厦门夜网,厦门拿网,厦门品茶,厦门夜生活论坛 品茶网 Although the platform is noisy and waiting for the subway passengers, all of them are impatient and get an extreme, but sitting in the corner, Rekabi has long softened up. The whole person is slowly entering a static state. He seems to be unable to sleep all night, so he puts a black cap on his face, regardless of how noisy the platform is. He insists on preparing to recuperate and relax his eyelids.

Although the platform is noisy and waiting for the subway passengers, all of them are impatient and get an extreme, but sitting in the corner, Rekabi has long softened up. The whole person is slowly entering a static state. He seems to be unable to sleep all night, so he puts a black cap on his face, regardless of how noisy the platform is. He insists on preparing to recuperate and relax his eyelids.

"hey! Friend! This black cap looks very good. If I guess correctly, I should buy it in the Netherlands. "
The heavy sound came quickly and soon, and the black cap was put in the words, which directly made Kabi relax and tighten his body again. Then he took the black cap off his face. At that time, the platform lights made his eyes a little uncomfortable. In the case of half-opening, he found that the speaker also put a big backpack and sat directly next to him.
"This is really a damn weather. I heard that many passengers are going to change their itinerary! You should also worry about this? " When the man didn’t see Kirby, he replied and simply went on.
Kabi rubbed his eyes and suddenly found that there was a man sitting next to him who was less than 30 years old. He was not dressed like he was traveling, and his accent was by no means French. Only those eyes were very magical. Even though there was red silk on the cloth, he smiled and immediately covered up the man’s fatigue.
Then after a pause, Kabi was not surprised that outsiders suddenly came to talk, but looked at each other for three or four times until the man continued to smile and said, "Hey! My name is Andre from Russia. Nice to meet you! " After that, Kabi handed out his hand to shake hands with this man named Andre.
Shaking hands is a friendly expression, which can often make people take unnecessary precautions. At this time, Kabi leaned back again and said, "You can call me Kabi. I’m glad to meet you, too. It seems that you are also a’ victim’ of this typhoon, but I can’t figure out how you can recognize that my cap was bought from Holland." And you are so sure that I am trapped in trouble. Are you a magician or a researcher? "
Andre smiled when he said it. He took a sip of the flat hip flask from his backpack and handed it to Kabi, but it was politely rejected before he said, "Friend! I have been to many countries. You wear this cap with a very special logo on the face. I know very well that this cap can only be bought in the Netherlands. It also reveals that you have stayed in the Netherlands. Some people will hang their emotions directly on their faces, while others will keep them in their hearts. You are the former. Am I wrong? "
Kabi stared at the hip flask in Andre’s hand. In fact, he knew that he really wanted to have a drink and tried to stimulate his whole head to say’ fuck off’ to a bad day. However, in view of his excessive respect for his professional identity, he resisted this idea and then replied, "Friend! Your observation is very accurate, or maybe I didn’t collect it too well and expose it too easily. I don’t think the damn subway will arrive early. I just heard you say that you have been to many countries, but forgive me for taking the liberty to see that you are dressed more casually than I am. I want to hear more about which countries you have been to? "
"I think I should show you the photos I took when traveling in those countries, so that you will be more clear and white." Andre took another sip of fragrant wine and took out a stack of photos from his backpack and handed it to Kabi.
No sooner had Kabi seen five photos than he blurted out, "Friend! I am white! You are a freelance traveler, aren’t you? "
Andre nodded his head and made no secret of his pride before saying, "Hum! You are also very observant! It’s enough for me to earn a second-class trip while traveling outside. I’m going to a city or country. I’m here today to go to Stockholm, Sweden from Marseille, but now I’m going back to the city to find a hotel to escape this damn typhoon. "
Say that finish Andre took a swig of fragrant wine and then shook his head, learning that Kabi just showed all kinds of dissatisfaction with bad weather in his face.
And Kabi was completely attracted by those photos, saying that Andre’s photography skills were superb, even an alley in the photo was photographed as a beautiful scene by Andre, and Andre also marked the shooting time and place on the back of each photo, which made Kabi know the real background in the photo further.
Until suddenly Kabi held one of the photos tightly and pointed to the background inside the photo and said, "Is this China?"
