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"I’m not afraid to be around you. I’m not afraid of anything. Now, it’s your turn to answer my question."

There is a little ambiguity in Han Meng’s tone, but the determination to make Wen shallow can’t help but be delayed, and the determination is awe-inspiring
"Well, it seems that I can’t go to the South China Sea. Just because I haven’t repaired enough, I have already got into such a dilemma by looking at those three stinking roads."
I’m too lazy to say anything, but I hate my thoughts directly. However, the times have changed. The only constant is that whoever has a hard fist can stir up the storm in this era, so who will become the master? Many people don’t want to be strong, but the external force has forced me to become a butterfly.
Han Meng could see the courage in my eyes. She nodded resolutely, but a strong breath made her look particularly nervous. She came to the door blankly and looked at the stairs for a few times.
Han Meng’s words made Wen Qian and I relax our nerves, and we couldn’t help but suddenly tighten our nerves. Obviously, the crisis is coming recklessly, and the smell of the earth has already weighed us down, making it a little difficult to breathe.
I took a look at Han Meng and suddenly got up from the bed. I gently put my hand on Wen’s shallow forehead and said, "I wronged you." I held my hand in the previous area and quickly took out a leaf from the bag with my other hand, dragged her into a leaf and then took it back to the bag.
"Liu Yong, why don’t you hide in this leaf to protect yourself?"
In the face of another siege, Han Meng deliberately changed the subject and teased me that my body pressure was reduced by a few minutes. I grinned at her and said, "This leaf can not be repaired by ordinary people because it has no true qi fluctuation, and the outside world will lose its effectiveness if it is attacked by the earth again. If it is reversed, this leaf will become the grave of the repairman. I want to see who is attracted this time."
"Come out"
Han Meng gave a binge drink and bit his right hand. With a wave of his hand, his finger quickly pinched his hands in the blood and fell to the ground. He kept muttering about the purple qi Guanghua in this exhibition.
Huge burst towards the floor around the house, and the cement rolled up quickly. At this time, the road shape "swish swish" appeared in the house. At the same time, two men and one woman were very different in age from Han Meng, but Xiu Xian was much higher than Han Meng and me. This strong blow could not take any advantage of them, but forced them out.
One of them looked at Han Meng with a sneer, then looked straight at me and suddenly said, "Liu Yong, come with us and we’ll take you to Ten Heaven for trial."
"Nirvana becomes immortal"
Han Meng looked at these three people’s temperament, so otherworldly, and I thought of these four words almost at the same time. There was a little despair in my eyes, but I would rather fight this peerless master than give in easily. But now Han Mengxian is a little helpless.
"Well, your goal is me. What’s coming at me? She’s koo. I beg you to be her."
My eyes have been swept by three people. At this time, I still don’t forget to leave Han Meng alone to protect her. After her eyes fell on me and glared at me coldly, she said, "It’s really a big joke to fix the truth and let’s be together."
"Ha ha"
He held out his right hand and pointed to me with laughter and said, "We don’t want him to be always full of great variables. I know that one of us can take him lightly, but there are too many people in the world to help him."
"That’s the people outside, that’s the people in the world. It seems that I’m really flattered by such a big battle."
I glanced at them coldly and thought that the dead could despise these peerless masters. Even death was enough in their hands. I raised my hand and motioned for them to come. They gnashed their teeth with anger. I didn’t expect that I would be afraid to fight back in such a situation.
On the other hand, Han Meng pretended to flash away from the place not far from me, holding a wooden comb in her hand and waiting for the opportunity to prepare for me to get a chance to live. She didn’t know if Yan Yan’s son could resist the attack of three people. This is definitely another story.
Almost at the same time, the three men’s bodies disappeared, and their strong strength came straight at me. I felt that the air around me was filled with cold air in an instant, and that cold air was all around me. My face kept oozing cold sweat, and my body was like being heavily pressed by three mountains, and it soon burst around me. After all, I was seriously injured before. Under such pressure, I felt that my body seemed to be suddenly torn by thousands of knives, and I must be able to get rid of it. I tried my best to lift the qi to resist the successive attacks, and it was only a few seconds before I was raw.
"It’s time for me to do it."
Han Meng’s eyes generate gave a strange light and her mind moved to see that she was about to start work.
Chapter 36 In Xuan Bing ()
"If you think I’ve been in heaven and earth for thousands of years, you’ll have to wait."
