Shen Xinyu has a look.

This tone is definitely the one sitting in the back.
Shen Xinyu, the ex-boyfriend of the original owner, can avoid it and doesn’t want to have too much contact
After all, she doesn’t have much memory and is afraid of any flaws.
It will be about half an hour after arriving at the location.
Shen Xinyu put away her mobile phone and went first with the girl around her.
Summer walked behind for a while to see if there was no reply to the phone, and then looked at the girl walking in front with her lips tightly sealed.
An informed boy patted him on the shoulder with a sigh. "Stop looking."
The club has a large number of entertainment facilities, and it is said that the boss is also a shareholder of No.5 Middle School to finance all the musical instruments and tools they need for this activity.
When the workers learned of their purpose, they took several people to the piano room. "These are drum instruments and left in front of the stereo. There are two stringed instruments. You can pick them slowly and register them at the front desk."
"thank you"
"You’re welcome" workers said and left.
The first boy took out a list, "Let’s choose the public first and then choose the props you need for your own performance."
A few people are busy. Girls are responsible for picking boys to register and carry. It’s almost time for Shen Xinyu to wipe his hands and go to the house on the left.
Although she has her own erhu, that one is too eye-catching. She wants to choose an ordinary one here, but the instrument room in front is much more luxurious than before. Just after pushing the door, there is a faint wooden smell. The red floor is full of walls and high-end instruments are hung.
Shen Xinyu turned and walked.
However, the door behind him was clicked by the man stretching his legs and smiled with snow.
"It seems that you are quite impressed with me," Xiao Han said lazily with his hands resting on his head.
"Why are you here?" Shen Xinyu asked in a bad tone when she couldn’t see it.
"Why do you think I’m here?" Xiao Han spread her hands and hooked her fingers in the direction of the girl "Come and sit down"
Shen Xinyu frowned in disgust.
"Yeah, this expression is really straightforward." Xiao Han said and sat up and pulled the fingers of the drawer on the tea table, then took out a few piles of red tickets and patted them on the table. "Are these enough? Come and give me a smile. "
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Chapter 50 The little girl is so beautiful and bitter to be someone else, body double
Section 6
Seeing that those are unopened RMB Shen Xinyu’s original level and pupils are filled with anger immediately.
Xiao Han said thoughtfully, "it seems that these are not enough? Then add these? "And he dug out a few piles of money from the drawer and buckled it on the table.
Shen Xinyu turned to twist the doorknob. This man is a good model, but he is a mental derangement. She doesn’t want to talk to him.
I thumped a few doors and didn’t play.
Xiao Han couldn’t help laughing at the long legs and getting up from the sofa. "If these are not enough, I still have this."
With a white check in his finger, Xiao Han waved it in front of the girl’s eyes, and gathered a laughing expression to the girl’s eyes. "Stop pretending."
"Pack what?" Shen Xinyu simply gave up the struggle and looked back at the man in front of him.
"Tell me, how much will you be willing to leave my cousin?"
Shen Xinyu slowly frowned.
Xiao Han pulled the corners of his mouth and said sarcastically, "My cousin Tang Shiyan don’t say you don’t know that you recognized me once in a restaurant, didn’t you?" Little girl, don’t take advantage of your young age. You can fool everyone by pretending to be beautiful. "
Shen Xinyu really thinks that this person is a little puzzling, but she has never been good at arguing with others about what feet are moving towards the wall to avoid the breath of men. "What do you want to do?"
"From Tang Shiyan, he is not suitable for you." Xiao Han naturally said that after looking down at the girl’s eyes, she thought about it and added, "I will compensate you for your loss, or Shenyang, or my cousin can do it. I can do it."
Shen Xinyu didn’t want to refuse "but I don’t like your taste"
What attracted Tang Shiyan most was the kind of breath that fascinated her.
Xiao Han was suddenly choked with anger and pushed the girl to the door and picked up her left hand. "You and my cousin really like you? There’s not a hair on it, bitch! If you don’t have this mole, do you think he will look at you more! "
The girl stared blankly and looked up at Xiao Han with a sneer. "There was a girl in front of my cousin who liked her, but she died and died miserably. It is said that the only intact place in the last photo was such a mole."
Seeing that the girl really froze as if she had been hit by something, her chest wrapped in a white shirt fluctuated, and Xiao Han lowered her head and said, "The little girl is so beautiful and bitter to be someone else. body double, my cousin is boring and interesting. Try me, psst!"
"get out!"
I don’t know when the girl slowed down and raised her hand, so she grabbed it at the man. Her eyes were wide and round like a wild cat.
"What are you crazy about!" Xiao Han Wu wear the roar.
But the girl stared at his face.
Xiao Han took his finger and saw his face stained with a trace of blood, staring at the girl to say something, but in the end he gritted his teeth and left the door.
With a thud, Xin Yu seemed to be dragged into a nightmare that she didn’t want to remember, like returning to that cold corridor, where she was stiff and listening to the countdown to the knock on her heart.
Summer doesn’t know how long he’s been here, and his face has changed from white to red and then from red to green, but in the end he still hasn’t left to look at the girl’s slouches and look at the dazzling piles of things on the table. He took off his coat and put it on the girl’s body. "Xiaoyu, are you okay …"
Tang Shiyan handed the reins to the club students and took the water from Assistant Li.
At the other end of the race, the horse also returned to the finish line. The man walked towards Tang Shiyan with steps. "Shi Yan, you are forcing your second uncle to be old."
Tang Shiyan turned his head and moistened his crimson thin lips with a slight hook. "I am still the second uncle who intends to be self-effacing."
"Ha-ha, you’re small." This person is Tang Shiyan’s second uncle Tang Dong, about forty years old. Today, several relatives of Tang Jiayou came back. Tang Shiyan used to sit for a while, so he was dragged here by Tang Shiyan.
The two men chatted for a while, and the second uncle of Tiantang touched his forehead and looked around. "Ah, it’s strange that Xiao Han’s smelly little boy has gone for such a while."
Tang Shiyan smiled and didn’t speak, but his eyes followed him and glanced around. As a result, his heavy eyebrows wrinkled slightly, "I’ll go first."
Uncle Tang made two gestures with water in his mouth, "Don’t leave without saying hello."
Assistant Li smiled and followed Tang Shiyan, but after walking for a while, he found something wrong and stopped.
I saw a girl who looked like Miss Shen sitting on the side of the road not far from the racecourse, with her head down and her feet bare. I think she was injured there.
But let him stop with his husband because a boy and a girl of the same age came running not far away, squatting in front of the girl and wanting each other’s medicine, and the girl seemed a little reluctant to shirk it for a while. Finally, they didn’t know what the argument was. The girl got up without taking two steps, but the boy forced her to carry it on her back and they separated.
In fact, this process didn’t take two or three minutes to hear what the other party was saying, but this picture looks like a noisy couple. Assistant Li looked up at her husband’s face and psychologically determined that the girl should be Miss Shen.
"Gee, what is your master looking at?"
Xiao Han don’t know when to Li assistant lying behind his shoulder suddenly out.
Assistant Li was startled to see the bearer immediately relieved.
"Xiao Shao, your face"
Words did not fall Tang Shiyan eyes have looked up without color eyes like two wang can’t see the bottom of the deep pool.
Xiao Han’s inexplicably guilty conscience cleared his cough twice, so he laughed and felt "just accidentally met a disobedient little wild cat."
"Really?" Tang Shiyan lowered his mouth and gave him a pointed look. "Go ahead, there are still people waiting for you."

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