Andre "well" said easily "of course! Are you shocked by my writing English fonts? Ha ~! However, I also remember that when I traveled abroad, China first went to Beijing, the capital of that country, and then went to Shanghai and Guangzhou, and then Chongqing, which was especially built directly on mountains and stone stairs everywhere. The experience was also very interesting. In the end, I earned enough travel by translating Russian, and then I went to Singapore. If you like this photo, I can give it to you! "
Kabi didn’t realize that his hands were shaking slightly in the photo at night. He had never witnessed it with his own eyes, but he always felt that there was a strange familiarity there. When he found that he should reply, he said softly, "I want to say that there is a girl in this city called Chongqing that I really want to know." To be continued.
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Andre listened carefully and took a few sips of fragrant wine. His eyes seemed to wander for a moment as if he remembered something. He waited for Kabi to close his mouth before handing the flagon to Kabi. He said, "I can be friends when two people are separated. I think you should take a sip of fragrant wine now, and then you will feel that your mood is absolutely qualified to match a sip of fragrant wine, even if it is a sip."
Kabi doesn’t mind the sanitary problem. Besides, he can never find a small paper cup from Andre’s backpack. He has to respect his professional identity too much. Look at the race in full swing. He shouldn’t touch a drop of alcohol. Besides, Coach Coboni ordered that he would take a vacation on the island before, and the marmot would drink a few sips of champagne.
The famous Russian wine is always vodka because of the climate, and Kabi has shrunk his nose a little. It is estimated that Andre’s flagon must be vodka. Then Kabi is going to refuse his kindness again, but Andre beat him to say, "I guess you should be on vacation, right?" Mr. European golden boy, don’t. I don’t know who you are without introducing yourself in detail. So what are you worried about? Are you worried that I will hit you with money after I get drunk? Ha ~! "
It sounds like Kabi’s face is half red. It’s hard for him to guess that Andre is a football fan even though he didn’t reveal his identity. Otherwise, he wouldn’t know he was the winner of the European Golden Boy Award, which made him stunned for a long time and forgot that he hadn’t answered the hip flask.
Andre bends his mouth so that Kabi will drink, puts the hip flask directly into Kabi’s hand and says, "I’m sorry! I know you want to keep a low profile, but I don’t mean to reveal your identity. You know, it’s hard for a young player who won the European Golden Boy Award to keep a low profile in Europe, and I just noticed that some tourists are secretly taking pictures of you. I believe that picture is now on social networks. Go out and friends, you have no low profile. You’d better have a careful taste of this fragrant wine. You will never regret it. "
Kabi gloomily "Oh" saw the passengers around the platform full of pits and valleys. If he hadn’t occupied this corner before, I’m afraid there would be no place there. So he immediately understood Andre’s heart saying that if the passengers secretly took pictures of themselves, wouldn’t many people know their whereabouts if they really took pictures on social networks? And could Cherina be one of them?
"If you are worried that your team coach will see you drinking, you can explain that the hip flask may not hold wine. You are just drinking milk!" Andre laughed so much that he shook his whole body with the rhythm of laughter. That kind of smile seemed to have no impurities. It was a simple smile, and it was also the emotion that Kabi wanted most at present.
Laughter may be able to infect a person very soon, especially at present, when Kabi meets people who are often unhappy, so he is very funny when he sees that Andre is going to laugh without direction, and finally he holds the hip flask very slowly and pours a big mouthful of fragrant wine into his mouth despite the fact that outsiders will take pictures of himself drinking.
