厦门夜网,厦门拿网,厦门品茶,厦门夜生活论坛 桑拿网 Ji Hantian noticed that Qin Chenhan and Yin Yun became more intimate from subtlety. Perhaps it was Yin Yun’s brave and selfless performance in the competition that really won the heart of the ten-year-old girl.

Ji Hantian noticed that Qin Chenhan and Yin Yun became more intimate from subtlety. Perhaps it was Yin Yun’s brave and selfless performance in the competition that really won the heart of the ten-year-old girl.

This is good, isn’t it?
When I got home, I remember soaking in the bathtub for nearly an hour until every cell groaned before I got up.
Then I watched the news of Nanchuan Sports Channel and learned that Yunshan High School beat his opponent by a wide margin, so I ran back to my room to sleep on Friday night. The quality of sleep was very poor, and the pressure of this game was incomparable with the previous ones. He almost fell asleep with a pillow and slept for 12 hours early the next day.
Yesterday, he was very excited. He had breakfast early and danced with Xia Jing a lot. In fact, Ji Hantian felt that he hadn’t spoken like that for a long time.
It’s the kind of feeling that he doesn’t want to stop. He’s talking about Yin Yun, Chu Chenxi, and he’s talking about everyone who’s struggling on the court.
When he looked at Xia Jing with a gentle smile on his face, Ji Hantian suddenly felt that it was really good to live here, which was much better than that in Yunshan High School. Maybe Brother Han Zheng said that the past should be let bygones be bygones and don’t disturb the future again, and then the whole day’s leisure time seemed to pass very quickly in Ji Hantian, and he was still so excited that he gradually fell asleep at one o’clock in the morning.
There was no morning training today, and I came to the classroom in a daze early in the morning, listening to the exotic English words spit out from Chen Xiaoli’s mouth, and my eyelids fought in cold weather. He felt that Chen Xiaoli’s sweet sound was like a ding-dong lullaby in my ears.
But … something seems to be wrong now. Why can’t you hear Chen Xiaoli? Ji Han’s thoughts drifted for a long time and finally found that there was no harmonious atmosphere, and Zhang Xuan seemed to have been pushing himself all the time.
He rubbed his eyes and lifted it into his arm.
The first thing that caught my eye was a pair of high-heeled shoes and slender black silk legs. He suddenly remembered a sentence he saw on the Internet recently-some people were wearing cotton trousers and she was frozen to death; Some people wear black silk, but she is still alive.
Thought of here, Ji Han couldn’t help laughing.
And this smile sounds like a provocation to Chen Xiaoli.
Damn it! Sleep in class and dare to provoke the teacher Chen Xiaoli to strike the table with a jerk. "Give it to me in this class on a cold day."
Ji Han was entertaining himself to the point where he felt at ease. A hand touched a table and surprised him. He jumped up consciously. "What? !”
"What else do you ask me? What did you do last night? " Chen Xiaoli didn’t fight when he saw that he was at a loss.
"Sleeping" Ji Hantian scratched his head and answered truthfully, which caused all the students around him to laugh.
"What’s so funny?" Chen Xiaoli looked back and swept a circle. Suddenly, she was very satisfied with her prestige. The trick to deal with these high school students is to ask parents to try their best.
"Since you slept last night, what were you doing just now? !” Chen Xiaoli stared his one eye, but in the cold weather, it seems that this stare deterrence is not so good.
"Sleep …"
Zhang Xuan finally couldn’t help laughing this time. I didn’t expect Ji Hantian to be like this. man show people directly chose to see Zhang Xuan’s hearty smile. "You have a poor English foundation in Ji Hantian, but you can’t relax your demands on yourself. Do you know that English is 15 points in the college entrance examination?"
Ji Han’s forehead crossed three black lines, and Chen Xiaoli was young and beautiful. In his eyes, he was no different from other teachers. Even the original attractive stockings and legs didn’t want to look at "hmm" again.
(Ogawa hit the ticket and burn your heart. Please look forward to a mild and young cold day! "
DiYiSiEr Brigitte Wan Li (2) 【 ticket 】
"You sit down and listen carefully." Looking at this high school student Chen Xiaoli, who is a head taller than himself, felt that he had to take a few steps to make himself even worse in class, but he felt that something was wrong-how did he get to his shoulder?
Thinking about her, she turned back and said, "Have you grown taller in the cold weather?"
"Ah?" What’s the difference between growing taller and English class? I was just about to sit down in cold weather and was confused by Chen Xiaoli’s words.
While Zhang Xuan was quick to react, he suddenly got up and saw that his shoulders were almost even with his own … I think when he first came, he was three or four centimeters shorter than himself, and his shoulders were still very prominent.
"No, you are almost as tall as me in cold weather." Zhang Xuan sighed in a low voice after both of them sat down. "How long is it? My height has hardly moved for half a year."
"Didn’t you notice?" Ji Hantian was a little stunned, but he always felt that he would grow taller before high school. Ji Hantian was very short. When he first entered high school, he was only one meter tall, but he jumped ten centimeters in that year. By the time he moved to Hanchuan this summer, he was one meter tall. It seems that even if he is now two or three centimeters tall, it is not too surprising news.
