"What if you get married?"

"Then unless you divorce, women are the most single-minded animals in this world anyway."
Gentle turned to look at the girl around Jiang Wen, who was heartless and said everything easily, but she envied her.
But also said that it is so reasonable.
In fact, she wrote, and men can be as single-minded as women.
Teng Yun has not been in contact with his girlfriend for so many years, married her, and made a confession to her. She has recognized that such a good man in this world has been picked up by herself.
But …
There are so many ways to predict in life.
When Teng Yun frowned slightly when he heard the word divorce, he was gentle when he sipped his glass. I went to wash my hands.
I feel out of place among these people.
Later Teng Yun also came out from the inside. In fact, he wanted to be alone with her this night.
On the way home, neither of them spoke, as if they were already two separated people.
This time she didn’t even get his luggage ready for him.
It’s not that she didn’t think about packing for him, but she didn’t know that after packing for him so many times, she actually felt that she could never be as indifferent as she used to be.
She cares very much.
Look at that clothes she was familiar with, then she gave the cupboard door and went to the nursery.
Now the baby can’t talk yet, but he’s babbling away.
Maybe it’s bird talk, but she looks at the children so heartily.
Later, when the children were asleep, she went back to the master bedroom, but she looked up and saw a man standing at the door.
He hung his head at the door and didn’t know what he was thinking. He seemed to be considering whether to go in or not.
After dark eagle eyes lift because he found her not far away.
Walking forward with gentle legs, why don’t you sleep so late?
The low bass broke the silence in the corridor.
"pack a bag before you want to"
Nod softly. Most of his clothes are still pushed before the master bedroom goes gently.
He turned around and felt his chest touching her shoulder gently and motionless. The lights in the corridor were dim, and she felt a little glad that some of her emotions would not be seen by him.
Later, I took a breath and pushed the door gently.
He is at the door of the bedroom, and he hasn’t come in for a long time, but he feels so depressed every time he comes in recently.
Or a kind of missing.
He hasn’t slept here since he moved here
The only time I forced her by bullying herself was only a few hours.
"The suitcase is still in the place to put it when it comes back," she whispered. Then she went to the closet and took her pajamas and went straight to the bathroom
I don’t know whether I don’t want to face him or leave.
When she entered the back door of the bathroom, she gently held her pajamas in one hand and touched her forehead on the door panel with the other.
Tears just fell.
Lips feel so hot, so it’s not a taste.
A heart seems to have been crushed, and it has been crushed for thousands of times.
Tears flow quietly in no one’s place
He didn’t come back until several months after he left.
But they have a big crack, and I’m afraid they will become more and more strangers to each other in the future.
How can her heart not hurt?
When she can fill all her emotions since she was a child, she is still sad before parting.

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