Gentle …

She has nothing to hide from manager Teng.
But what if she goes?
Anli is crazy. What if she goes?
The dean of the madhouse went to their school to find her and said it was Anli, who kept mumbling her name, and she felt uncomfortable at that time.
She doesn’t know Anli very well.
Up to now, she also feels that she is not familiar with that girl.
She is a famous young lady, and she is a common people.
Although people have done so many immoral things.
Although she is not Marisol, her hatred for Anli has already ended by this time.
She stopped gnashing her teeth, and when she knew that Anli was crazy, she had a voice in her heart to comfort herself.
"Or-I’ll go with you."
"No, if I really want to go, I will go alone." Gentle immediately said.
Yunjian was a little disappointed, but nodded again. He knew her.
After drinking tea with Yunjian, she went back to school, and the afternoon was blue. She sank a sigh and smiled shallowly.
Looking at the blue sky, she didn’t know what she had to worry about.
That man can’t hurt her children in the madhouse anymore, and he can’t waver in front of her.
Afternoon Teng always went to the school to find her after she was busy, watching herself playing in front of the office glass screen, and she couldn’t help but feel a swing in her heart, and then she stepped towards her.
Gentle to hear his footsteps, I didn’t rush back, but I looked at the scenery outside the window quietly.
He walked behind her, raised his hands gently and put his arms around her. What was he thinking?
The deep voice seems to have magic, which makes people can’t help but move.
"How about I go to the madhouse?" She asked him in a low voice
Teng always frowned slightly, and his eyes narrowed slightly into a crack. Long cilia suppressed all emotions in his eyes.
The office was a little calm, and he gasped softly and continued to hug her so gently, and then she looked at the blue sky outside together.
"I still think you can see through it. In this case, I will accompany you in the past."
He whispered
Gentle was surprised to hear that she would not agree.
"Don’t look at me like that. You’ve been in a bad mood and you can’t eat. You came out again today. I can’t find a reason to refuse you. If it makes you feel better."
Gentleness doesn’t say anything. It’s a tiptoe to raise my hand and hug him in his face.
He thoughtfully held her and looked at her face, jumping for joy.
After school, Teng always accompanied her to see the children off at the school gate. Parents couldn’t help but look at them more.
Teng always seems to be willing to be a vase. He is gentle and occasionally looks up. He can’t help laughing when he sees his tight face.
She can always look up at him and her neck is stiff.
Because he is capable of that.
The children will say goodbye to the teacher at once, and then they will be gentle and suddenly feel very fulfilled and full of heart.
I never thought I would be called that one day.
For more than seven years, she has been called Wenmi.
Until she married manager Teng for a long time, people still used to call her Wenmi.
But now everyone calls her Mrs. Teng
Even if she leaves the company.
"We are so excited that Mr. Teng also came to see the children off." A female parent was still excited when she walked to them hand in hand.
Gentle and embarrassed, I don’t know what to say. Looking up at Teng Zong, Teng Zong is embarrassed and trying to smile.
Later, manager Teng really couldn’t stay, so he bowed his head in her ear and said, I’ll pick up my son and go to school with my daughter first.
Gentle smile and don’t talk Teng always looks at her eyes, but he is rejected, but he still lifts his legs and runs away.
When I got home late, Professor Teng was cooking, and Sister Wang was holding a small stroll in the living room.
As soon as the children got home, they ran away. Whether she was watching Sister Wang holding the baby, she was curious to ask her mother.
"Oh, Professor Yuan just went to scrub Miss Teng."
Gentle nodded. I didn’t expect Professor Yuan to go there so early.
But I heard a thud in the room
Both she and Teng Yun were startled, and then she ran towards it.
Teng Yun followed the past and both of them were silly at the door.
Professor Yuan is also silly because the woman stared at the ceiling with her eyes open, but the dementia expression frightened everyone who saw it.
I was shocked. Professor Yuan’s eyes were full of tears, and then he turned to the door and said, Come on, call your father.
"Dad …" Gentle with TengYun shouted and ran towards the house.
Professor Teng ran to the room and saw the woman lying in bed with her eyes open for a long time. He could do nothing and finally cried.
Gentleness can’t help but shed tears and almost cry, if it weren’t for restraint.
Professor Yuan has also been licking his lips. Teng Yun gently hugs her and soothes her mood.
So many people in this scene are eagerly looking forward to it
Fortunately, I finally got through it.
"What’s wrong with me? Where am I? "
Teng Mei’s voice turned a little pale. After the doctor came to see it, he also congratulated them on the miracle, and then said that she would go to the hospital to observe the doctor’s call for a car, but Teng Mei was lying in bed and suddenly asked.
"Where else? Our own home, of course, "said Professor Teng, wiping away tears.
He won’t make it for such a long time.
I didn’t expect her to wake up. It’s not so real in her dream.
"at home? What about Yuping? " Teng mei asked in a low voice
There is no temperature in the eyes, but the words spoken make people bow their heads.
How to answer her?

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