And when he told Zhang Xuan about it, Zhang Xuan looked painful. "I was one meter in the third grade, and now I have only been two centimeters a year."
"Oh, then you don’t have to grow two centimeters longer." Ji Hantian thought for a merciless mouth stimulus.
Actually, Zhang Xuan’s height is ok, but compared with the soaring monster like Ji Hantian, the prospect is not very promising. Although his height is not bad, his technology has no advantage at all, which makes him feel a lot of pressure and hope that he can last a little longer until he reaches 1.9 meters. Then he thinks that even if he can make it to the Nike Cup at the end of March, he will have a little confidence in his heart-of course, this can also be thought about.
But then again, although it broke into the semi-finals in this way, the opponents in the last two games can’t be underestimated. Compared with Nanchuan No.3 Middle School, the two teams will be stronger or not, and they will be stronger. It is not 1.2 points from Nanchuan No.3 Middle School that they have not shaken Yunshan’s second position for many years.
Think of the game the day before yesterday, Zhang Xuan couldn’t help but turn his head and look at the cold weather next to his eyes.
Although Ji Hantian is always not so talkative at ordinary times, Zhang Xuan’s words are a little bit of Mu Na plus man show.
However, his talent in basketball has forced Zhang Xuan to fall in love. If he is present, he will be as stable as a star, emitting light energy and heat energy, which is not as unstable as many high school students.
This feeling became more and more obvious in the decisive battle with No.3 Middle School. When the team was almost sleepwalking, it was a cold day when a person was struggling to support the intermission. That remark actually woke everyone up. Zhang Xuan remembered the warning very clearly, especially that sentence-we had to compete with No.4 Middle School for the title of Nanchuan King, which made Zhang Xuan feel excited. Unfortunately, he was not strong enough, and he was not qualified to fight for his last strength with his team in that stadium at the most critical moment.
Ji Hantian’s efforts paid off, and he was recognized by everyone. Yesterday, Zhang Xuan was asked by many girls in different classes of the same grade about Ji Hantian.
Knowing that Ji Hantian already has a group of fans of his own, Zhang Xuan feels that he has to work hard.
However, Zhang Xuan knows that there are still two weeks before the final. It can be a joke to say how to really improve his strength in these two weeks. However, Zhang Xuan always has a hunch that Nanchuan No.7 Middle School can really go to the National Competition to see that day. Four months later, he must work hard to train and train less … Don’t go shopping and play soy sauce, so he can have a little one-on-one attack ability in the face of opponents instead of relying on teammates to help him make a move.
But Ji Hantian is different from himself.
He was destined to be a wonder when he entered the basketball team of Nanchuan No.7 Middle School. After a series of games, he seems to have stepped into the top position of Nanchuan No.7 Middle School with a halo-almost standing side by side with Yin Yun.
After the Third Middle School and the First World War, Zhang Xuan clearly found that this team gradually became complete and mature.
-If Yin Yun is the backbone of the team, it is the backbone; Then Chu Chenxi is a powerful team, and his hands are offensive weapons. Everyone else is a part of this body, playing more or less what he should have.
And Ji Hantian, he will really become the absolute core of this team and the soul to control this team.
In this way, if the soul is not broken, then this team will never die, and it will raise its head and rush to higher and stronger places again.
In fact, before Zhang Xuan, I was wondering if there was any difference between the top players in the strong teams and myself, such as Xiao Xiao, the man who once made Yin Yun look up.
However, this feeling is getting stronger and weaker while his team is getting stronger, because Zhang Xuan knows that Nanchuan No.7 Middle School has become a strong enough team in many people’s hearts.
The champions of the top four in Nanchuan, Beishan District, who once looked forward to a glory in the distance, were included in the process of everyone’s efforts in Ji Hantian and Chu Chenxi killing each other’s baskets again and again
Nanchuan No.7 Middle School took a new starting point step by step and followed them to this position. Zhang Xuan suddenly looked forward to seeing these outstanding teammates around him show themselves to the people of Nanchuan on the highest stage.
Even if there is a semi-final in the middle of the game, Zhang Xuan can’t help but have a boiling passion when he thinks about it. He is excited to push the cold weather.
"Ji cold …"
"I want to swear to you that I will try my best to follow you to the final day!" Looking at Zhang Xuan with a serious expression and listening to such words makes Ji Hantian feel funny, and at the same time, he is somewhat puzzled, but he is relieved to think that Zhang Xuan has always been like this and will suddenly have a seizure.
He looked at Zhang Xuan’s excited face, and then propped up his head again and looked out of the window.
It’s so blue
"Zhenyang, is there an interview this afternoon?" Qin Jianguo looked at the information for a long time and suddenly looked up and asked.

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