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Type 56 fire-breathing tank spewed flames with a temperature of more than 1,500 degrees, which burned their company commander.

Chapter 10 Line Collapse 1)
Crowds of helicopters came at me like carrion crows. The rockets were as dense as a rainstorm. The six-tube rotating heavy machine guns cut Annan soldiers and trees in clusters like lawn mowers. The barrel turned around and tried to attack the helicopter with rocket launchers. Annan soldiers screamed and splashed blood and fog, which was extremely tragic. That’s not to mention the cover of armed helicopters. The transport helicopters roared down and the whole row of soldiers plunged into the Annan army’s defense line like nails, making them miserable. Although there were not many soldiers, they were well equipped. You can’t pull them out if the fierce nails are nailed in. This is a platoon of infantry battalions from the middle assault division. While fighting the Annan people, they guide the artillery to bombard the Annan people through lines. Although the strength is small, it is very troublesome.
A helicopter dropped a platoon and knocked out a company headquarters on the right wing of the 316a division of the Annan Army, and kept on guiding artillery to bombard the tigers in depth. The tigers attacked the platoon at any cost in an attempt to pull out the nail. Now the situation of the tigers is the same as that of the 3rd division, which is being beaten by the 136th regiment. But now they are beaten wildly. They are the first to be reorganized into the four main forces of the A regiment. Even worse, they are unlucky to beat them this time, which is the main force of the A regiment-the first assault division.
Since its birth, the No.1 Middle School Commando has been acting as a stirring stick in repeated big exercises, which has caused widespread indignation and discontent. I know how many times the military made great efforts to prepare a large-scale military exercise, and they screwed it up. The most famous one is the North China exercise, which dispatched troops and multiple services. Most of the scenes belonged to the former military rising star. Of course, the Commando had to participate and volunteered to join the Blue Army camp. You know, the Blue Army was synonymous with being beaten at that time. Ah, playing villains or villains who have been badly cleaned up. No army wants to hit the blue army in the middle, which is a precedent. It also makes those who have drawn the blue army feel ashamed. When the exercise began, everyone was stupid. Commandos sent special forces to infiltrate the Red Army Department before the exercise began, and suddenly attacked the Red Army. A large number of generals became prisoners before they entered the state! The whole exercise was lost-the Red Army lost its command to launch an effective offensive, while the Blue Army stayed on the defensive line according to the exercise plan given by the director department. After waiting for the Red Army to call, hundreds of thousands of troops looked at each other and hesitated for a long time, and finally decided that it was better for the Blue Army to fight and annihilate the Red Army than to stay where it was. The performance of the assault division in this battle is shocking. One division is divided into two waves, one in charge of the day and the other in charge of the night. Sometimes it takes hundreds of kilometers a day to beat the Red Army back, and a large number of soldiers become prisoners of war in their dreams.
We were not only in trouble for the first battle in the army, but also the top leader. After the exercise, the General Staff gave the Chinese commandos a perfect score, and at the same time eliminated a major general and a major general in one breath. The reason is that if this is a real war, they, including the General Staff, have become national sinners. Since then, the commandos have become more reckless. Every exercise loves to find fault and find the weakness of the Red Army, and then the killers beat each other to the skin. The commandos also showed eye-catching performance in the battle, but it is the first time that they have singled out a regiment of the Annan Army like this. What What dirty tricks, malicious tricks, damage tricks and poison tricks are all made out, beating Annan’s army to death!
Take this platoon to knock out the other company’s headquarters. It’s Shaolin Batman. It’s bad luck for this guy to follow Liu Weiping for so many years before he became a company commander. Who told him that he could drive a tractor so well that he dared to threaten to set up the same plane? Liu Weiping said that he didn’t have a good personality and was too simple to command a company at most, so he decided that he was a company commander and expected to take care of a company commander who never went to the throne of Xiang Xiao as a battalion commander or colonel. Don’t preach mandarin. It is very reasonable to fight against the junior high school repeatedly. None of his opponents were even beaten to the ground by him, but letting him command a battalion killed the other company and could beat him to the north. Now the company commander’s adult is staying in the trench and enjoying the worship of the small soldiers. Look who can be better than his hand, a big hand, a group of three high-explosive grenades, flying out more than 100 meters away, blasting the opposite colleague, the company commander of Annan Army, to pieces. That expression of those soldiers who have not been with him in the battlefield is a wonderful one, but it is jaw-dropping. At worst, it is a ghost in the daytime. These soldiers who have received higher education have never been big. He is a company commander with primary school culture. Isn’t that all washed up?
