厦门夜网,厦门拿网,厦门品茶,厦门夜生活论坛 桑拿网 This sword is to expel all foreigners who don’t belong to themselves. Hu Yingxue feels that she has an indescribable refreshing view of her body. Indeed, she has been successfully promoted to the sixth floor of the silent period, but she doesn’t feel that she has been promoted too fast. However, she has been able to make such a breakthrough this time, but she has encountered considerable danger. No one can guarantee that her luck will always be so good. If she can choose to start again, she will never have the courage to go through it again.

This sword is to expel all foreigners who don’t belong to themselves. Hu Yingxue feels that she has an indescribable refreshing view of her body. Indeed, she has been successfully promoted to the sixth floor of the silent period, but she doesn’t feel that she has been promoted too fast. However, she has been able to make such a breakthrough this time, but she has encountered considerable danger. No one can guarantee that her luck will always be so good. If she can choose to start again, she will never have the courage to go through it again.

I didn’t care how many pairs of eyes looked at her at this time. Hu Yingxue put away the sword with multiple cracks in his hand. When he stepped on the sword, he released the flying sword and fell back to the courtyard. When he saw Yang Jingfeng and Shui Qingyuan, he bowed his head and bowed his head. "Thank you for saving me and protecting me from breaking through."
Before Shuiqingyuan was busy, Hu Yingxue was lifted up. "Someone else saved you, but this is a master of meta-chemistry in our house, and it is not without reason that we are guarding you. It may surprise you."
Hu Yingxue slightly tilted his head. "Very surprised?"
Shuiqingyuan holds Hu Yingxue’s hand. "Can any of your parents or grandparents have a surname of water?"
"My mother’s surname is water." Hu Yingxue looked at Shui Qingyuan’s face and found that her body was somewhat similar to her mother. "Who are you?"
Shuiqingyuan suppressed her excitement. "I don’t know what we should call each other, but I can tell you for sure that we are related by blood. When I was a child, I was lost when I went out to play, and then I was admitted to Baicaogu. I have been trying to find my family for years, but I didn’t get any valuable clues. Maybe God answered my prayers and sent you to me."
"I didn’t know much about everything in my parents’ respective families since I was a child. My father’s family can still recognize the mother’s family because my mother is far away from home." Speaking of this, Hu Yingxue smiled. "But my father should be able to contact the mother’s family. I can ask them to ask there."
Shuiqingyuan holds Hu Yingxue’s hand tightly. "That will trouble you."
"Since you are sure that we are relatives, you shouldn’t say two things as a family." Hu Yingxue held Shui Qingyuan back and trembled with excitement. "Wait a minute, I’ll contact them." Then he took out a palm-sized mirror.
Wuzhou water light and graceful frowning staring at the constant input to the water mirror real yuan Hu Qingzhong "juwan still don’t reflect the snow that child? Is she in some trouble? "
Hu Qingzhong raised his hand and wiped his nose with sweat. "Sister-in-law, don’t worry about reflecting snow. It may be closed, so he put away the jade slips."
Hu Qingzhong’s voice just fell and the water mirror shook for two times, slowly showing a figure. When he saw the figure inside, Hu Qingzhong quickly said, "Eldest brother and sister-in-law, this is snow."
Hu Qingwei stared Hu Qingzhong one eye "also you introduce to us? We can recognize our daughter no matter what she looks like. "
When Shui Qingyi and Hu Qingwei walked to the front of the water mirror, the figure was changed to another person. When the face became clear, Shui Qingyi raised her hand and blocked her mouth, and tears swished.
Shui Qing Yuan is surprised at how he stretched out his hand and took things away from Hu Yingxue’s hand. When he heard the sound in the small mirror, he was shocked to see Byakki Smoker’s face and tears swished. "You are light and easy, my little sister." ! Light and easy second sister has been missing you all these years. "
If Hu Qingwei hadn’t hugged her from behind, Shui Qingyi would have jumped on the water mirror and nodded at the water mirror when she heard Shui Qingyuan. "Yes, I am the second sister of Qingyi. I have never given up looking for your grandfather. I asked them to spend a lot of money to calculate, but nothing was counted. Someone said that someone had blinded the cat. Oh, by the way, how did my daughter Yingxue meet you?"
Shuiqingyuan took a deep breath. "But people are not as good as the sky. Someone tried to stop me from going home, but God sent your daughter to me." With a face, he resumed his smile. "You really gave birth to a great daughter. Just made a big noise. After a while, my threshold will be trampled."
"Although I haven’t seen my second aunt," Hu Yingxue naturally changed her mouth after listening to the dialogue between the two sisters.
Yang Jingfeng immediately laughed. "If you don’t want to see me, you won’t see your second uncle. I am a duke. There is still this ability."
Chapter 67 Can’t walk for the time being VS must be bought
"Second sister, I will contact my parents, and then we will go to your side immediately." After nearly 60 years of separation, my sister and I haven’t seen my daughter for 20 years, and I can’t wait to come to Xia Wuzhou immediately.
Shuiqingyuan couldn’t wait to reunite with her relatives, but she had to pour a cold water on the water. "We have a situation here and have to send the array to the sea. It just takes three months to start again. Therefore, in the next period, people outside can’t get in except Xia Wuzhou or other people who send the stone."
"What happened on the other side of the sea?" Listen to the water clear garden Hu Yingxue quickly asked the eyebrows.
