厦门夜网,厦门拿网,厦门品茶,厦门夜生活论坛 kb会所 Lin Youxuan attaches so much importance to Ye Zhang and wants to designate such an opponent as the protagonist of his game, and people such as remnant blood have also made various speculations about this.

Lin Youxuan attaches so much importance to Ye Zhang and wants to designate such an opponent as the protagonist of his game, and people such as remnant blood have also made various speculations about this.

Perhaps Lin Youxuan is no longer fit to play the role of a war leader again. He needs to find a substitute for calling more people to the war, or he is Lin Youxuan.
At one time, his plan would have been successful if Ye Zhang hadn’t discovered the secret of dark forces from Tao An, and if Ye Zhang hadn’t figured out the management limit, at that time, I’m afraid he would have put all his eggs in one basket and killed all his opponents. It’s not that Ye Zhang couldn’t do such a thing to destroy everything.
Lin Youxuan, like all other people behind the scenes, is the planner of several flashy wars, but they are not the leaders who can dominate the situation. Because the leaders are all players and the combatants are all players, Lin Youxuan’s only advantage over other forces lies in the powerful chess of artificial intelligence.
However, Lin Youxuan, after all, has not personally sat in the glitz. He can’t swagger into the glitz database department to directly give instructions to artificial intelligence, which also creates artificial intelligence. Although he conditionally exercises all the spirit and will left by Lin Youxuan, he also gives Ye Zhang a great help.
When Lin Youxuan realizes that Ye Zhang will be out of his control, he will not only put pressure on Ye Zhang, but also put pressure on glitz, because he knows Ye Zhang’s opponent best and can see the big whirlwind and glitz better than anyone else.
To grasp this point, it will be much easier to force Ye Zhang to take this lonely king road. Because Ye Zhang is unwilling to be flashy and destroy, he will pursue greater efforts and try more, and the greater his strength, the greater his ambition and desire. This will be an endless road.
Lin Youxuan once thought that Zhang Ye could become a second person if he walked along this road. Even if the end result may be a little conflict with Lin Youxuan’s intention to wage war, what’s the difference between Ye Zhang and Lin Youxuan’s original vision when he really wants to launch a world war?
However, Lin Youxuan didn’t expect Ye Zhang to give up, or he never thought that Ye Zhang would deny his value. He would have this little person mentality. Did the growth path make him lose his ambition, or did Lin Youxuan miscalculate Ye Zhang’s ambition? He wasn’t the kind of person who had a great ambition?
"How does it feel to return from the super-god road?"
Feng Zhi asked such a question at this time, and Zhang Yeting laughed immediately after arriving, but he still laughed a little bitter. No one didn’t want to be supernatural, no one didn’t want to win in a row, and no one could resist more and more temptations.
But this problem Lin Youxuan hasn’t seen Xu Yin yet, that is, Ye Zhang is really bad. He is really bad. Even if he has a fate, he can transform this kind of ability into that kind of powerful advantage. He hung up several times in glitz, and he also fell into deep obsession several times when he had management restrictions.
Maybe another person can do better and exert greater strength after having such a management limit. They will become the king who dominates everything. They will not be willing to be the king in an online game after their ambitions gradually expand. They will enter the real world and smash his opponent with a lot of money to gain more wealth.
But who could have thought that all these two lucky values brought about a series of butterfly effects, and who could have thought that these two lucky values just hit Ye Zhang, a nobody who didn’t make progress!
Now Lin Youxuan can’t afford to fight a war any more, so Ye Zhang no longer has the flashy honor he has to bear, and he doesn’t have the lofty sense of mission that makes Ye Zhang feel confused. The little man’s life is naturally to eat and sleep well, while Ye Zhang reveals a smile.
"Just so-so. I’m hungry. Have you chosen a place to eat?"
Hearing Ye Zhang’s remarks, Feng Zhihe and Residual Blood looked at each other again and then smiled with great relief and satisfaction.