My voice just fell, my mouth twitched, and my skin kept falling. I was about to faint. In an instant, my skin was falling to the brink of death. I vomited one mouthful blood and my eyes fainted directly, but my body didn’t collapse and die. The floating skin kept recovering, and soon the old injury recovered a little.
"boom, boom, boom"
Generate around me gave a strong light, and they collided several times, which turned into a kind of fusion. They stared at my body with wide eyes, a natural change.
It’s hard to imagine this situation. No one could have imagined that I could fight back in France when I was suddenly bombarded by ten Jie and three Jie in the fix-up. This really made it a great shame for the ten Jie in the fix-up. All three of them were unwilling to give up after being shocked and re-surrounded to prepare for a fatal blow to me, and there was no more mercy.
While Han Meng, who was holding a wooden comb, waited for the chance to help, but when she saw the sudden change of my body, she couldn’t help but put her hand away and took two steps back to one side for fear of being imagined by Bo. Even if one of these three people is better than the other, I don’t know how many times. In this case, I was blocked by a rotating repairman for several times in a row. This is a thing that I can’t even imagine. It just happened.
At this time, my body is covered with a thin layer of white ice, which instills those earthy breath into my body a little bit. Playing them directly is the "dross" in "getting rid of the dross", which is caused by the disappearance of Xuan Bing. I am really a little unprepared for the subtle changes in my body, but now I am still in that coma.
Even with so much experience in the war, the three of them knew nothing about the wonderful changes in my body. It is precisely because of this situation that I can take the opportunity, and it is also because of this situation that they will suffer so much.
My eyes are closed, my hands and feet are hanging naturally, my head is drooping, and my body is spinning in the middle. It is very important for me that a strong wind is constantly blowing up. It is this strong wind that makes me react, and that kind of contemptuous smile naturally rises in my mouth. It is just that I am particularly comfortable, but it is absolutely a shame for them who have been famous for a long time. However, they don’t know that it will not cause such consequences to ask them to stop and stay away from me, and they have no subjective thinking about what happened to me, and they don’t know when such subtle changes have taken place in my body.
"extremes meet"
Han Meng’s face suddenly realized that the worried face turned to disappear, but she learned that I had a cool smile, but even if she suddenly realized, she didn’t understand what caused such subtle changes in my body, which was really unexpected.
"How can I feel that he is like a mad man who can’t kill Xiaoqiang Liu? Why don’t we go back and ask Tianshi to clean him up?"
Mo regression of three women, she is more prominent than Liu crazy and Cheng Haoyu sophisticated. Han Meng naturally knows these three people very well. The Tianshi referred to in their mouth is the top ten in the field of repairing truth. Although she has never seen him, Han Meng still has a slight hearing key. This person is the strongest among the top ten.
"Don’t be afraid of being laughed off by people who are trying to move Tianshi."
After all, the Ten Masters of Xiuzhen are not as United as they seem. Many people are willing to let Tianshi drive them around because of the pressure from the powerful cultivation of Tianshi. Going back to Dingbao Tianshi will make those who are waiting to see their jokes laugh and be generous. This is also the reason why they refuse to stop. Liu’s madness makes them feel that if they stop like this, I am afraid that the reputation of the Ten Masters of Xiuzhen will be so damaged.
Don’t ruin your cheeks when you hear Liu’s madness. It makes sense to stop. The three men turned pale with anger. Han Meng shook his head and has avoided the door for a long distance. He watched this game from the corridor.
My body is floating in the middle, and three people are launching an earth impact on me from three directions. My thin ice has infiltrated into my body a little bit with a breath suitable for me. In fact, my current state is like a dozen dissatisfied balloons. Their hasty siege will make my body constantly transform their breath into my own.
It’s because I don’t know everything in front of me. I don’t know my physical changes. If I have feelings now, I will definitely have such a feeling that I will be swept away.
"Ah, damn it"
Liu crazy has reached the edge of the outbreak, and suddenly a cold light sword appeared in his hand. Cheng Haoyu appeared in his hand, and a knife appeared in Mo Yan’s hand. A flute sword and a knife were constantly handed out and slashed to form a melee attack, and the flute really stirred up thick air billow and kept coming towards me.
The weapons made by the Ten Masters of Fix Truth are definitely not the ones where the weapons are sacrificed, and the whole room will wander in an instant.
"What is Nima Building doing? What are you doing hanging around the floor?"
Houses like this are the lowest people living in this era. Such a big noise will definitely attract a person from the building to swear and complain that the whole house is shaking uncontrollably.
"It won’t be an earthquake in Nima, right? Let’s run."

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