Real world majia restaurant

"Hey me? How do you "
"You were drunk yesterday. I didn’t have a key, so I’ll watch the store for you here."
Chef Ma patted his forehead on the stairs and remembered, "I remember that your little wine is too strong. I remember I didn’t drink much."
"You said it was good to drink."
"Haha, do you have any more wine? Now I think the taste is still greedy."
Wu Zhe moved her wheelchair and prepared to leave Majia’s restaurant. She didn’t forget to turn around and laugh and said, "I’ll bring you some later. Don’t get drunk again."
"You don’t like you. You can call me uncle if it sounds strange. You burned well yesterday. If you don’t mind the low salary, come to me as a part-time job."
Wu Zhe remembered that he just didn’t have a job recently, and the food didn’t come from any source. Most of the roommates still paid for it. Think about eating the overlord meal for so many days. I’m sorry and quickly nodded and agreed to thank him. "I just didn’t have a job. This is very thank you Ma Shu."
"Don’t thank me so early. I have a condition that you always give me that wine yesterday."
"I don’t have much wine either. Well, I can brew the wine first and wait for a month to drink it."
"You this small will make wine? A month? You can brew the wine I drank last night? "
Wu Zhe left a mind’s eye. After all, the endless bag can’t be found by others
Chef Ma is very kind. When he didn’t give Wu Zhe a limited class, he knew that Wu Zhe’s cooking was good, so he asked him to stay in the store for the night to help watch the store and cook some snacks. Chef Ma mostly stayed outside at night so that he could bring the freshest ingredients back during the day unless he had a reservation. No one watched the store at night. His students couldn’t cook, and they had to play with dragons. Late at night is the most leisure time for most restaurants.
Not happy about finding a job, how long did Wu Zhe receive an unexpected news? Xu Ran Xie Chang and several of them surrounded Wu Zhe and told him that the military academy had successfully organized a second-year experience team for him to go to Fengrui mainland yesterday, and all his teammates were particularly fierce!
Before Wu Zhe could react, he was taken out of the wheelchair by several of them and brought to the second-year square of the military academy. There were already many teams arranged here, all of which were groups of nine people.
Wang Zui took Wu Zhe from Xu Ran and put him in a special wheelchair. Wu Zhe felt warm and comfortable.
"You guys should go back to your teams soon. The headmaster will come later."
"Good Lord"
Wang Zui took out a stick from his pocket, and then a red ultraviolet ray appeared on Wu Zhe’s legs and was taken back by him.
"Wu Zhe, this wheelchair is a military wheelchair, which can speed up the recovery of legs to the team. But they all told you, right?"
"Well, they all explained."
"You finished things in the game? Now if you don’t want to go to Fengrui mainland, you can still choose to quit. "
"I want to go when I’m done."
Wang Zui laughed and touched Wu Zhe’s head and said, "I told you you weren’t so timid. Then I won’t explain it to you much first. I’ll send you to your team to show you your teammates in Fengrui Mainland, and the principal will speak later."
"Please, Lord."
The leftmost position of the square is a little quieter than the central area, and no one seems to want to get close to this corner.
Wu Zhe’s new wheelchair is mostly therapeutic and has no automatic rolling function. Wang Zui pushed Wu Zhe somewhere and waved his hand to the quiet corner.
A thin student came running slowly. He had a small scar on crew cut’s left forehead. His arms were well-proportioned and his veins stood out.
"Wang Zhu"
"This is Wu Zhe and your future teammates. Take him there. I have to go back to the center of the venue."
Wang Zui patted Wu Zhe on the shoulder and left without saying a word, so did the young man who took the wheelchair in Wu Zhe, pushing the wheelchair to a quiet corner without saying anything.
In the corner, there are three girls and three boys whispering to each other. When they see Wu Zhe coming, they suddenly become quiet. Each of them has a different expression, disdain, expectation and memory. Maybe they don’t know what they are thinking.
Wu Zhe saw that one of the three boys was stronger than ordinary people, with a huge head and a full face of whiskers. If he hadn’t known that these were sophomores walking, Wu Zhe would have recognized this as an uncle.
He and his two boys are both good-looking and very similar, but they have a feeling of being strangers.
And the three female students are in excellent shape, with two short hair and one long hair, each with its own characteristics and charm. They have been curious to see Wu Zhe pointing fingers.
Pushing a wheelchair, the students put Wu Zhe in the center of the team and left. Seeing that no one else was talking, Wu Zhe was embarrassed to talk first and close his eyes to rest.
Almost ten minutes later, the last person in the team, who is also the captain of the squad, slowly walked over and the original quiet corner finally rang.
"The elder brother of the yuan? Did the principal promise? "
Pang Qiyuan shook his head with a 6-number plate in his hand.
Team some people have to look at the wheelchair Wu Zhe heart have unspeakable taste.
Hearing someone talking, Wu Zhe opened his eyes and looked at Pang Qiyuan just now.
Pang Qiyuan was angry, but he couldn’t bite his teeth and stared at Wu Zhe in front of this wheelchair student.
Wu Zhe felt a little puzzling and looked at Pang Qiyuan all the time.
What an atmosphere this is!
Wu Zhe was assigned to a small team called "three years", which means that he hopes to successfully qualify to join the army after entering Jiande Military Academy for three years.
Before Wu Zhe came, the original people in the team cooperated tacitly, and the chemical effect was perfect. The basic war was over and there was no need to form his teammates again.
Pang Qiyuan tried to find literature students, but after they entered the team for three years, they lost their chemical reaction ability and were directly pulled down. It was not as good as they were as before.
After three years, the team didn’t plan to add teammates again. I didn’t expect Jiande Military Academy to send Wu Zhe in today.
Chapter ninety Here comes the East
Pang Qiyuan, the captain of the squad for three years, has short brown hair and looks handsome. He is only good at organizing wars because of his wood attributes. He has learned all kinds of simple and belligerent ways.
In the three-year squad, everyone else was found by Pang Qiyuan one by one, and it took him a lot of effort.
Pang Qiyuan is also a key training student in the military academy. Because of his handsome appearance and outstanding personal ability, there are many suitors. Mi Xiaomei, a girl with short hair and vice captain of the squad for three years, and he are complicated.
It’s better to say that Mi Xiaomei is the vice captain of the squad for three years than that she is Pang Qiyuan’s prospective girlfriend because something happened in the process, and the two of them have been slow to step through the door.
Mi Xiaomei has a short hair and a lovely and generous personality, especially when she laughs. Pang Qiyuan often sees dementia. She is a metallic practitioner who is good at short-distance quick work and has too much explosive power.
If Mi Xiaomei’s personality is active at ordinary times, she would say hello to Wu Zhe. Maybe today, because of Pang Qiyuan and his teammates, she also played dumb.
Xiao Dong, a squad sniper for three years, is a flat-headed pencil necked. He just helped push a wheelchair student in Wu Zhe. He doesn’t talk to acquaintances, but he can’t say a word to strangers.
Xiao Dong is also a metallic practitioner. He is good at long-range shooting and has certain observation ability. Perhaps it is because he is thin and moves fastest in the team for three years.
Hong Kun’s three-year squad is the tallest and strongest. A Hong Kun’s five-element genus has higher strength than ordinary people. He is now training Pang Qiyuan to arrange anti-fighting courses, and he has achieved little success.
Another feature of Hong Kun is that he is affectionate and friendly. If he is recognized by him, he will give him 100% sincerity. Everyone in the team likes him very much for three years.
The only girls with long hair in Dou Wei’s 13-year squad are also three-year squad team flowers and drop-dead gorgeous.

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