Everyone suddenly felt very messy.

There is no sign that Ballack will come to Lazio. Why did Lazio turn Ballack here quietly?
Besides, everyone knows that Ballack earns millions of euros a year at Chelsea.
Everyone knows that Lazio’s maximum salary is 4 million.
How is the huge gap between the two bridged?
Did Lazio break the salary cap with a Ballack?
What do the other players in the locker room think?
Ballack, a foreigner who dares to ask for more than one million euros a year before he has made great achievements, what should we do if Lazio has made great contributions to winning the Champions League?
Isn’t it worth an annual salary of 9 million or even 10 million euros?
There has been no excuse. The black Lazio media finally found their chance this time.
They think that they have always won, and Lotito has made a stupid move this time!
第两百六十六章 拉齐奥是香饽饽?
"Yes is often! He always gets the highest salary in the team! This is what Lazio said in the original contract and the regular contract renewal. Now that Ballack is here, what should I do with an annual salary of 6 million or even 7 million euros? I’m sure I’ll get a raise, too. Will he get a raise or not? Without the imbalance in everyone’s mind, why can you two get high salaries? Will Garlazio’s finances collapse immediately? I heard that Lazio Club is still planning to build a new stadium, and they are financially tight now … "
Pacheco kept listing all kinds of data in the program to prove that what he said was true, and racked his brains to provoke a public opinion situation, which affected the Lazio Club Department.
He was looking forward to the next day when Lazio’s main players came out and asked the club to give him a raise …
That would be lively.
But Pacheco was disappointed again.
The next day he waited for the news that Lazio’s main players were not asking for a raise.
But the rumours between Lazio and Ballack’s agent.
"We can’t disclose Barak’s specific annual salary, but we can tell you that this figure certainly does not break the highest standard of our club’s current salary cap!"
The official spokesperson of Lazio Club told reporters [W W W]
It is an unspoken rule that the club does not announce the annual salary of players.

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