"Company commander, it’s amazing of you to throw a bundle of grenades so far away. It’s not fun at all. We can’t throw a single one so far." A soldier from the navy gushed with bright eyes.
Shaolin Batman hey hey smiled. "It’s nothing. It’s nothing that I learned so much from martial arts since I was a child."
Hai Bing said, "If only I could have a company commander like you."
Shaolin Batman said, "Don’t learn from me. I can be a company commander at best even if I learn better than me." He pointed to the soldier who was bombarding Annan’s army with artillery fire through Taiwan. "The teacher said that the army would be this kind of soldier in the future, and there would be no development of a brute force soldier like me." Here, his face is a little lonely. Who doesn’t want to make further progress? It’s a pity that he can do this step no matter how hard he tries.
Shaolin Xiaobing was about to speak when the shells broke and hit the Annan army. The flames flew into the sky, and the Annan army’s front line swelled with blood and rain. It was terrible. Now is not the time to chat. He grabbed the guy and shouted, "The monkeys and horses are coming. Prepare to repair them!"
The soldiers came to strength, bayonets were drawn and loaded, staring at the mountain, where a large surging helmet was ready to kill, but it was not easy to get addicted to it. Even the most hated soldiers kept reporting data one by one, and groups of artillery shells seemed to fall like autumn leaves, sweeping them all over the sky like autumn wind. It was called a digital artillery brigade gun, which extended to less than 50 meters in front of them, but never a shell missed. This group of murderers could watch Annan’s army being bombed. Broken curses say what this is, so that the pain in the ass can fight alone. Finally, several people rushed out of the coverage of artillery fire, covered in blood and minced meat, howling and carrying bayonets. As a result, they were blown up by artillery shells. The soldiers hugged the trigger and rushed to shoot some of these dead remnants. Even Shaolin Batman was moved by the chaos.
Lieutenant Colonel Cheng Youshou looked at this tragic scene in the telescope with indignation and a sullen face and said, "This is the commandos in the Chinese army! Order the troops to pull out those nails as soon as possible! "
Before the words were finished, a shell fell behind him, and a big tree was blown off, and the blast wind pushed him back.
Annan’s troops attacked China’s military detachment under heavy artillery fire, and they were extremely brave. Naihua’s artillery shells were as dense as heavy rain, and a series of fire walls were blown out in front of them. They looked like a group of moths pouncing on the fire. The Chinese army fought calmly and fiercely, and the fire swept through the dead corner of the shelling. The enemy’s flame licked his face and distorted Annan’s soldiers, and they shot back at the boundary array like a man who had been confessed.
Every time I hear the sound of helicopter propellers stirring air, Annan soldiers scream "help" in their hearts. God, those helicopters are even more horrible than an infantry! Individual shoulder-fired missiles and rockets roared into the sky, pulled out desperate arcs and pounced on those fierce birds. Sometimes they may succeed, but in most cases, their bravery will attract ten times revenge on the Chinese army’s machine guns and rockets. Tell these brave soldiers what is called dismemberment, what is gladiator’s arm and what is Don Quixote! On the other hand, a large number of tanks and armored vehicles are on the front of their defense, and they are on a roll from the trenches. When they see cars, they will run over people. Those Annan troops who have been beaten by helicopters and artillery are suddenly in a desperate situation. They come to abandon their divisions, and the main force can move safely and resolutely stay and fight the snipers.
I didn’t expect the disaster to come so soon when I planned to go back alive. The commandos hit them hard and they didn’t even have a chance to fight back! Retreat? Don’t be ridiculous. The retreat has been blocked by water barriers created by our own people. They can retreat and fight to the death
Lieutenant Colonel Cheng Youshou fought side by side with him, and the main group of Venus Division was United. That he is my brother over there told him that his situation was also quite bad. The offensive of 136 regiments and 122 mechanized infantry divisions was too fierce. It was only four hours after receiving the enemy, and he had four company companies lighting up. Cheng Youshou gasped in a gasp. There were only twelve companies in one group, and there were no four! However, his situation is not much better. He just let the reconnaissance company go to the top, and took the reconnaissance company as a special force to fight positional warfare. Throughout the history of the People’s Army, there has never been such a precedent. The colonel said, "If you can’t do it, just come to my side or take care of it." He was kind, and Cheng Zhongxiao understood it, but he was not serious. When he couldn’t stand it, they still had a chance to get close to it.
