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Uncle Cat saw a group of men and women in pajamas with sticks and sticks, and the end came.

Who knows, a knife was cut to let Uncle Cat escape, and the rope that strangled him half to death was cut off. Uncle Cat saw that everyone was mobbing him, holding his front paws and scratching, and the farmer cried for help in pain.
Meng Gui took the opportunity to escape and got through the hole, but he didn’t get hit with a stick. His eyes were swollen and his smooth and soft fur was scratched in several places.
Poor Uncle Cat has to report back to the DPRK on official business.
Noble, the lion king, was so angry when he saw Menggui coming back again. He was furious. Yesterday was Blanc, today is Menggui. This fox should go to hell. Now the king has ordered this Lene fox to be killed without mercy. Even if he gets his head, he will be rewarded.
As a rule, I should be warned three times, so I should be warned again to Lenore Fox. After three times, I swore not to talk to him again.
The lion king told you to send your relatives to inform Lennox to give him another chance and the last chance.
So it’s Greenberg’s turn to find Lenore Fox this time.
Chapter 17 A man’s nature is hard to change
Grimbe was in a hurry to get on the road, and Lennox quickly ran up. When he heard the drumming footsteps coming, he was extra careful and immediately locked the door tightly.
Then I heard yelling outside the door.
Uncle Men, I came here to tell you something urgent.
Lena fox heard the badger sound before he dared to hug Gelingbei in his arms when he saw that he was doing something wrong.
Slow down, slow down, slow down, slow down, slow down, slow down, slow down, slow down, slow down, slow down, slow down, slow down, slow down, slow down, slow down, slow down.
Although the lion king ordered that the fox should be listed in the temple immediately, Gelingbei thought that he would have to eat anyway.
Everything is the same head, but it’s economical not to eat it.
The roast chicken was delicious, and Emily was greatly appreciated. After eating enough, my uncle and nephew reached the table and talked in Kan Kan.
Gelingbei talked about the situation in the DPRK, saying that Lenore Fox had committed public anger and the situation was serious.
Tell on a lot of two imperial envoys and go back with swollen eyes. His situation is even more precarious if he refuses to comply with the decree.
Greenberg said, uncle, you should go to the court to defend yourself who is not here and who is suffering. This is a show-off, but people will also shake some trivial things to expand the situation. The later the situation goes, the heavier the words will be, and the heavier the weight will be. One minute late, the crime will add one point to the king’s head. Today, it seems that we want to send you to the gallows. Let’s leave as soon as possible. You should also consider the wording to defend.
After what you have said, the situation is clear. Lennox said that your thoughts are also correct, but let’s take a rest while it is dark and wait until dawn.
Greenberg expected that no matter how opinionated he was, he would have to do it.
I feel happy to get together with the fox family in the evening.
The adults teased the children to play Lena Fox, boasting to Gelingbei about the feats of the little guys. One of them, Mohan, was able to climb over the wall and drill holes to steal the cock penis. Bisseh was so clever that he slipped into the lake once and caught the duckling back. Both brothers seemed to have a bright future.
Although the youngest fox Selma is still in Niang’s hands, she is alert and alert, and she will never let her brothers be beautiful in the future.
Your family is really a beautiful family, Greenberg praised. You should be glad that the younger generation can inherit the father’s footsteps. It won’t be long before they can help you.
Don’t be wrong. Lenore fox replied, it’s late at night, Greenberg. You’re tired, too. Let’s sleep early to keep our spirits up.
Lena fox arranged a nest for the badger and went back to his bedroom.
Don’t be sad, Emily. If I don’t come back with Grimbe for a while, I’m bound to have some words this time, but you don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on your children. You can only eat enough food at home for a few months, and you can also send Mobhan Bisher to hunt, because maybe one day we will have to hide here for a long time and go home to eat food, so we won’t panic.
My husband, Emily, said that the most important thing at the moment is that you have to take the spirit to deal with the difficult situation and refute those bitter rivals. They are so angry that they will attack us while you are not there and will not change their minds until you come back.
Say that finish then bring to sleep.
The next morning, at the first light of dawn, Lena Fox Gelingbei got up and started his way.
To be honest, the fox walked hard for a long time and said that I did something wrong and felt guilty.
Grimbe, I’ll tell you the truth. I played tricks on Yi Sanggan, the wolf, several times, but he didn’t retaliate.
I’m not here just to get enough food and clothing.
We can’t live in this world. You can’t win by your strength, but you have to win by your strategy, don’t you think?
On some occasions, I called the other party white. He was an idiot. I tried to talk too hard and often lost my generosity, which caused widespread indignation and resentment. But it was a rare opportunity, and I wanted trick or two to play a trick on him.
I’m not a saint.
But I promise you, I really want to be a saint. I can’t be sanctified physically, but I also want to retire from the world. It’s really frustrating to see some guys who are small-minded. If Wang doesn’t hang me this time, I will stay away from the world, avoid enemies, and fight with potatoes and stomachs. From now on, I will abstain from food and game and never eat fish and meat again.
I’m glad to hear your plans, Greenberg said. Although Wang has your opinion, it will make a good impression if you talk about this intention.
At this time, the two men walked to the crossroads, left or right. Greenberg never did.
Take this road. Lena Fox refers to the one on the right. There is a farm not far from the beautiful scenery. I know it very well.
Fox slick didn’t say he was familiar with it because he had stolen a lot of chickens in many cases, and even the chicken shed was almost ready for him.
Greenberg followed suit without thinking too much. The fox continued to talk about his kindness and eagerness to turn over a new leaf, and even implemented the steps.
Greenberg praised the fox for encouraging this kindness. At this time, several hens slipped away from the farm for a moment and went a little further.
The hen was followed by a young cock, clucking and howling, and the comb stood tall and looked arrogant.
Our new friend, who just said that he would repent, felt it was too outrageous to see that arrogant attitude. Perhaps it was a sexual relapse or a lesson. After this pretentious situation, Lennox suddenly pounced on him and scared the chickens to flap their wings and flee.
Fortunately, Greenberg was present to stop a bloody incident. The mountain badger felt that Lenore fox had gone too far, and his dissatisfaction was beyond expression.
Ha, you said something nice for a long time. It’s a long way to go to do such a thing. Can’t you forget everything at the sight of a few chickens?
It was a moment when I forgot about Lenore and admitted that it was purely for fun. When I jumped at him just now, my head and my kind heart didn’t participate. You should believe me, Grinbert.

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