Goo-goo’s answer to me is deliberate.

Goose boy’s answer made me frown. When I heard Goose boy speak again, he said that those ghosts had been killed by him. I don’t need to worry too much.
"Sister Ran, those are ghosts with owners. It seems that some people are trying to find traces of you." Goo Tsai’s little face tightened.
"It’s normal for the white clouds to return to Tokyo." I heard Goo Tsai’s spirit tell me that I didn’t plan to stop the taxi.
I have a transformation technique now, and I can finish the stress by shooting at a place where ghosts kill people and people kill them.
I am confident that none of those who stay in Tokyo in Baiyun will be my opponents. They are just scraps.
Along the way, I met many ghosts who followed me.
As I get farther and farther away from remote places, I encounter more and more ghosts, but those ghosts are all ghosts at the level of spectre.
Sitting in my seat, my boundary skills instantly make minutes make those chasing ghosts pass by.
Sitting next to me, Goo Zi smiled and bent his eyes, praising my power and domineering spirit.
I asked Goo Tsai if there was any side leakage in his domineering spirit. Goo Tsai just said a little.
Goo Zi replied, let my lip angle trigger acceleration to solve the ghost that gathered again.
Knowing clearly that there must be a ghost escaping from the net, I naturally want the horse to warm up first if there is a situation.
When the taxi arrived at my destination, I got in the car and went to find a hotel to stay with Goose.
Therefore, I didn’t turn into a fake ID card. When I stayed in a hotel, I lied that I lost my ID card. The front desk of the hotel didn’t care about anything. I checked into the hotel smoothly.
After staying in the hotel, Goo Zi is responsible for warning me to wash and tidy up quickly, and then stay in the room with Goo Zi until the enemy comes.
I told Goo Tsai to come over tonight in an attempt to fight against me.
Chapter seven hundred and twelve Shoot!
I didn’t let Goo Zi and I wait too long, so I came to this floor with mixed steps.
Although the footsteps are light, they still sound clear to me.
In the black paint room, I held Goo Tsai’s legs still and waited for the enemy to automatically deliver the door to kill Koo by mistake.
At all times, my room is always full of excitement. Ghosts of various forms rush into the room one step ahead and rush into the room. Ghosts are mostly ghosts around the level of spectre.
I immediately cast my boundary skills, and all the ghosts that poured into the room entered the enchantment, and then the enchantment force immediately entered the enchantment, and all the ghosts were past.
No sooner had I solved those ghosts than my door was opened and many people rushed into my room.
I sat still in my seat and watched those people lock the door immediately after entering the room. I got up from my seat and Goo Zi immediately went to guard the door.
Ripple teleported from the Yin Pearl and told her that she could suck the yang of the people who entered the room before killing the outsiders.
The hidden treasures of the Tian Shan family, the owner of the Tian Shan family, during the ghost-raising period of the former Feng Erdan family, have enabled Gu Zi and Feng Erdan to appear casually during the day without taking yang.
Ruier and I went to the Tianshan family against the white clouds.
After I woke up from the real sense, I didn’t ask the clan owner to help me, so that Ruier could show up casually during the day without taking the sun’s spirit.
I am so because I don’t want Ruier to show up again, which leads Dan Tai to ask questions. Second, because I have already troubled the Tianshan family, I am embarrassed to ask for anything.
When Ruier comes out, the Yinzhu instantly moves out of the object ring, and the stone is ejected from the streamer room with ten fingers, and the one-way silencing array is arranged in a circle.
With the unilateral silencing array, the sound outside the room can be clearly heard, but the sound outside the room is heard by the method.
Ruier immediately pounced on those outsiders in the room to suck the sun be the spirit, while Goo Tsai and I silently separated the door and the window.
My wrist dance automatically took off my wrist and rushed to the room. The body behind those outsiders and Ruier quickly wound around the neck of those outsiders who had been smoked by Ruier, and suddenly pulled the body to instantly kill those who were wrapped around their necks.
Looking coldly at because Rui Er and Xiao Wu threw themselves into the darkness, their faces were flustered and they wanted to escape, and there was no extra emotion in my heart.
Close to the door, outsiders who want to escape are bounced back to the room by Goo Zi’s ghost. Ruier continues to suck the sun’s spirit quickly, dancing with Ruier and slaying the life of the person who is sucked by the sun’s spirit behind her.
Goo Tsai and Rui Er Xiao Dance cooperate so well that if I don’t do it again, I’ll kill the outsiders in the room soon.
Glancing at the bodies on the ground, I opened the window to observe the environment and jumped out of the window directly from the tenth floor.
Feel the feeling of free fall for a few seconds. I derive streamer knots from my body. My feet control the speed of my body falling, and I always step on the ground.
When I fell, Goo Zi and Rui Er automatically returned to my wrist with a little dance beside me.
After stepping on the ground with both feet, I walked down the street in the dead of night holding hands with Goo Zi and Rui Er.
All the ghosts that looked suspicious again were killed immediately by me and Gooseberry.
I didn’t see ghosts along the way until it was twilight. I took Goose and Ruier to find a hidden place and turned them into fake ID cards. After I put Goose and Ruier in Yinzhu, I went to find a hotel to stay.
When I was in the hotel, I urged the fifth floor of bamboo slips to drink water at noon. When I opened it, I saw that the news was reporting a bizarre and tragic death.
According to the screen display, it is the situation of the room where I killed Baiyun.
The newscaster said that the people in the room were almost the same when they died. Most of the dead people were from China. The fingerprints and footprints of the dead people were left at the scene. At present, the police are trying to find the murderer.

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