After the call, Cheng Youshou called again to understand the enemy’s situation. A battalion commander reported to him that the offensive of the Chinese army was too fierce. The main force of his battalion was even defeated by three people. Cheng Youshou almost bit his teeth. This battle can’t be played like this again. Even if the Tiger Regiment fights hard, it will not help! He got in touch with the division commander through Taiwan and asked to retreat "even if it is to go into the jungle to fight guerrilla warfare." The division commander was silent for a moment and told him that it was absolutely impossible. Your regiment must stick to its original position for 36 hours!
The lieutenant colonel shouted angrily, "This is suicide!"
The teacher said, "Follow orders!"
Teacher Shi also has his difficulties. He also knows that the Tigers can’t hold on for that long, but there is no way. He just learned that the Chinese Army Rapid Response Brigade has been inserted into their depth like a sharp knife. Annan’s army blocked two interception troops before the rapid response was in place. The staff made a preliminary judgment that the rapid response brigade was located in the temporary logistics base of the strategic road. Once the Chinese army was allowed to succeed, they had a total of four divisions and troops to fight with the Chinese army. They were ordered to quickly adjust their deployment and stop the targeted rapid response brigade, otherwise everyone would be doomed!
When the deployment needs to be adjusted, the Chinese army will not give them more than ten hours in vain, but they can exchange their lives when they are precious, so the Tigers must not be withdrawn! You can’t take a step back!
Chapter 11 Line Collapse (2)
The fierce battle of the Tigers of the Assault Division has become more and more fierce. One is too proud to allow itself to fail. The Tiger and Wolf Division is a cross-the-rubicon, and it is like a ball hit by Mars. However, the fierce battle here is more aimed at Annan people, because both sides have poor equipment and war concepts for more than one generation. Of course, they suffer.
Another wave of attacks in the past, Annan’s troops were killed and wounded everywhere, and it took a lot of effort to reorganize the attack. Now Lieutenant Colonel Cheng Youshou can understand the almost arrogant play of the Chinese assault division. The small troops that fell from the sky were nailed to the ground, and they couldn’t move. Watching the Chinese assault normal university troops kill them! It’s just a few such teams that make a whole group extremely passive! Cheng Youshou was forced to organize death squads to pull out those nails! A large number of Annan soldiers, naked and tied with explosives, howled and rushed to the position of the Chinese army. The shells poured down like heavy rain, and each of them caused a chain explosion. However, these death squads ignored the blasted comrades and screamed and rushed forward until a shell blew them to pieces!
The sea soldier gave me a hint of fear, but Shaolin Batman smiled hey hey "began to work hard? It’s interesting that after so many years, Annan people still haven’t improved! " He stayed in Annan for two years and was very familiar with Annan’s military tactics. When he saw the death squads out, he knew that Annan people were really anxious to fight for their lives. He didn’t panic at all. He smiled with a wry smile. When several Annan soldiers were about to explode, there was a loud bang, and so was a lively veteran. This explosion was even more fierce. How many sailors died in this way! " Seeing that Annan’s army was getting closer and closer, he quickly grabbed his rifle and fired. At this time, the explosion in Annan’s army formation continued to be filled with smoke. God knows if he can hit it. Anyway, he shot a thin figure when he saw a figure. He shot a submachine gun in his hand from the smoke and slammed it at the sea soldier’s side. The sea soldier splashed in front of him and gave the monkey a shot. This shot was too accurate. In the middle of the small chest, the high-explosive Grenade was hung, and the whole person was blown up. The sea soldier turned white and continued to hug the fire while muttering, "I killed Whispering, two more Annan soldiers fell on his gun.
Suddenly, the soldiers stopped shooting at the same time and watched as they rushed through the Nan ‘an army.
This time, it was a group of Annan female soldiers who were naked, and the soldiers blushed. The soldiers even turned their faces away and didn’t dare to look at Shaolin Batman’s slap in the face. "
Those bitches have guns and explosives in their hands. How dare you close your eyes? Tired of living, right? ? Call me if you don’t want to die! "In the past, Annan’s female soldiers burst into blood arrows and screamed, and the veterans also reacted. The most important thing is that the battlefield is a human life. The battlefield is not as romantic as those disgusting dead people who don’t pay for their lives. This is a bloody and maddening hell. Whether you kill people or they kill you, whether he is male or female or ugly, he is our enemy and should be eliminated!