Is it Ye Zhang or that Ye Zhang? He hasn’t changed because he left the altar. Maybe a different person will make some plans for the future. Even if he is no longer supernatural, he will live a wonderful life of little people. But Ye Zhang can’t do this. He won’t be able to make a good plan for his life too far away in the future. He always takes it one step at a time.
Now what Ye Zhang wants most is to eat a full meal and then go back to sleep, but he remembered another thing in his heart and immediately asked
"What about the semi-final of the challenge? Did you play or not?"
Looking at Ye Zhang expression residual blood finally grinned at this time.
"Ye Zhang, I’m really sorry that your opponent was arrogant for a long time, but you were eliminated because you exceeded the competition!"
The words of residual blood made Ye Zhang lengthen the sound "ah", which was very hard to accept at first sight. Can’t he be delayed by one day because he is a whirlwind? Suddenly, he was a little depressed, and it seems that there is nothing for him in the competition.
What’s more, the encounter between soul-eating and blood wolf in the semi-final unexpectedly made me arrogant, a humble player, so lucky that I could get a second place, which can’t be said to be an act of God.
Ye Zhang arrived at the Peninsula Hotel in Feng Zhi’s car. As soon as he got on the bus, he saw all kinds of familiar faces in front of him, and there were several strangers in the crowd, but then Ye Zhang recognized them.
This is melancholy coffee, this is the day to rush, this is the end of prosperity, this is …
Ye Zhang wanted to stretch his voice and shout "I’m Hu Hansan back" at this time, but he was afraid of shame. Hey hey smiled and went to eat with all the brothers.
Chapter one hundred and two I change
The flashy things have not caused much influence on the flashy body, but in the past few days, guild closures have occurred one after another, and even a few of these closed guilds are big guilds that players are more optimistic about and can excel.
When I entered the flashy Ye Zhang and learned these things, I suddenly became white.
It seems that nothing can escape their attention. When they knew that Ye Zhang’s ambition was limited to glitz, the people behind the scenes worried that the whirlwind would change the whole Chinese market economy, and they left with a contemptuous attitude.
There will be such lucky people in this world every day, even a lottery ticket will become a billionaire, and there are many people, and online game players like Ye Zhang have nothing to care about.
However, the withdrawal of these behind-the-scenes forces directly made those ambitious careerists who wanted to do something driven by money and strength lose their motivation as soon as the sky collapsed.
And they are no different from Zhang Ye. Once they have a certain status and strength, let them do the most basic and make money and play equipment like other ordinary players. Obviously, they can’t let go of their figure.
And Zhang Ye has a management limit, so he never worries about his daily livelihood.
Nowadays, the famous Shenfeng Legion seems to have no meaning. The purpose of this legion is to attack the players’ alliance against the major behind-the-scenes forces. However, it seems that the players’ alliance has become too great a threat, and the behind-the-scenes forces have collapsed. As the situation develops today, Ye Zhang’s enemies are more concerned with defending their own interests against their biggest enemy-NPC in tears.
Back to the game, Ye Zhang suddenly calmed down.
Now it’s very correct that Ye Zhang does have a sense of nirvana and rebirth. At this time, he directly joined the famous war, Ghost Yin and Zhi Ruo to re-plan the future crying information piece.
"At present, most of the players have returned to their main cities and are out for fear of being killed by NPC. It seems that they don’t have much ability to solve the current predicament, and they won’t come out to make trouble unless they can break through into Dilong Universe for a while!"
It is true that Zhang Ye nodded because of the famous war words. However, with the development of the future schedule, the 9-level Cologne City can match the global realm of Emperor Dragon, so it will eventually make players encounter inevitable bottlenecks. At this time, Ye Zhang suddenly had two concerns
The first is that the realm advantage is very small in today’s situation. The emergence of three different rules directly leads to the possibility that players may not be able to play damage when they face NPC again, which is nothing to do with the realm.
On the other hand, when players find out that even the Emperor Dragon can guarantee their life, it is very likely that the war of Heaven and Tears will be restarted after such a long interruption. When a first-class empire is born after the unification of the world map, players will continue to improve their self-protection ability.
