厦门夜网,厦门拿网,厦门品茶,厦门夜生活论坛 kb会所 The giant swamp monster is actually using the unique skill of energy! Kojiro double bomb gas and musashi Arbok are both familiar with this skill.

The giant swamp monster is actually using the unique skill of energy! Kojiro double bomb gas and musashi Arbok are both familiar with this skill.

Meow meow specially went to check some information of Longye, and it found that the giant monster is also the energy of the Law Society! Meow meow also found that this giant monster seems to be able to do energy, which is matched with it, so that neither swallowing nor spitting can be done by this giant monster after energy.
Maybe that’s why the girl named Mei Mei didn’t find anything unusual.
This situation made several people in Kojiro immediately change their goals, and it was much easier to get secrets from unguarded and beautiful mouths.
"Kojiro and I, dressed as sisters, approached Mei Meow and took the opportunity to communicate with the giant monster and finally got the information we wanted," Musashi said proudly.
"Sister flowers?" Longye looked surprised at Kojiro.
Kojiro was uncomfortable when he was seen by Longye. He argued, "I have made sacrifices, boss. You must reward me."
Ryuno has to admit that Musashi and Kojiro have extraordinary talents in cross-dressing, especially this guy Kojiro, who can pretend to be a woman and can dress up vividly, not only in his clothes, but also in his figure. Ryono still remembers Kojiro’s swimsuit dress in the beauty contest in Lampur, which really shocked him.
"In Meikou, we learned that she had been to a relic with her heart before, where it seemed to trigger something. When she came back, the Heart Lamp Monster had a serious illness." Kojiro got rid of the embarrassment and immediately said, "Because Meikou didn’t understand the unique skill of energy, he didn’t find the change of the Giant Monster, but he should have discovered that the Lamp Monster could make the earthquake unique skill.
According to our investigation, Xin didn’t want to hide this matter until she attended a game in the whirlpool islands. I guess it should be the boss’s inquiry that made her find something wrong, and then she realized that the light monster was unusual and chose to hide it. "
"So I woke her up." Longye touched her nose. "Go on. Have you found the site?"
Musashi nodded. "We found the location of the ruins according to the description of the United States, but it seems that the ruins started regularly. When we first went there, we didn’t find the entrance to the ruins until half a month later."
Musashi took out a map of abundance and handed it to Longye. The red pen marked three circles.
"We asked the local residents before we found that there were more than one relic in the United States. One fisherman said that there were three such mysterious caves in the eastern waters of Fengyuan. They meant the place where the elf Kyogre lived," Musashi explained, pointing to the map circle.
"A cave?" Longye said softly
Longye remembers that there are four caves in Fengyuan area, three of which are marked with circles on this map, and the other is in the westernmost cave in Fengyuan area. I don’t know whether there is Kyogre Longye, but it is only a relic that is worth exploring.
"You’ve done a good job, so stay in Manjin City. Now it’s time to be short of hands. You can help me a lot by staying here."
"Good boss" Kojiro and Musashi immediately said.
The two of them may not be able to help in game development, but they can still contribute in publicity.
After Kojiro and Musashi left, Longye finally had a chance to talk to Meow alone for more than half a year, but I missed Longye very much.
"How have you been in Fengyuan in the past six months?"
"It’s not bad. It’s delicious." Meow meow said.
"When you were away from this period, the source manufacturing company was developing a product, which has been completed, but I have some new ideas, and you can just help me consult."
"I’m sure you’ll be satisfied, boss."
After having perfect racial value data, Pokemon entered the fast lane, because although the racial value of each elf is different, it is calculated from the same template in terms of the increase of capture rate and damage calculation experience. To add racial value data to it, the whole game has been completed by 10%.
The story line of the whole game is not much different from the game played by Longye in his previous life. The gameplay is basically the same as the original, but Longye has made some modifications in the battle.
The four skills in the original middle school are too limited. Longye is very worried that people in this world will accept this setting. After all, they usually have no skill limit when they come into contact with elves.
Lainoye intended to completely cancel the skill restriction so that the elves would not forget their skills, but this proposal was firmly rejected by engineers.
"There is nothing wrong with your idea, Longye. There is no limit on the number of skills, which can really improve the authenticity of the game, but its gameplay will be much lower." A software engineer said, "It is difficult for ordinary players to remember so many unique skills, not to mention that these people are new to Pokemon. Players don’t know Pokemon very well. They probably remember the attribute restraint when they play for the first time, and then see which trick is powerful, so that they won’t consider any tactical cooperation."
"I think so, too. The method of not limiting the number of skills can wait until Pokemon is really accepted by everyone, so that players will not get dizzy because of the complicated gameplay," Akasaka added
Akasaka said that every game developer must keep in mind the rules. Only when a game lets players know how to play quickly will they have the motivation to play. If they have been wandering for half an hour, they still don’t know how to play, then the audience of this game will definitely be small.
And when the game is accepted by everyone and has a player base, adding new gameplay can not only keep the game fresh, but also won’t arouse the players’ disgust. After all, they are already very familiar with the previous gameplay, and accepting something new will not cause any trouble.