The marines looked silly and got a slap to react. They made a three-shot shot but missed an Annan female soldier. They squatted on their seemingly thin shoulders and carried an rpg in the dark. The cold eyes made the navy scalp numb. In a scream, a rocket dragged its tail flame and drew a beautiful arc to the extreme. Bang! ! !” A machine gunner was blown to pieces together with his gun. Shaolin Batman’s face was as heavy as water, and he raised his hand and shot. The female soldier’s forehead had a blood hole, but the fire power of a machine gun had been reduced. Annan’s army quickly advanced to the front of the position less than 30 meters, and grenades smashed up one by one. Fireballs sprang up in the trenches. If the airborne infantry were not dispersed, I don’t know how many sea soldiers would be killed. I saw an explosive barrel fly into the trenches and blew a monitor into two pieces. His eyes were red. Roaring with a rifle and a bayonet, he rushed out, and the trigger swept out a whole magazine. He also rushed into the Annan people and stabbed an Annan female soldier who was changing the magazine with a bayonet. It’s hard to imagine that he was embarrassed to even look at them a few seconds ago. He was not the fastest and fastest. Their company commander Shaolin Xiaobing had already rushed ahead. Now there are three Annan soldiers lying in front of him. Now he is holding an Annan soldier with one hand and touching his head to head. The head was smashed into a rotten watermelon, and the whole platoon rushed out. The bayonet stabbed the martial arts knife and smashed the butt of the gun. The small highland was filled with soldiers who were wild and violent, and they roared and suppressed their screams.
Annan’s troops poured in one after another and were brought down layer by layer. Unfortunately, they found the wrong opponent. In case of the whole assault division, it was crazy. A company didn’t know how many people would die to fill this line of defense.
Commander Annan screamed, "Fire! Fire now! Kill all those helicopter soldiers! "
This commander is the commander team. There are four machine guns in front of him. If they fire together, none of the highland people will live. Those machine gunners are a little hesitant, but they have a whole company! The commander was angry.
In order to win, I order your horses to fire!
The monitor of the machine gun class said, "There are dozens of us there!"
The commander slapped him in the face. "You have to fire at me even in front of our teacher!"
Majestic commander cabinet didn’t know he was pegged by a god of death.
One thousand meters away, a hillside was bombed by shells.
Two snipers, all smeared, are observing the battlefield through the sniper rifle scope and reporting the observed situation to the rear headquarters through the walkie-talkie. This is important for snipers. Commander Annan, who is bossing around, caught the attention of these two guys. The two cold killers looked at the man and looked at each other with joy.
Scorpion "Does Annan have shit in his head? Do you know that the battlefield is full of snipers and dare to yell and boss around?"
Viper "It may be that their qualified commanders are almost dead. Can you pull those half buckets of water to make up the number?"
Scorpion: "I think that’s simply the stuff like supervising the team. If you can’t fight, you’ll kill people!"
The viper measured a distance and was a little incredulous. "This distance is more than 1000 meters. Can you hit it?"
Scorpion said easily while aiming, "My brother is a ghost sniper squadron. He can accurately shoot targets 1,200 meters away at night. My marksmanship is as good as his, and there is no reason to miss it in broad daylight. Just wait and see."
The viper said, "Take a look. If you can hit it, I’ll give you ten dollars. If you can’t hit it, you can give it to me."
The scorpion said, "Is that little rotten life worth so much money?"
The viper said, "A hair is a hair."
Scorpion closes one eye, the energy is in the sight, the small crosshair barrel is slightly mobilized, and the gas temperature is calculated quickly. The influence of humidity, wind speed and other factors on trajectory is adjusted accordingly. Even an adult man in a high-magnification sight is pitifully small. It is not easy to hit such a long target, but the scorpion’s mentality is relaxed. Even if he misses, he will lose a dime. Besides, he has a 9-type sniper rifle originally produced by the 63 rd factory. The total weight of this sniper rifle, which can be replaced with multiple caliber barrels, is not reliable. It is an excellent sniper rifle. Now this sniper rifle is equipped with a 96 mm caliber barrel. The whole gun is one meter long and the effective range is not less than 1,900 meters.

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