Nie Feng also glanced at the entrance is outbursts fire Kirin bowed their heads slightly to think about some kind of then nodded and said "good! Let’s solve the fire unicorn first and then compete for Long Mai! You said that only the strong can live in Long Mai if I lose in Nie Feng! "
"Royal sword flying! 」
"Catch the wind! 」
Because Nie Feng Fengshen legs can catch the wind and shadow for 3 seconds! And from just now to now, it’s only been more than 2 seconds, so now Nie Feng is gently moving and catching shadows, once again attaching the dragon soul and the royal sword to fly to the entrance and fly past each other!
"Boss, the fire unicorn is not very good at this place. I’m afraid the kicking effect of your Fengshen legs will lose its effect!" Because the entrance needs to turn in, the huge body of the fire unicorn directly fills the corner entrance, even if it relies on the legs of Fengshen, it will kick the fire unicorn out!
Therefore, the concern of the death spokesman is also a concern in everyone’s heart!
"Ha ha! Don’t worry, give me five minutes! After five minutes, I am free to deal with the fire unicorn! " For the fire unicorn, the dragon soul occupies the best place, but it is a faint smile. Because he believes that even if the fire unicorn occupies the right place, he can save the day!
"Boss, you don’t want to tell me that your Fengshen legs still have a sucking effect, do you?" The spokesman of death is suspicious of the dragon soul! After all, the fire unicorn occupies the geographical advantage at the moment, unless Fengshen legs can suck him out of the entrance corner, there is a way to kill him!
"Ha ha! The legs of the god of death can have no sucking effect. If you don’t believe it, just ask Nie Feng! " The dragon soul still said with a faint smile, "Although my unique skill is not a suction effect, it is a shortcut to the big picture. It is to pull the fire unicorn out of the corner of the corner entrance!"
Chapter one hundred and sixty-four Dragon Soul VS Nie Feng
Five minutes passed quickly! Therefore, the dragon soul has prepared everyone and the spirit has been highly focused on the fire unicorn! (Of course, there is almost no difference between being prepared and not being prepared! )

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