Akasaka dialect made Longye temporarily dispel the idea of limiting skills, which is only temporary.
Finally, after discussion, the number of skills per elf is limited to six, which is the limit that ordinary people can accept
"Don’t be depressed, Longye. Although you can’t be in Pokemon, it can be used when we release other games," Lei Si comforted.
"You’re right." The spirit of Longye shocked Pokemon to be a great success, so many derivative games can also win a large number of players, but the elf protagonist can send out a fighting game. In that case, not only can the skill number limit be lifted, but Longye can also play out the speed value of the elf race value. The higher the speed value, the more attacks the elf will make in the unit. Isn’t this a good idea in the fighting game?
Chapter 175 Game release
With the key data of race value, the work of Pokemon is going on rapidly. After only one week, the software department has put the demo on Longye’s desk.
This Pocket Pocket PC is the perfect silver-white shell of Pokemon, with simple decorative patterns and painted surface, all of which make this PC look noble and elegant. The game interface adopts dual-screen mode, and Longye always thinks that this dual-screen mode is the most suitable for Pokemon.
In the past, while playing Pokemon Emerald, Longye has been tormenting the main game in this rich area with single-screen mode. Although it is interesting, Longye plays at least one because he is difficult to adapt to the single-screen game mode.
Because Longye participated in the whole game system, he was very familiar with this Pokemon game which he made himself. After quickly entering the game interface, Longye Li tried out the game with its own accelerator.
The artist and story in the game have been very perfect. The main purpose of this test in Longye is to check whether there are any obvious bugs. It is very unlikely that there will be bugs when people move. The most likely problem lies in skills.
Some skills will have special effects, but these effects are not alone in other skills. It must be determined that some skills will not only cause harm, but also cause opponents or themselves to fall into various States. Different States will have different effects on elves. It can be said that every skill must be considered.
While doctors are busy estimating race values, all software engineers are busy writing all skill judgment tables, which is a very huge task.
Longye tried it for about an hour and found no bugs. He nodded with satisfaction. "Finally, check the whole skill list and then finalize it."
"Great." Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, but their efforts for more than half a year were all here. They didn’t want to have problems at the last minute.
"Now that the game is almost finished, we have to start the plan." Longye said to Musashi and Kojiro.
"Guaranteed completion" two people said together.
Due to limited funds, Kojiro and Musashi chose the simplest way of online publicity. They posted information on Pokemon in some forums, first revealing some screenshots of the game, then talking about the gameplay, and then voting and discussing a series of steps. Pokemon has become a minor celebrity on the Internet.
However, this is not enough. Ryuno also asked Dr. Mu and Dr. Damu to promote Pokemon respectively. The words of two senior doctors have a great influence. After a report, most people in both cities and cities know the name of Pokemon.
When the engineers finished the final inspection, the Pokemon game was officially completed. Now the Pokemon game is actually a combination of two generations of Longye’s previous lives, that is to say, there is a story line from Duzhen New Town and a story line from Ruoye Town, the city capital. At the end of the game, you can travel freely between the city capital and the capital.
Longye naturally won’t be silly to release it like this, because it will not only make it difficult for players to choose, but also greatly reduce the interests of the source manufacturing company
In order to make money as quickly as possible, it is of course necessary to release the same game one by one, preferably in the old way. The same game is only sold several times because of the different types of elves, not only the ordinary elves of elves, the mysterious places in the game, the replacement of Taoist trainers and the four heavenly kings, etc., but also different excuses can be released. This way of making money is Longye’s favorite.
Although Longyeyuan Manufacturing Company is located in the metropolitan area, Longye has launched the first map of the metropolitan area in order to cater to its own memory. This game was officially named Pokemon Dujuan. The game only includes the map of the metropolitan area. When the Pokemon is released for a while, Longye will immediately announce the release of Dujuan, and players can travel freely between the metropolitan area and Dujuan.
In order to get the first shot, Ryuno gritted his teeth to make sure that there is one in Pokemon Dujuan, that is to say, all the elves in Duqu can meet in this game.
After confirming the game, Longye on the one hand, the joint manufacturer is ready to start the production of the mobile phone, and on the other hand, it is preparing for the game conference of Pokemon Dujuan.
Now that Pokemon is famous, everyone is curious about what this game is like. When the source manufacturing company announced that it would hold the game conference on another day, many local TV stations wanted to come to the conference site for interviews.
For such a famous opportunity, Longye will definitely not let him go, and specially let these reporters who came to the scene prepare accommodation hotels.
A few days later, Yuanyuan Manufacturing Co., Ltd. officially called the game conference on the first floor of Manjin downtown hotel.
The first floor of the whole central hotel has been redecorated, and huge pictures of elves have been hung on the wall, the most striking of which is the royal three elves, three birds of god and dreams in the metropolitan area.

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