厦门夜网,厦门拿网,厦门品茶,厦门夜生活论坛 夜生活网 Wen Leyang and Gu Xiaojun looked at each other and were wondering whether to tell each other about their own affairs. Suddenly, the red shadow surged in front of them. The Dalai Lama asked Jiong to have surveyed the migration town and returned to everyone’s side. He looked at Wen Leyang with dignified eyes. "Where is this Uber extraordinary town? You will be here. Please tell the truth!" Said the incredibly solemn than five of them a gift.

Wen Leyang and Gu Xiaojun looked at each other and were wondering whether to tell each other about their own affairs. Suddenly, the red shadow surged in front of them. The Dalai Lama asked Jiong to have surveyed the migration town and returned to everyone’s side. He looked at Wen Leyang with dignified eyes. "Where is this Uber extraordinary town? You will be here. Please tell the truth!" Said the incredibly solemn than five of them a gift.

Confucianism, an old man, didn’t say how to save people when he came back, but asked himself why he didn’t know what to do. His face was red and Master Jiong quickly stretched out a thick palm and gently pressed it on the old man’s shoulder. "We can’t break this town until we retreat to our feet in the middle of the month to find the evil spirit." He said and raised his other hand and pointed to climb the moon slowly.
Let Tim Lama’s voice be calm now, and every word is as calm and steady as a big one, which makes people feel at ease involuntarily.
The Confucian road sighed, "Protecting the mountain and the beast is in danger. If the road is not urgent!" While speaking, the gnome old man picked up the sword tactic again to see if he would lead his brothers to dig a big pit again.
Let Jiong Lama’s hand still firmly hold down the old road and the calm tone is full of assurances that "I know something about the origin of the evil spirit, and the beast is temporarily ill."
Fei Fei also followed with comfort, "Let Master Jiong be a Skywalker on the Plateau. No one knows this place better than him. If he says he is ill, he must be a fairy. Please be calm and let’s find a way to deal with that monster together!"
Confucian road leng a bite a tooth, nodded.
Gu Xiaojun pulled the anode bass of Wenle and asked him, "If Lama is not a good person, have you dealt with it?" He paused for a moment and said, "I mean … kill people!" "
Gu Xiaojun doesn’t really care about Qilian Xianzong. After all, the sophisticated background is relatively simple, but he doesn’t trust Jiong Lama about this origin.
WenLeYang is a pair of have answers | ha laughs "rest assured a piece of cake!"
Although the answer was very satisfactory, Gu Xiaojun was suspicious and said seriously, "I know you don’t brag at ordinary times, but now you can brag more at key moments …" After all, Wen Leyang didn’t take advantage of the big Lama when he was in the melee just now, and Gu didn’t know which confidence he had.
Wen Leyang coughed and said with all his heart that people regarded themselves as 250 and shook his head. "Just tell the truth to the Lama so that I can pay attention to the Lama’s expression. If there is any problem, I will take it at any time!"
Gu Xiaojun was skeptical and nodded. "Yes, I think so, too. The key is to let Fei Fei see the Lama’s mood!"
It’s really a kind of happiness to have such comrades-in-arms around you in the intrigue and strange rivers and lakes.
Gu Xiaojun and Wen Leyang came back to everyone after consulting, and they didn’t hide anything from the evil ACTS gathering country, but they hid his background with the non-non-non-non-non-sister government and described themselves as an organization specializing in dealing with cults and people. After all, most people who fix the truth don’t want to deal with the "court"
Let Jiong Lama finally have no mouth and face, but he is getting more and more dignified. His eyes are undisguised, showing deep anger and horror. He has never left him for a moment and finally slowly shook his head at Gu Xiaojun. "No problem!"
Cone to see the big Lama low meditation anxiously asked "Lama Town what is a monster"
Let Master Jiong look up at the crowd and not directly blame things, but first talk about this town. "This town is not where evil people gather, but where loyal people die!"
As soon as this sentence is said, all five people in Wenleyang are confused. The mysterious residents of the small town of Emir act strangely and cling to the tantric sage, but they don’t believe in the Buddha. Even the surrounding residents regard them as traitors. Now, the Lama Jiong actually says that they are all good people?
Chapter sixty-two Tantra
Leyang and his party were all stunned by Tim’s words. At that time, they all wanted to ask a clear question, but they didn’t know how to say it.
Looking at everyone’s face wondering, Tim didn’t rush to explain, but pulled out a ruler flute from his arms
Wen Leyang saw that Tim was holding something in his hand and immediately blocked his companion’s department behind him. At the same time, several elderly Taoist priests in Qilian Xianzong also changed color and flashed their flying swords to point at Lama!
They all saw at a glance that Tim found out that the flute was made of human bones! The mottled bone marks are covered with silver at one end, and the cold Xiao kills in the piercing moonlight in Huo Ran! In the Central Plains, there are cults and demons who can make this magic weapon with bone tools.
Feifei is very familiar with Tibetan Buddhism, fearing that Wen Leyang will rashly start work, and quickly explain to him that "the human bone flute is a tantric instrument, and it can’t be made an evil instrument unless it is overhauled. Don’t get me wrong!"
Let Jionggen ignore the people around him, put the bone flute on his lips, blow it gently, and scream like a spectre, and immediately cut it long and far away …