However, it will take a few months or even longer if this time is less, and it is also an unknown whether the realm of Emperor Long’s imperial hegemony will arrive in the whole world. Zhang Ye can’t spend as much time as them.
"Let’s go to the fourth lane first and follow the main line!"
Ye Zhang withdrew from Lin Youxuan’s game, so he didn’t have to bear the trouble. He could go back to enjoying the fun of online games like other players, and it is Ye Zhang’s most anticipated thing now that he is suspected of making strange equipment.
Objective After confirmation, Ye Zhang and others bid farewell to Residual Blood and Feng Zhi, and set off for Qingtian City to meet Pingyang real people. However, when they first came to the wild area, a long-lost and familiar figure suddenly made Ye Zhang sink.
White Hou jiangchen
Ye Zhang was very impressed by Hou Jiangchen in white, and there is no doubt that this NPC is powerful. There is a gap in the visual realm of his magical powers. He can double the damage you hit, and how much damage will eventually be mutually assured destruction. Soon after that, you are dead and he is still alive.
At this time, although Ye Zhang is not afraid of each other, it is definitely not as simple as talking about it if he suspects that the other party will come to himself in person.
But when Jiang Chen took something out of his hand, Ye Zhang suddenly froze. It was a magical skill and was very familiar with the surface pattern of the magical skill. Because it was nine swords, Ye Zhang suddenly remembered the sword disaster cultivated by Jiang Chen.
"What do you mean?"
Nine swords still have some expectations for today’s Ye Zhang, but it is not something he has to get. At this time, Jiang Chen’s meaning is not very good, which also makes Ye Zhang smell a little conspiracy.
"This magical skill is exchanged for your magic moon beads!"
This sentence is not only exported by Ye Zhang, but also by the famous war and Ghost Yin. At this moment, Ye Zhang immediately thinks of many things, including the night emperor Hayes, but another feeling is stronger.
That’s the main thread that runs through all the flashy expansion pieces.
When Ye Zhang learned that dream might be the dark power among the skills of the conscious almighty, he knew that there was a connection between weeping and the lost mainland, and this idea was no longer doubted.
Obviously, Jiang Chen can know that the demigod weapon Magic Moon Beads is very clear in his memory for the historical thread of the whole flashy world.
Ye Zhang hesitated at this time and then said
"I change!"
The famous war and the ghost Yin looked at each other. Compared with the nine swords, the demigod weapon should be a more powerful prop. It is not very wise for Ye Zhang to exchange the nine swords with demigod weapons, and once the rule of weeping is suppressed, it is still uncertain how much power the nine swords can play. However, even if the flashy rule is suppressed, the demigod weapon can still bring 10,000 less blood bonus. This is simply a world of difference.
However, Ye Zhang simulated a magic moon bead picture in his mind, and then materialized the magic moon bead, and then exchanged it from white Hou Jiangchen to get the magic sword disaster, and immediately Ye Zhang did not hesitate to choose the practice.
Jiang Chen to mysterious to fast when he left Ye Zhang look back to the war and ghost Yin that puzzled expression he immediately smiled and then said
"Don’t you forget what I said before that too complicated rules will not only aggravate the conflict of rules, but also make the physical conflict become an obstacle to your own strength, and don’t forget that imperial hegemony is not the ultimate goal in the tearful expansion!"
Ye Zhang’s words made Ghost Yin one leng and a famous war was already thought of.
Chapter one hundred and three The creator of the world
Returning to the future world of science and technology through the fourth way, Ye Zhang and others did not get confused for the first time here, and the famous war and Ghost Yin saw that now Ye Zhang did not have his usual deep frown, and he was thinking about his brain all day. He said something like other ordinary players, which surprised them.
Ye Zhang has always had too many things to bear. He is no longer like a player, and the traces of the years have made him lose the passion of other players to enjoy the game. He is more like a mission, and he needs his hard work to live freely.

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