"mom! It really is vodka! " Kabi thought lightly that he couldn’t remember the last time he drank vodka, but he clearly remembered that lemon juice was added to the wine to force his entrance. It was not like pouring pure vodka of nearly 50 degrees into his throat now, and it felt as uncomfortable as 10 thousand ants crawling down his throat
Kabi couldn’t think that his nose was no longer his mouth. He twisted his face to the extreme and handed the hip flask back to Andre in a hurry, which made Andre laugh again and asked, "Is it fragrant?" Can you feel the unique taste of rice and wheat made into wine? We Russians like this kind of fragrant wine best. It feels like spending a holiday in Hawaii and basking in the sun to treat friends and chat together, doesn’t it? "
Kabi intuitively felt that everything in his throat was no longer his own. He scratched the position of his Adam’s apple and naively tried to relieve the uncomfortable feeling in his throat. It took more than ten seconds to wipe away his mouth. The sound of wine dried up and he said, "I knew before I drank it that this is your favorite vodka in Russia, but you bully a professional football friend with this kind of liquor! This joke seems to be a bit too big! "
After that, Kabi smiled reluctantly. He didn’t want to shake his throat too violently because he thought it would aggravate the uncomfortable feeling. Then he pointed to the hip flask and said, "Friend! I assure you that this vodka will be the last vodka in my life. Now I miss drinking milk very much. It feels really good! "
Andre never completely took back his laughter, and then Kabi made him laugh again. After that, he took a swig of vodka and immediately turned into a color. It looked like a "mmm" in his mouth. It was a state of complete enjoyment of wine, just like Mr. Haas spitting smoke rings with his eyes closed.
Andre didn’t pass the hip flask back to Kabi, which was like bypassing Kabi and didn’t want to make a European golden boy so embarrassed. Then he said, "Friend! Do you know that?/You know what? I want to have a pot of vodka so that I can spend the whole day alone wherever I go. This idea is very consistent with what I am doing now. It is a wonderful thing to have delicious wine and beautiful scenery with me wherever I go. "
Kabi "hmm"-he knew that Andre said it was "beautiful" and it felt like football would be quite satisfying if he accompanied himself every day. Although the background was different, the understanding of the meaning was absolutely the same. When he saw Andre, it was difficult for outsiders to relax and admire each other secretly. After all, it was not something that ordinary people could understand and afford to walk around the world with only a backpack and a pot of fragrant wine.
Suddenly, Kabi also felt a lot lighter. Although he was still affected by vodka spirits, every inch of his skin was extremely hot, but he intuitively felt that his whole body had lost his original sense of depression and he could feel a magical lightness in the noisy subway platform.
What’s more, Kabi doesn’t know whether he is drunk or actually has some hallucinations. He always thinks that the trip to Trabzon, Turkey will be more smooth than smooth.
Chapter four hundred and three common expectations
When the subway was about to enter the center of Marseille, Andre picked up the backpack that accompanied him around the world, handed the photo of Kabi’s special nostalgia to Kabi, and gently touched Kabi’s shoulder with one hand and said, "You must accept this photo and visit this city if you have the opportunity, unless you are afraid to walk on the stone stairs, then this city is definitely worth your visit."
The carriage of Marseille subway is narrow, and passengers who want to leave the airport go to the city only by this only means of transportation that is not closed, so the carriage is not generally crowded. Although Kabi is standing next to Andre, he still struggles to hand over the photo with two fingers of his right hand.
Although they didn’t know much about Andre, they also met for half an hour, but Kabi felt that a photo would be absolutely acceptable if he didn’t go for another sip of vodka. At this time, because the car was tight, Kabi was embarrassed after receiving the photo, and there was no way to take back his right hand, so he temporarily stopped the right hand holding the photo in half.
"Besides that vodka, I’m very happy to meet you and thank you for sending me a photo." The noise of the carriage didn’t decrease, and the noise of the subway passing through the tunnel was also very harsh. It was Kabi who added enough to Andre.
Andre glanced at the gradual stop of the subway, then raised his mouth and revealed a kind of Swedish style that he was looking forward to receiving himself. He touched Kabi’s shoulder again and said, "Friend! You’re welcome. When you go around the world, you will immediately find that the world is really small. Although I don’t have a fixed connection method, we will definitely meet again. Maybe I will go around the world tour this year and finally I will go to the stadium to watch your game in Granada! "
I don’t know that Kabidon has a feeling that he will be separated from his best friend. An hour and a half of friendship can have such a reverberation, which has also stimulated Kabidon’s heart to some extent. It took him a few seconds to panic before he answered, "Although you are running around the ball now without a fixed connection method, you can pay attention to my social network page, and you can also send a private message through social networks. We will definitely meet again when I really come to Granada."
"Of course! But there is a front here, that is, you still play for Granada! " Andre said that he didn’t mean to wait for Kabi’s reply. A very direct and frank attitude was close to just stopping the subway car.
