厦门夜网,厦门拿网,厦门品茶,厦门夜生活论坛 品茶网 "I don’t want to stay here alone. I’m afraid!" Ai Lijie confessed.

"I don’t want to stay here alone. I’m afraid!" Ai Lijie confessed.

"Then I’ll carry you." Cloud threw Ai Lijie back up.
"That’s very kind of you," Ai Lijie said softly on cloud ear, exhaling in his mouth.
"Give me your anklet if possible. I want to give it to my wife."
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The sixth volume Don’t leisurely gentleman Mo Wen Chapter III Future confusion
The sixth volume Don’t leisurely gentleman Mo Wen Chapter III Future confusion
After picking up the firewood, it was already dark, and it seemed a bit sinister in the dense forest. The temperature suddenly dropped, so Ai Lijie proposed to make a fire on the beach to roast bird meat.
One day in the sun, the sand on the beach felt very hot. Although the clouds were strong, they were slightly sad. He carried Ai Lijie all the way to the wet beach after the low tide, and then Ai Lijie was released.
"Does your foot still hurt?" Wrong novel network don’t jump word cloud will pick up firewood while inadvertently heart way.
"It’s still a little, but it’s much better." Ai Lijie looked down and didn’t dare to look at the clouds. Her heart was in a mess.
"In this way," Yun smiled and concentrated on making a fire. Without collodion and flint, it didn’t puzzle Yun. He randomly found two pieces of rubble and then struck the darkness with the highest frequency. Suddenly, Mars was everywhere, and soon the fire started.
"You can still make a fire like this. I was still worried about what to do without flint." Ai Lijie curiously observed the process of cloud fire.
"Flint is also easier? What’s the matter with the neon fan dazzle bureau? Img Sr =’/SSS/6 shenumejpg "> The difference is that although there is no fire with cotton wool, enough Mars can be burned." Yun explained that in fact, he was not so clever as to think of this truth. Before Nangong Moon’s madness was still not cured, he hit the stone vigorously and Mars almost caused a mountain fire, which inspired Yun to figure out this principle and made him have a further understanding of the concept of speed and power.
"You know a lot. Since childhood, three masters in our department have taken turns to practice converging attack. For more than ten years, they have not been able to do anything but martial arts." Ai Lijie envied the clouds and looked at them with a little guilty.
"Before I became a secularized monk, that is, I studied martial arts after knocking on wooden fish, or I learned it only after the mountain." Yun Man replied that although his childhood in Shaolin Temple was a little boring, it could be considered as peace and joy. How did all the mountains change?
“?” Ai Lijie suddenly raised his voice and looked at the cloud strangely. "How long have you been on the mountain?"
"Two or three months. Why?" Cloud doesn’t know that there is a problem. It is strange for Ai Lijie to be surprised by Cloud.
"So you haven’t practiced martial arts before?" Ai Lijie stared at the cloud and his eyes longed for the cloud to answer.
"Without my hands and feet being locked in the abdomen root, I can’t practice my work." Yunyun’s storytelling skills have greatly increased in recent months, and Yunyun talks about his own stories.
It was not long before Ai Lijie finished his story, but he was still immersed in the strange, bitter and romantic plot, and it took him a while to come to his senses.
"Eat! I didn’t dare to go to town when I was hunted down. I can solve this barbecue technique by myself, but I have practiced it specially!" Although there is no seasoning cloud, the meat is roasted fragrant and attractive, which makes people have an appetite at first sight.
"You know what? In fact, do you really have the magic power to confuse women? " Ai Lijie took the cloud and handed me the roast bird leg and smiled strangely.
"Why didn’t I know it myself?" Cloud doesn’t understand that she suddenly knows this.
"If one day you know this magic skill yourself, it won’t work." Ai Lijie took a bite of bird meat with a small mouth and immediately praised it. "Your cooking is really good. The meat is so delicious!"
"Then I still don’t know." Yun also laughed and laughed strangely.
Then there was a long silence, and both of them seemed to be touched by their own thoughts.
"In fact, I really admire you for being sent to this unknown island, and I don’t know what to do in the sky, and I’m not sure whether I can return to my lover’s side, but you can still be so optimistic about life and I" Ai Lijie’s long eyelashes are flashing with tears "have long been at a loss"
As a theory, the cloud looked up at the starry night. There is hope only if we live. I firmly believe that since we can come, we can definitely go back!
"Well" cloud words also lit up the light of hope in Ai Lijie’s heart
"Let’s go to bed early and think about what to do next," said Yun Rou. He remembered the day in the jungle, and the first thing to do was to get rid of this monster.
"You, too." Ai Lijie smiled at the cloud and went to lie down.
"Don’t!" Yun quickly dissuaded Ai Lijie. "If you slept here tonight, you would have been flooded by the sea, and the beach will get hotter and hotter as soon as you get out. We’d better sleep next to the Woods over there."
"Oh," Ai Lijie just got ready and fell down on the beach in pain. "Ah ~ ~ It hurts." Her foot looks really hurt.
"I’ll carry you there." Cloud sighed.
At night, this small island was surprisingly cold. Ai Lijie woke up with cold clothes and little sleep.
"Cloud!" Ai Lijie had to gently push the sleeping cloud and found that he was hotter than hot.
"do?" The clouds are sleepy.
"You’re not sick, are you? You’re so hot!" Ai Lijie embarrassed to say that he was frozen to wake up then excuse way
"That says I have profound skills!" Cloud suddenly sat up. "Why are your hands so cold!"
"It’s so cold" Ai Lijie rubbed his itchy nose.
"Take my hand," said the cloud, and he had already taken the initiative to seize Ai Lijie’s delicate and graceful.
"You" Ai Lijie was exclaiming, but he felt a stream of hot air coming from the cloud hand. That’s why he was so eager to thank the cloud and fell asleep again.
In Yungong’s support, Ai Lijie no longer felt cold, but she was thinking and tossing and turning until she was very tired and went to sleep.
The next morning, the cloud got up very early and saw the sleeping Ai Lijie cloud gently sending and pulling her into the jungle again. He didn’t want to let the python go. More importantly, he always had a vague feeling that the python might be able to leave the island, but he couldn’t say where it was.
Yun went straight to the point this time and came to the cave as quickly as possible by running the vajrayana posture.
It happened that it was the time when the python came out of the hole to eat "breakfast", and all the birds that could not escape from the small animals in its smoking range could not escape the fate of becoming a python early.
Cloud knows that ordinary attacks can’t work on such a huge monster in front of him, so he will sneak up on the python’s eyes with his finger force.
The python finally saw that the cloud flew over and knew how powerful it was. He tossed his head and avoided the cloud. He also hit the cloud hard and threw it out a long way.
I was so angry that I couldn’t handle a huge rock and smashed it at the python’s head. There was a loud bang. The huge rock was smashed into pieces by the python’s head, but it didn’t cause substantial damage to the python. Seeing that this move also worked, I picked up a few small stones and locked the python’s right eye with my fingers.
That python’s eyes are as big as a bowl, so it’s hard to miss the target, so it’s hard to have the strength to rob the fingers. The python’s right eye was punctured by a small stone, and blood spurted out of the snake like a spring, but the python’s hissing letter became very urgent, which seemed to hurt it badly.
The python ate the pain and dared not continue to fight. The big head shrank back into the cave and could not come out.
In this way, the cloud will be difficult. Even if the python retracts into the cave and chases it by itself, I don’t know if the light in the cave is safe, but I’m not sure when it will come out again. It’s really difficult.

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