厦门夜网,厦门拿网,厦门品茶,厦门夜生活论坛 kb会所 With some inexplicable nervousness, Zhou found Geng Xingwen, the deputy commander of the samurai army, with an order issued by the Staff College. He determined his subordination and determined Zhou’s command of the imperial army in China and the capital.

With some inexplicable nervousness, Zhou found Geng Xingwen, the deputy commander of the samurai army, with an order issued by the Staff College. He determined his subordination and determined Zhou’s command of the imperial army in China and the capital.

Geng Xingwen immediately said that he would obey the regulations of the Staff College and strictly abide by Zhou’s military orders
Zhou this just rest assured.
He was worried that something might happen and it didn’t happen, which was really a happy event for him.
Geng Xingwen’s family background is not strong. Compared with Su Yong, a war maniac, he is calm and accommodating. Compared with his colleague Ding Siyuan, he is relatively more reasonable. He is still honest about not being in the same department.
But on the whole, there is not much contradiction between the five regiments of the Guangfu Army and the samurai Army.
Their respective commanders are Su Yonglin’s old staff, and most of them have been with Su Yonglin since the Southern Song Dynasty. Su Jue, Su Haisheng, Han Jingxuan and Zhang Yuejing are old people in the Su family.
Li Xiao, the commander of Yanyun Corps who succeeded Sun Yi, was not an old man from Sue’s family. It was only later that he followed Su Yonglin’s former Zhao Kaishan staff who belonged to Shandong.
In a broad sense, the middle-ranking officers of the former Victory Army group followed Su Yonglin to the north to rebel against the Su family. Most of the middle-ranking officers and grass-roots soldiers followed Su Yonglin later.
However, with the passage of time, the number of troops has been expanding to the era of the retrocession army. After all, the number of old people in the Sujia family is small. Except for the top generals, most officers and soldiers are also native people.
Jia Su Yong Lin has always been divided into classes to educate the army and others to distinguish between cattle and horses. In addition to regional identity, there is also a class identity among the recovered military groups in the horizontal cutting society, that is, everyone is bad karma people’s identity
Jia Su Yonglin has always deliberately played down regional differences in selecting officers and rewarding military achievements, and will not consider regional differences. In this respect, there is nothing unreasonable in the military department.
What Su’s family sent, what Shandong sent, what Hebei sent, the Guangfu Army generally dispersed and reorganized to form the current army, so this difference is not?
Chapter 671 Zhou wants to go to class
Although Su Yonglin tried his best to downplay some factions in the army, there will certainly be some differences in the army after the establishment of the Great Dynasty. After all, the army naturally worships the strong and advocates credit and honor
Which army has a high meritorious military service and which army commander-in-chief has a strong ability is a famous soldier, then the position in the army will naturally be higher and some departments will be honored
Then, naturally, there will be topics like "Who is stronger", "Which army is the strongest" and "Who is the strongest general", and it will soon cause a military response, and there will be no similar disputes between us.
However, this kind of disputes tend to be confined to a relatively controllable range and will not be emotional.
Moreover, every major corps has its own contribution to the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and Su Yonglin has never given any contribution to the various armies.
But, as the saying goes, there will be a grand meeting competition in all military departments. From the outside, it is naturally a competition record.
Zhou Suo Henan Corps is the earliest corps-level organization established by the retrocession military system, and it is also a corps with dazzling military achievements.
As soon as they were established, they took Henan land and expelled all the nomads from it. After they captured Kaifeng, they also captured the raiders. Together, Qilu Corps took control of it, and the facts destroyed the state of Jin.
The meritorious military service of the Henan Corps is very good.
If you were Zhou people, it would be considered a famous name. He officially became Su Yonglin’s former experience. Generally, no one got up and repeatedly led troops to attack Jin Guoli’s meritorious service. The thing is that he is firmly in the army and is absolutely relying on it. He is also very confident.
However, the samurai army is, after all, the emperor’s pro-army, the elite of the imperial elite, and all the cavalry are to protect the powerful forces of the emperor. Although the samurai army is established at the corps level, the officers at all levels of the samurai army will not be embarrassed when facing the officers of the corps one level higher than themselves.
It’s normal that General Zhou joined Su Yonglin’s regiment halfway and followed Su Yonglin from the beginning. Geng Xingwen, the deputy commander of the imperial army, was a little upset.
He is very worried that his first army is trying to stop the samurai army lieutenant, for fear that the samurai army lieutenant is too strong to obey orders and can’t carry out his plan well.
The first-line battlefield is most afraid that friendly forces can’t cooperate with each other. If friendly forces can’t cooperate with each other, Tianhu can start with a sieve.
It’s like an army with powerful troops and powerful weapons and equipment being beaten up [retreating into the wind and bypassing Xu Rulin, looting money and invading like a fire, friendly troops are hard to move like a mountain] and finally "turning into the island of Wan Li"
This situation is quite common when Zhou followed Zhao Kaishan.
