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Xu Xiuya, the "old witch", barely fell down at the place where she lived, but the blood dripping in her nose proved that she was beaten lightly.

"Yin and Yang Huan Tianshi Xu Xun’s protective stunt, then the double sword in your hand is the sword of heaven and earth. Since you got Xu Tianshi’s mantle, you are qualified to leave your name in front of the lonely family."
"Tianshi Xu Xun refined gas and dispersed people after Xu Xiuya"
Tang Saier said, "Xu Xiuya, your age, Taoism and martial arts are all good, a little stronger than that of the lonely family, but you are not qualified to be alone with the lonely family. Come with me."
Although Xu Xiuya isn’t angry, Tang Saier is telling the truth. Just now, the blow had the yin and yang ring to protect the dragon armor. Xu Xiuya could still feel the signs of cracks in her ribs. If it weren’t for the blow of the yin and yang ring to protect the dragon armor, Xu Xiuya’s whole half-length bones would be broken and dirty, and she would die.
In those days, Tang Saier joined forces with the enemy in front of a horde of horses. Although the martial arts of Megatron and Xu Xiuya, the mother of Shandong’s arrogance, are already high in ordinary people’s eyes, it is really a world apart from Tang Saier.
Huo Junzhong smiled and said, "You don’t motivate me, Tang predecessors, and we both challenge you at the same time, but we will be killed by you."
Tang Saier heart dark scold a treacherous fellow at an early age can be so motionless.
Instead of getting close, Huo Junzhong stepped back a few steps. He bit his fingertips and drew a magic circle. Tang Saier laughed instead of anger. "Are you ashamed of the westerners’ tricks?"
Huo Junzhong laughed at her and accused her, otherwise, while drawing a magic circle, he said, "A great man said that whether a black cat or a yellow cat can catch mice, it is a good cat. For me, whether Taoist magic can kill you is the best spell."
Tang Saier disdained that "westerners’ magic is not only copying the world phenomenon, but the movement of wind, thunder, snow and ice is just a trick to scare ordinary people or summon dark kittens and dogs to do it. It’s almost a joke to fight."
Huo Junzhong continued to work patiently and explained, "It’s not wrong for the predecessors to enter the innate past. The magic is really small, but after all, the predecessors haven’t left here for hundreds of years. I don’t know that the world is no longer what you know. There is a huge difference between magic and Taoism, that is, the older Taoism is, the greater the power of magic, especially in the ancient myth era. Perhaps it was at that time that people in the world were able to create magic that made the present method imagine magical powers, and the more powerful it was later. This is probably because with the progress of human society.
He finally finished this complicated magic circle and breathed a sigh of relief, "Xu Daoyou, please flash this magic. It’s the first time for me to make it close. It will be dangerous."
Xu Xiuya heard him say that and immediately hid far away.
Many years ago, Tang Saier invited a number of gas refiners in the dynasty to besiege and flee to this pagoda. After hundreds of years of treatment, most of her injuries recovered and she broke through into the innate realm. But only the blood vessels in her legs have not been opened yet. Now it is the key moment that she can’t move. If she moves, her legs will never recover …)
Tang Saier couldn’t help cursing Lei Hou from my heart. This bastard has caused such trouble to himself. It will take another three days for the enemy to come. She will be able to recover. However, it is easy for Xu Xiuya to face the crisis at this critical moment. Although she has the protective spell of Yin and Yang Ring and the magic weapon of heaven and earth sword, her martial arts is also great. After all, she has not entered the innate realm or she is not a fairy.
Huo Junzhong is very different. He has entered the innate realm and can destroy Lei Hou head-on. He can also try his best to avoid the squeeze of Tang Saier language and cash in the weakness that Tang Saier can’t move. He is ready to attack from a distance and avoid close combat with Tang Saier.
Capable and so calm and cunning, the enemy makes Tang Saier feel doomed
Thought of here, Tang Saier was suddenly shocked. The man said that the apocalypse would be unusual this time. I’m afraid it was Araya’s fatal blow to all practitioners. Tang Saier recognized the apocalypse because he was in the floating pagoda. Even if the wave was wide and he was not alive, Araya couldn’t stand her, but he met such a strong enemy at her most critical moment. Is this caused by the exclusion of the apocalypse from her?
If I had known that the external passage of the floating pagoda would be closed as he said, there would not be today’s disaster.
Tang Saier regretted that his boldness of vision was immediately affected. Huo Junzhong was sensitive to the moment when Tang Saier’s spirit was weak and loose
He leaned over the palm of his hand and pressed it in the middle of the magic circle.