In the night, the Naqu alpine grassland is more quiet and abrupt than a Buddha’s tune, and the golden Buddha’s light is surging. A small temple, which is unremarkable and even the plaque has been ruined and indistinguishable, suddenly glows with seven colors of light. Several old people are about to breathe. The Lama walked out of the ruined temple and looked at the direction of Namco Lake with awe. Then he took a long breath and slowly sat down and recited the Jingang Dingjing.
In the small temple, the light flashed and nagqu grassland was calm again …
On the east side of Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, incense has flourished for thousands of years. A little Lama in Dajixiang Temple looked a little excited in panic and almost stumbled into the meditation room where he presided over the Lama. He even forgot to knock on the door, but instead of reprimanding his brother as usual, he looked at the little Lama with a dignified face and asked two words, "Let Jiong?"
Little Lama rushed to nod.
After pondering for a moment, the host solemnly ordered "Brother He Si to do protective rituals!"
It’s already dark. Hundreds of younger brothers are busy with the lights at the moment of the big temple …
Halfway up Namgyabawa Peak, a ragged but serene ascetic came to look up at the night with a smile and a quiet look. Suddenly, his earlobe trembled, and then he turned over and jumped up. He quickly took out the King Kong carved with the tantric mantra and stuck it around him. He followed the mantra with a big chant and thundered every word …
Someone in Xueling Mountain blew the snail and it sounded everywhere!
Some people in Tibet Bupadong Waterfall are spinning Nima Wheel, and the frantic theory of water is like the same method to annihilate the low-pitched sound of Falun Wheel as it rotates.
In the tent of Shigatse grassland, someone struck a pestle and rang a bell to subdue the demon. The sound of heaven was not loud but spread far away!
One person’s bone flute is hidden in the original!
Let Master Jiong slowly put away the side of the flute and listen for a while. Only then did Wen Leyang laugh at the fact that all the practitioners in the plateau were already busy (this sentence is really long _). "I called Sifang Xiucheng to help me exorcise the evil spirits, that is, when the Buddha achieved great success. Hey, King Gelsall didn’t know the Lama before he finished his work!"
Wenleyang doesn’t know who Gesar is. Listening to the mirth, he nodded and said nothing, while Gu Xiaojun, Fei Fei and Xiao Sha changed their faces at the same time.
Master Jiong looked up at the sky and seemed to think it was still early. He simply sat cross-legged. "Now the evil spirits won’t come out again." He reached out and patted the ground to signal everyone to sit down, and then slowly said, "Does anyone know King Gelsall?"
Gu Xiaojun, Fei Fei and Xiao Sha are all very familiar with Tibetan culture. Three people and Xiao Sha added two sentences, mainly to Wen Leyang. "It is said that ancient Tibetan demons were rampant and disasters continued. God incarnated King Gelsall to kill demons and benefit the people. It is today’s quiet plateau. King Gelsall returned to heaven after the completion of merits."
Let Master Tim smile and nod "Go on". He looks peaceful and doesn’t seem to care about the upcoming demon fight.
Small sand dumbfounded shout shout answer "also say what? Had said. "
Fei Fei smiled as soon as he snowed. "The master just asked if it was King Gelsall, not King Gelsall! Always so short-tempered. "
Xiaosha then suddenly realized with a smile that "King Gelsall is the longest epic in the world from King Gelsall’s birth to his return to heaven, with millions of words".
Qin cone, I can’t believe it. I confirmed "millions of words?" !”
Xiaosha nodded and secretly took a look at Master Jiong. The Dalai Lama still looked like Xiaosha still couldn’t satisfy him this time.
I couldn’t help but guess what Tim wanted to hear. I walked over and took over the topic of my younger brother. "This epic has been passed down from generation to generation by rappers, and there are hundreds of them still singing in the mouths of artists, and there is a very interesting thing." I said that I tried my best to press the sound and put on a mysterious look on my broken face. "It’s the God-given singer!"
I closed my mouth and looked at Wenleyang with bright eyes, and my expression was full of expectation.
Wen Leyang’s eye-catching price is still followed by "God-given singer?" What do you mean? "
Feifei smiled contentedly and then said, "There are many Tibetan rappers who claim to have got the will of King Gesar in their dreams, and all their deeds are told by Gesar himself. Such people are God-given singers."
Wen Leyang was discouraged as soon as he was born. The title of God-given singer sounds quite big, but it is quite similar to the explanation when Ji Feidao tells people’s fortune.
Fei Fei saw through Wen Leyang’s mind at a glance and shook his head with a slight smile. "It’s not that you think there may be artists making money and bragging, but it is true that some illiterate children can suddenly sing millions of words of" King Gelsall "after a serious illness. Up to now, no one can explain this phenomenon, which ranks first among the top ten mysterious events in Tibet."
Qin Zui listened with relish and rushed to ask, "What are the other nine strange things?"
The great Lama Jiong was startled for fear that the topic would be digressed, and he quickly coughed a calm mouth. "The God-given singer does have a thing, although he didn’t say that much, there will always be one in a hundred years."
Gu Xiaojun’s eyes lit up. "Master, are you a gifted singer?"
Let Grand Lama Jiong look at Gu Xiaojun inexplicably and shake his head hard. "Of course I’m not that smart!"
This time, not only Wen Leyang, but everyone was discouraged. The Confucian road was full of anxiety and stared at Qin Cone. It was not polite at all. "You are not a singer and you said this again!"

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