The various units can’t cooperate with each other effectively, and the friendly forces don’t help each other when they are in trouble, and even pull their legs.
However, this has never happened in Su Yonglin’s hands, but the so-called once bitten, twice shy, always worried that this problem will recur.
It seems that if you are worried about Zhou Re, Geng Xingwen invited Zhou to have a meal together. Geng Xingwen talked about Su Yonglin’s exercises before and after the bloody battle.
During the bloody battle, Zhou returned to Zhao Kaishan, but he didn’t know much about what happened before and after that battle until Su Yonglin finally established the main identity of Hebei through this battle.
Not only that, Su Yonglin’s power after the war also made Sun Yifang, the three giants of the Guangfu Army, abandon his independent choice to join the army. Since then, Su Yonglin’s activities have made Su Yonglin’s actual power surpass Zhao Kaishan in one fell swoop.
At that time, Zhao Kaishan was so angry that he deeply felt Su Yonglin’s great threat to the mainstream of the Guangfu Army. From then on, Zhao Kaishan gave a hard push to the end.
"At that time, our army was in a bad situation. There were wolves before and tigers after. Everyone thought that General Sun could not save our own army. If we split our troops to save us, we wouldn’t say that there was danger of being cut off by the gold thief.
However, General Sun said that if he destroyed the Golden Thief, he would be able to outflank our army smoothly, leaving our army in a dilemma. In the end, it was very likely to be destroyed. So he led the cavalry to raid the Golden Thief’s rear and destroyed the Golden Thief’s route for providing foodstuff, and I was fortunate to be one of the cavalry … "
Zhou followed Geng Xingwen’s memory as if he had gone back to the bloody battlefield that year, saw the scenes where the battlefield was more dangerous than before, and realized what Su Yonglin was like and made such a decision.
He still had a great threat, but he decisively divided his troops to rescue Sun Yi and turned the tide. At last, he not only defeated the main force of 8 Jin J with courage, but also won Sun Yixin.
At that time, the military department of the retrocession of China could feel that all the troops were mixed up, and they wanted to see everything, and they didn’t like each other, and there were not a few comrades who harmed each other.
In that case, a group of pit teammates set off and risked their lives to help friendly troops escape the danger of collapse. Su Yonglin is simply a clean stream, and it is really worth Sun Yi’s leading the army to take refuge in Su Yonglin.
Now think about Su Yonglin’s reputation, and whether it has always been good with him.
After talking about the past, Geng Xingwen said with great emotion, "Since then, the whole army has learned that the contradiction of the Ministry is of course inevitable, but when the contradiction of the Ministry cannot override the external contradiction, we must learn to grasp the main contradiction."
"The main contradiction? This … is the revival meeting, right? "
Zhou suddenly remembered something Zhang Yuejing had said to him before.
"Did you join the Renaissance Association?"
Geng Xingwen asked with a smile
"No, not yet. I was recommended by Commander Zhang to read some photos. Commander Zhang also suggested that I go to lectures, but the army was busy and the training was heavy. I never came to lectures."
Zhou shook his head and asked, "How many of us generals have joined the revival meeting?"
"I can’t say this, and I don’t know the specific situation. Anyway, I have joined the institute. I not only want to be a soldier, but also want to revive my membership."
Geng Xingwen laughed. "The general doesn’t worry that the samurai army will act alone. Before the military affairs are important, all the big armies have external contradictions, and there is no contradiction. The military actions are unified and obey the command."
Zhou slowly nodded his head, and it was like walking along a dark path and suddenly found a light not far ahead.
Since Su Yonglin became the actual leader of the Guangfu Army, the contradictions and disputes between the military departments have been greatly reduced and they have harmed each other. from ruin has never happened.
In the course of the war, the cooperation between the various armies was very tacit. Wherever you attack, I will attack, and we will go hand in hand, or if our attack is smooth, and your attack is blocked, I will take the initiative to send troops to help you.
When this situation becomes a routine of the military, the army will naturally gain another advantage over most of the army in this era.
It is a very special feature of this army that friendly troops will certainly help if they have the spare capacity, and they will spare no effort to transcend each other’s regions and origins and treat each other sincerely.
He felt that when the battle was over, he should take some time to go to some training courses and seriously understand what the revival meeting really meant and what kind of organization it was that the Ministry of Military Affairs could form such a broad and profound understanding.
It seems that we can’t just plunge into military training and leave him alone …
Chapter 672 White hidden trouble
After meeting Geng Xingwen, Zhou met Zhou Mancheng, the lieutenant of the water army, and reached the instruction of the Staff College.
Zhou Mancheng also said that he would obey Zhou’s orders. Of course, he hoped that Zhou would be fully released to him in the first-line battle.
"You can guarantee that when you say marching and fighting, you are afraid that the layman will command the line to attack the city and pull out the land. Water is my strength, water is your strength, and you can rest assured that I will never interfere in the tactics of water fighting."

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