Tang Saier’s understanding of western spells is that those people use the ice pick at most, and Huo Junzhong let Xu Xiuya hide far away, which is bound to make a wide range of violent attacks on Tang Saier. The defense is Huo Junzhong’s attack. I didn’t expect that as Huo Junzhong sang her original meditation body, she suddenly lost her weight and floated involuntarily.
Tang Saier didn’t expect Huo Junzhong’s attack to be so. She hurriedly waved her hands around her body to form a force field to stop her floating.
But in this instant panic has given Huo Jun a chance. He turned into a gust of wind and chose the most suitable way to play in Tang Saier. He directly rushed over and circled with his hands, and then circled with his hands like water. The fish drew a perfect circle and attacked Tang Saier.
The original Tang Saier lost his balance and was a little nervous. He didn’t know how to attack Huo Junzhong in the next step, but it was easy to see him coming to Tang Saier’s heart like this.
Close combat Tang Saier is not afraid of people, even if he wants to control his body balance, the power of his hands will be greatly reduced. However, Tang Saier has been practicing quietly for hundreds of years, and the black dragon Xuan Ming’s hand skill is enough to smash people close to him. Worse, at first hand, he can see that Huo Junzhong is fighting in close combat with martial arts foundation. He is not as good as Xu Xiuya, a sword with Yin and Yang rings.
Her left hand whirled one by one to annihilate ten whirlwind blades, like a moth falling into her hands, and she crushed them, while her right hand turned its hand and black light flowed to grasp Huo Junzhong’s Tai Chi Gankun’s hand to form a Tai Chi barrier, which was scratched by a claw like a piece of paper. Her right hand caught Huo Junzhong’s wrist finger sleeve and deeply penetrated Huo Junzhong’s arm.
At the rebuke of Huo Junzhong, his arm turned out to be as solid as iron, but the arm even seemed to solidify into a solid in an instant, which made Tang Saier’s right hand unable to move.
Tang Saier was shocked by this move, but she was still in weightlessness magic in the former Huo Jun. But at this time, she didn’t think about Tang Saier’s left hand on her right wrist and spat "crack"
Huo Junzhong’s right hand fractured from the carpal bone, followed by the forearm bone and shoulder bone. The flesh looks damaged, but the bones inside are broken inch by inch.
Crushing the bones of the arm, Huo Junzhong’s expression is like knowing the result. His left hand broke in his right hand and instantly stabbed Tang Saier’s right shoulder. At the fingertips, he could touch the instantaneous Tang Saier. His right arm was twisted, and his right hand was pulled out and hit at Huo Junzhong’s left elbow, which resolved Huo Junzhong’s attack, and then his right hand stretched forward and smacked in Huo Junzhong’s chest.
With a bang, Huo Junzhong flew out like a shell, hit the wall and bounced back, rolling all the way down the stairs of the pagoda, and blood spilled all the way with his body.
After this fight, it was a blink of an eye. Xu Xiuya didn’t expect Huo Junzhong to seriously hurt her as soon as he made a move. She didn’t care about Tang Saier jumping on the top of the tower and chasing Huo Junzhong to help him up. "Huo Daoyou, how is your injury?"
Huo Junzhong struggled with his left hand on her shoulder and said to Xu Xiuya weakly, "Xu Daoyou helped me."
Xu Xiuya, he will continue to play against Tang Saier. He is hesitant and worried. "But you are injured …?"
Huo Junzhong smiled and whispered, "Why don’t we win?"
The fourth volume Chapter Buddha mother died (in)
It was Huo Junzhong who was beaten and broken like a broken doll. How could he say he won? Xu Xiuya stretched out his hand to see if he was knocked unconscious on the head.
"Xu Daoyou, I’m not insane. Please believe me."
Huo Junzhong said that Xu Xiuya helped him to the top of the tower with a grain of salt. Tang Saier was still sitting in a dish and looked like ice. The only difference was that her shoulder was pierced with a small half-moon machete, and the blood kept flowing, but the bleeding turned out to be white water.
Tang Saier opened his eyes, and the original sharp eyes have lost their expression. Although the expression remains the same, his eyes are as turbid and weak as dying people. Xu Xiuya affirmed that Tang Saier was dying, and Huo Junzhong said it was true.
The reason should be Tang Saier’s shoulder half-moon knife. What magic weapon is this to make Tang Saier face death just by stabbing him?
"The blood knife is careless. I didn’t expect you to have this magic weapon."

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