Yang Jingfeng replied, "I don’t know what happened in the sea. Recently, many sea monsters have initially discovered this situation. Several caravans have sent messages back, and no one has been able to escape. Several teams have not only failed to search and rescue, but also suffered heavy casualties. Now no one dares to go to sea except to hunt and kill the demonized sea monsters."
Mad devil is not to be possessed, but to cultivate other Taoist priests to change their ways by some chance. Although some of them are stubborn and famous and have done something that shocked the world, they are still conscious. Mad devil is a state in which reason destroys everything they see and kills everything they see.
After the demonization, the strength will increase sharply. For example, people who have just entered the integration period can’t make it sometimes. A group of demonized marine monsters have appeared in the waters of Xiawuzhou. The weakest ones also have a bone-building period. Generally, the caravans that go to sea have Yuanying Immortals or Magic Babies. Where can they see when they meet?
To say that the sea is far more dangerous than the land, it is called the land fairy Mahayana period, and the strong dare not directly cross the sea from the sea. I don’t know how many powerful monster beasts there are, and the monster beasts are aggressive. Generally, small businessmen can’t see that they are evenly matched, and their opponents must fight.
Even if I feel that my little strength should not enter the eyes of those powerful monsters, ordinary monsters can’t stand her. Hu Yingxue also dare not drive the flying instrument across the sea alone. Miri and Mixing have warned her that she is a humanoid tonic pill in the eyes of monsters because of the secret mansion, not to mention those ordinary monsters that don’t have much self-control ability, even those at the top monsters will be tempted.
There is a blade to send Fu Shi to other pieces, but she can leave Xia Wuzhou, but she can’t tell where it will be sent. If there is more trouble than here, it is better to wait here for a few months. At the very least, there is a second aunt here, although she is only acquainted, but she can give some care in terms of food, clothing, housing and transportation. She has temporarily lived in Yang Jingfeng and Shuiqingyuan.
Although childbirth is more dangerous for female practitioners than ordinary women, many women who have a partner will pay the price of their lives, but women who have a partner usually give birth to children for their partners, and Shui Qingyuan also wants to, but the price she has to pay may not be as simple as dying, but she may be stunned. Therefore, although Yang Jingfeng likes children, she has never given birth to Shui Qingyuan.
The appearance of Hu Yingxue, the niece, evokes the motherhood of Shuiqingyuan. If she didn’t know that her little sister had such a daughter, she was going to find Shuiyiyi to give her Hu Yingxue’s adoption as a daughter. Yang Jingfeng was so heart-felt that she almost wanted to take out everything happily.
Knowing that Hu Yingxue’s double major in wood and fire and the precious materials in wood and fire are constantly sent to the hospital where she lives by Shuiqingyuan, her own kiss menstruation gave her a feeling of giving it, and she soon felt embarrassed. She asked Shuiqingyuan and Yang Jingfeng about their spiritual root attributes and cultivation techniques, and she specially made several furnaces of Dan.
See Hu Yingxue refining Dan medicine Yang Jingfeng give instructions again. Without permission, people are not allowed to get close to the hospital and send it there to wait on the maid. That is to let the manager find a few worries and take a photo of pretty maid in their hospital. Outsiders don’t know that Hu Yingxue Shuiqingyuan is Yang Jingfeng and Shuiqingyuan want to attract her for such a big week.
As Shuiqingyuan said before, since then, the castellan’s mansion has asked to visit Hu Yingxue in an endless stream. Most people, Yang Jingfeng, refused in a closed and consolidated state. Some people, however, were hard to refuse. For example, Liang Jingsi actually asked him to come to the castellan’s mansion. When he heard that he hurried in, the main manager said that he had brought people to the coastal city. He almost jumped up.
Hurriedly followed the main manager to the main hall. Yang Jingfeng crossed the threshold and said, "Forgive me if you are far away from meeting Liang Ya."
Liang Jingsi looked at Yang Jingfeng. "Is that man still in your house?"
Liang Jingsi came to Baiyue together to see Yang Jingfeng and other people in the castellan’s mansion with a nervous smile. "Jingsi, we are guests. You have to say hello to your host first and send some gifts or something."
Yang Jingfeng said, "The gift won’t come. The fact that the Lord of Liangya can come to me has already made my Lord’s mansion glorious."
"What will you miss?" Liang Jingsi left the corner of his mouth and whisked a jade box to Yang Jingfeng. "I will give you a piece of Shenmu when I go out this time."
"Xie … Xie Liangya Lord" Yang Jingfeng caught the jade box and didn’t know what to show at the moment.
If he and Shuiqingyuan want to have a baby at risk, there is a way to make her have a baby safely, which will damage her body and realm. Although it will be weak for a few years, those damages can be repaired. That method is to refine a Dan medicine and eat it until the baby is born. This sacred tree is the key to taste the world and treasure. It is also the most difficult to find. I didn’t expect it to reach his hands like this
Bai Yue looked at Liang Jingsi and shook his head with a smile. "You really don’t know what kind of gifts you have prepared, so give them well. You have to give people a look of cowardice, and people will be scared by you."
Liang Jingsi snorted softly, "If you are scared, you will be scared. Anyway, I am accompanying you to meet that person."
"How to accompany me to see that person?" See Liang Jingsi a pair is so look Bai Yue heart "yes, yes, I really want to see that little genius who only has a sword in the dead of night."

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