At this time, in the center of Marseille, there were so many passengers who almost disappeared. Just now, half of the passengers in the carriage made Kabi’s hands move normally, and then he raised his hand and waved goodbye to Andre, only to find that Andre’s back was so purposeful and had a cold feeling, which was not as kind as talking to him positively.
The subway door has been closed, and the feeling of being lost is strengthened for a while. It is very painful for him to wait for a long time before he takes a glance at the route map printed on the carriage. When he finds that there are still ten cars to reach the train, he says that the route plan is terrible. Anyway, he wants to complain at random to dilute his strange sense of loss.
When he came, Rekabi found a seat in the carriage. As soon as he sat down, he threw a big black backpack at his feet. Two fingers were still tightly clamped with the photo that Andre gave him, and then he stared straight at the city scenery called Chongqing in the whole paragraph.
It’s hard to imagine how big Chongqing is, but his intuition is that Cherina is in one corner of the photo at this time, and he always fantasizes about it. He also feels that he is sitting in his seat without a sense of distance from Cherina at this time, regardless of several passengers recognizing himself, holding the photo carefully and gradually substituting himself into the photo.
"Ring ~ ring ~ ring ~!" As soon as the ringtone of the mobile phone rings in the noisy subway car, it is so inconspicuous that the card is even more flustered than being shaken by the ringtone for two seconds. It is not clear which trouser pocket the mobile phone is put in. When he takes out his mobile phone, it is Cherina who sent it across the ocean. I don’t think it is coach Coboni.
Coach Coboni usually doesn’t disturb players’ vacations. Kabi knows this rule well, so he turned to understand that coach Coboni didn’t come here to ask if he had dinner or had a vacation. After sliding the answer button, he realized that something was already in a very complicated stage.
"hey! Coach! Hello! " In front of coach Coboni, Kabi can’t learn what is frank and direct, just like a pupil facing a strict teacher, and his timid attitude is the most basic rhythm, so Kabi said that and embarrassed himself for a while
Coach Coboni is much more frank, which has something to do with being the first person in charge of the team. It sounds like he said, "Young man! I am no more interested in knowing where you are on vacation than the rich are interested in understanding how difficult it is for the poor, but you must listen carefully when I come to talk, because I am not interested in saying it again, understand? "
The carriage was noisy, and Kabi swallowed and said vigorously, "Coach! I understand! I understand! I will listen carefully! "
Coach Coboni said with satisfaction, "Well, I want you to know clearly that I didn’t actually buy and sell players, and I have tried my best, but Paris did bid too much, and those bastards on the board of directors were obviously moved. Such a high price is hard for the average person on earth to refuse. Finally, I want to listen to your wishes to at least respect you."
Now that it has been discussed with Mr. Haas, Kabi seems to be a little relieved and emboldened when facing this problem that will come sooner or later, and then he answers "coach!" I have discussed this issue with my agent. Now that the board of directors has expressed its attitude, I want to tell you that I want to leave the answer to this question after the summer transfer window opens. Now the only thing I have to do is to help the team achieve the goal at the beginning of the season. "
"Very well! Then let’s look forward to your answer in the summer! " As soon as coach Coboni said it was unfinished,
Chapter 440 Counting money in the swimming pool.
Montpellier is not as stormy as Marseille. There is not a drop of rain here after dusk, and Kabi arrived here after the evening news, and then went to the airport by connecting with the subway line near the train without stopping.
Although there is no Turkish Airlines directly stationed at the counter at Montpellier Airport, it does not prevent Kabi from re-electing Turkish Airlines soon. The ticket for his trip to Trabzon will be completed. It is more than two hours before he boarded the plane. He just crossed the sea and wanted to find a restaurant in the restricted area to fill his stomach for dinner.
The so-called first-class plane was sold out, which made Kabi spend a trip in economy class. He was worried about being disturbed by the fans, but actually he never cared about it. Anyway, the accommodation problem in Trabzon has been settled through the Internet, and he was lucky to buy a ticket temporarily when he was like that.
After that, Ruye’s stomach seemed to have a tacit understanding with Kabi’s whole movable property. Seeing that he was just sitting in a corner of a Spanish restaurant, he clearly heard his belly "goo". I don’t know if he was drugged by a vodka. After the alcohol dispersed, everything in his body felt normal, such as hunger and thirst.

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